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Commercial Insurance

Do Yoga Teachers Need Business Insurance?

Yoga can be pretty intense, often because new clients come to class expecting a very relaxing experience only to find themselves challenging muscles they hadn’t used in years and didn’t expect to use during your class! Sometimes, students who are advanced in their yoga practice (and should know better) pose the highest risk because they challenge themselves to the point of injury.

Commercial Insurance

Catastrophy and Setbacks: How Do I File a Business Insurance Claim?

Business insurance is no different from any other line of insurance: It’s in place to protect you. There are countless ways you may experience a blow to the business you’ve so carefully grown over the years. General liability insurance is designed to cover expenses that result from unexpected losses.

Commercial Insurance

Insurance Requirements for a Restaurant Business

There are people rushing around cooking (fire, flying grease, spills, etc.) while servers and waiters run back and forth (and possibly into each other) from the kitchen to various tables. The bartender, meanwhile, is serving folks lots of booze in very breakable bottles and delicate glass. And remember, food is not only perishable but can be toxic if it’s accidentally served after its shelf life has ended (yes, it’s happened to the best restaurateur).

Commercial Insurance

Cyber Insurance: More Than Protecting Yourself Against Data Breaches

If your question is do cyber attacks really happen, the answer is a resounding yes. Not only is the threat of a cyber attack not hyped up, attacks against businesses are increasing as more people gain cyber sophistication.

Commercial Insurance

What Is General Liability Insurance? How to Buy Business Insurance

Most businesses have general liability insurance because accidents happen. They happen even more the bigger your company is.

Commercial Insurance

11 Things to Consider When Buying Commercial or Business Insurance

If you are a business owner, you will need to make sure that you have an adequate amount of business insurance to protect both your personal and business interests.

Commercial Insurance

8 Tips for Lowering Your Small Business Insurance Premium

Quick and easy tips that every business owner should be doing.

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