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Health Insurance

Retirement Life: How Much Do I Need for Medical Expenses with Medicare?

A 65-year-old retiring in 2019 will spend about $135,000 to $150,000 in out-of-pocket medical costs during their retirement. This astronomical figure has gone up about $2500 since last year. Of course, these costs would be higher if you have an existing condition or if you live longer than the average American.

Health Insurance

8 Things You Should Know About Your Healthcare Deductible

Like auto and homeowners insurance healthcare insurance also has a deductible which needs to be paid before insurance begins to cover expenses. However, healthcare deductibles work a little differently. For instance, your healthcare insurance will pay for some services even before you meet your deductible.

Health Insurance

5 Secrets to Finding Low Cost Health Insurance

You may be shopping for health insurance because you got a new job, which doesn’t offer health insurance. Some people even prefer to have a health plan separate from their jobs. It’s usually a more expensive option to buy an individual health insurance policy when an employer offers to pay a portion of your premiums each month. However, some people prefer to choose their own insurance company and a plan that fits their needs.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance Options Explained in Easy Terms

Sometimes, it’s good to look at certain scenarios and your own financial profile to see if not having any health insurance at all is really a gamble or not. After all, spending a few hundred dollars a month (or more) is not a joking matter but neither is spending thousands if something terrible happens.

Health Insurance

I’m Moving: What About Health Insurance?

Even though the Open Enrollment Period for health insurance ends in January, there is a Special Enrollment Period that allows people with a qualifying event to enroll in a new health plan or change their current health insurance coverage.

Health Insurance

Special Qualifying Events for People Who Still Don’t Have Health Insurance

Here are some of the more common reasons you may qualify for enrolling in a healthcare plan late in the game.

Health Insurance

25 Things to Know When Looking for a New Health Insurance Plan

The more informed you are when selecting a new health insurance plan, the better decision you will make for yourself and your family or dependents.

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