SR22 Insurance: What You Need to Know About High Risk Auto Insurance

Fran Majidi
May 6, 2019

What is an SR22 really? You keep seeing it in your paperwork ever since you got in trouble with your car. Unlike what most people assume, SR22 is not really a form of insurance. It is actually a form that must be filled out by an insurance carrier as a way of keeping the government aware of your insurance status. Chances are that if you require an SR22 filing, you are just getting your license back after a DUI or DWI or you had several moving violations or were caught driving without insurance or even a license. You can even be forced to file an SR-22 if you have too many tickets. Basically, if you’re filing an SR22, you’re considered a very high-risk driver and need to prove that you can pay for damages if you get into an accident, which is considered a likely scenario based on your history. Usually, the SR-22 form is required to reinstate a suspended license or to keep driving privileges that you’re at risk of losing. Sometimes, reinstating your license requires an SR-22.

Finding Cheap SR22 Insurance

The SR22 form itself is not expensive. Your rate may be very expensive due to the reason(s) you had to get the SR22 in the first place. For instance, if you had 15 speeding tickets and had to get one, your rates are high because you’ve had an obscenely high number of moving violations. If you’re caught drinking and driving, you’ll need an SR22 but you probably got points on your license for reckless driving (a moving violation). The more points you have on your license, the higher your car insurance rate. However, it is possible (in some cases highly likely) that your insurance company may add surcharges to the policy. There’s also a processing fee tacked on, which runs anywhere between $15 and $25. The good news about the SR22 is that you only need it for 2 to 5 years. With that said, you cannot escape that fate by avoiding driving during that time. As soon as you get back behind the wheel and buy insurance you’re back on the clock.

The best way to get competitively priced insurance is to shop around for SR22 insurance quotes. SmartFinancial has a great search engine that can get you multiple SR22 insurance quotes when you fill out one simple form. Afterwards, you will get a chance to choose the coverage that best fits your needs. You’ll also be paired up with a trustworthy agent who will be able to get you the right SR22 car insurance filing. SR22 insurance quotes are tricky and not all insurance agents will be able to write a policy for you, so this is a great resource to use.

Non-Owners SR22: Keeping Your Insurance Rate Low

Avoid having an expensive car during the timeframe in which you are required to have an SR-22. You’ll want a car that doesn’t need physical damage coverage, which may be expensive. The most cost-effective way of making it through the mandated time you’re required to carry an SR22 filing is to get a non-owners SR22 car insurance policy. The difference between a regular SR22 and a non-owner SR-22 is that with the latter you are not able to own a car during the policy term and you cannot be living in a household where a car is accessible to you. You’ll definitely pay the least this way and should consider it if you can use someone else’s car or use public transportation. With a non-owner SR22 insurance policy, you will be covered against liability claims on any car you drive. If you had an ignition interlock device requirement, a non-owners SR-22 is not an option.

Is it Difficult to Get an SR-22?

No, it’s actually very simple. You get a car insurance quote just as you normally would. Just tell your new insurance agent that you need to buy the SR22 form. They should be able to add that on without delay. With that said, you may not know what the attached fees are until after you purchase the policy. Some insurance agents specialize in high-risk drivers and SR22 filings.

How Long Does it Take to Get an SR-22?

Each state has their own guidelines for how long it takes to get your SR22 filed. It can take anywhere between 10 to 14 days. Remember also that a license reinstatement doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t need an SR-22. In most cases you’re required to carry the SR-22 to the end of the mandated term.

What if My Insurance Policy Is Canceled During the SR-22 Mandated Term?

In most cases you have to finish out your mandated term. For instance, if it’s 3 years, you have to carry the SR-22 for 3 years. Let’s say you cancel your insurance policy or your insurer drops you after 2 years. What happens is that your insurance company will report the cancellation to the authorities. You will probably see a suspension of your driver’s license unless you’ve secured another form of insurance before canceling your original policy.

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