Building Rapport with Your Insurance Leads Account Manager

Fran Majidi
June 29, 2020
Building Rapport

When you first buy leads, you may feel overwhelmed. Perhaps it’s your first time doing it, or you may have had a less-than-positive experience in the past. The right account manager will set your expectations right by not over-promising. They will also create a strategy that fits your needs and budget. The plan they put in place for you should shift and change according to your wins and losses. Your account manager will be there, analyzing your account to give you assistance in managing your leads to get the most out of your investment.

At SmartFinancial, our account managers have worked with dozens of agents and know what works and what doesn’t. The tips we share are based on years of experience and millions of policies closed by agents just like you.

When you consider an account manager’s role, you’ll see that this person is an ally with goals that are in line with yours. If you fail, the account manager fails too. Rarely do business owners have such a natural alliance, and if you make the most of this relationship, your account manager may help you close more sales than you imagined possible.

Who Is My Account Manager?

Our account managers have a wide variety of backgrounds, many of them in sales, even insurance sales. Those who were not licensed agents in the past have worked in busy call centers or worked as producers so they are familiar with the business of phone sales. Once hired at SmartFinancial, account managers receive extensive training on how to use data leads and live-transfers. They know exactly where the leads came from and how well customers respond to certain approaches over others.

How Will My Account Manager Help Me?

Not only will your account manager show you how to use the SmartFinancial dashboard step-by-step, he or she will be with you for the life of your account, so you don’t have to introduce yourself to someone new each time you call for assistance.

Your account manager will respond to any questions or concerns you have right away. You have the option of calling or emailing your account manager for help or to pause/restart your account. You will also get the right training to manage your account too, if you prefer the freedom to pause and start your account without assistance.

With this dashboard, you can customize your work hours and days. It’s important to update it when you have changes in your schedule. Or, contact your account manager to do it for you.

The account manager will begin closely analyzing your account as soon as you begin making calls. Phone calls will be recorded, so if you’re having issues, the account manager may be able to help you craft a new pitch for more successful results. If you have several producers using the leads, your account manager can help you track how they are doing and how they can improve upon their performance. Account managers take pride in helping their agents train new people all the time!

Again, our account managers have worked with dozens of agents like you in the past and will coach you on how to approach customers for the best results. Even if your strategy has been successful in the past, you may need to tweak your delivery or quote process a little bit to make SmartFinancial leads work best for you.

Trusting Your Account Manager

We know our customers and we understand what they expect, so having trust in your account manager is very important. Instead of getting frustrated that your ROI is not as strong as you’d hoped it would be, work closely with your account manager to increase your ROI. Like anything worth undertaking, making leads work takes some trial and error. You will sell more policies as you continue in our lead program. Rarely does the opposite occur and when it does it’s due to unusual circumstances.

An account manager may sometimes ask you to increase your territory, especially if there aren’t very many leads in the area codes you’ve chosen. There’s really not much else you can do other than increase your range if there simply aren’t many people shopping in your preferred area code(s).

The 30, 60 and 90-Day Rule

An aged lead is just that. It still holds value. You’ll want to jump on a call with your lead as soon as you can, within the first 10 minutes of receiving word of it. However, that does not mean that if you don’t sell a policy to that lead, that you should stop contacting that person.

The simple fact is that insurance agents sell policies with aged leads so it’s important for you to continue contacting the consumer (let them come up for air in between!) for the next three months. Agents we’ve worked with have been successful with leads that are three months old and even older. Sometimes, the customer switches after buying a different policy. Sometimes, the lead is sold after an ex-date. Anything can happen.

The point of all this is to say that your account manager will tell you all this and more. And they will be there to help you make the most of all your leads, new and old, by sharing tricks and anecdotes about how it’s been done right in the past.

It’s good to have someone on your side who understands the insurance business. That’s why you should build rapport with your account manager at SmartFinancial as soon as you sign up. This new relationship will be a rewarding one, hopefully for years to come!