How to Buy SUV Insurance

Lucy Lazarony
June 5, 2020

Buying insurance for your favorite sports utility vehicle doesn’t have to be a hassle. Sure, you may pay a little more in insurance on your SUV than you would with a sedan but you like being up high when you drive and you love all the room inside. Plus, when you compare SUV insurance rates, you know you’re getting the lowest price anywhere.

But let’s look at why SUVs are more expensive to insure and how much insurance you need.

Do SUVs Have Higher Insurance Than Sedans?

In most cases, SUVs are more expensive to insure than sedans, and there are few factors in play. There’s the cost to repair a SUV, its safety record, its likelihood of being stolen and the damage it can cause in an accident. All of these details impact a SUV’s insurance premium and usually end up making SUVs more expensive to insure than sedans.

Individual insurance premiums will vary depending on the model of SUV being insured. And not all SUVs are that expensive to insure. For example, a Rav4 will not be as expensive to ensure as a Porsche Cayenne. A higher priced model SUV will be charged a higher price for insurance. A more affordable SUV will have a lower and more affordable insurance premium.

Choose a Safe SUV to Save on Insurance

Other than price, how do you choose a model of SUV with a lower insurance premium? Choose an SUV that performs well in crash tests.

To find out the safety rating on a SUV, visit the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety(IIHS). The IIHS lists its top safety picks for classes of cars, trucks and SUVs and you also can search for safety ratings by vehicle size and type.

Choose an SUV that Is Less Likely to Be Stolen

Another way to lower an insurance premium on an SUV is to choose a make and model of SUV that is less likely to be stolen. The National Insurance Crime Bureau lists its Hot Wheels report of top vehicles stolen around the country. There are also lists by state so you can check which vehicles are most stolen close to where you live. While there are many sedans and pickups on the lists there are a few SUVs that make some of the most stolen rankings.

Choosing to buy a SUV not on the list of most stolen vehicles will help to lower your insurance premium.

Factors that Impact SUV Insurance Quotes

Other factors that impact insurance premiums on SUVs are where you live, where you park your car, your driving history and how often you drive your car.

Where you live affects the insurance premium that you pay. If you live in a neighborhood with high accident claims you will pay more for your SUV insurance. High auto theft or auto insurance fraud in your neighborhood will raise rates as well. In contrast, if you live in a quiet, low crime neighborhood with few accidents you will enjoy a lower insurance rate.

Where you park your SUV also affects insurance. Do you park your car in a nice safe garage or is it out on the street? You’ll pay less in insurance if you park your SUV in a garage. Street parkers pay more.

If you have a clean driving record you will pay less for SUV insurance. So if you don’t have any tickets or moving violations or at fault accidents you will have a lower insurance premium than a driver with a messy driving record.

Here’s an easy way to save on SUV insurance drive a little less. Low-mileage drivers get good auto rates. So become one and save money.

Do you know someone who would be interested in carpooling with you? If you have a lengthy commute having a carpool buddy can make a big difference. And significantly reducing the number of miles that you drive each week will lower the cost of your SUV insurance significantly.

Big SUVs Pay More in Liability Insurance

If you have a large SUV you will be able to carpool with plenty of people but there is a disadvantage to the large SUVs. Insurance companies charge more on the liability portion of an insurance policy for large SUVs because the vehicles are capable of inflicting significant damage to other cars and their passengers in an accident. So there is a downside to driving an SUV that fits the whole family

Personal Factors that Influence Insurance Premiums

Personal factors such as your age, gender and job impact your SUV insurance premium. In some states, your credit score does too Drivers under the age of 25 pay more for SUV insurance because they are more likely to be involved in accidents. And male drivers pay more than female drivers because male drivers are more likely to make a claim on their insurance. Some states have banned using gender in determining rates, but in many states, insurance companies still do it.

If you have a good credit score it will help to lower your insurance premium. If your credit is not so great, working to improve it will help you get a better deal on your SUV insurance. Making a plan to pay down debt and catch up on bills is a good place to start. Paying down debt and getting current on bills will nudge down your insurance premium and also take some of the stress out of your financial life.

So take steps to manage your finances and you’ll save money on the insurance for the SUV that you love so much.

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