Do Yoga Teachers Need Business Insurance?

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Congratulations, you just got your yoga teaching certificate! You spent 200 (maybe even 500) hours of your precious time preparing for the examination and you passed with flying colors. You already have your sights set on a couple of yoga studios where you'd like to work and you are itching to make business cards to sign on private clients. Private sessions, you've heard, are where the money is! Maybe you're even considering opening your own yoga studio. There's a lack of studios in your neighborhood and you can make a great income if you find cheap rent. Whether you're teaching at studios, teaching private yoga sessions or opening a yoga studio a yoga teaching certificate alone is not enough. You need a comprehensive but affordable general liability insurance policy.

What if someone gets hurt in your class? What if a pregnant woman doesn't tell you about her condition and something goes wrong because of something she did in a yoga pose? What if she does and still faces complications with her pregnancy? You may be trained in prenatal yoga but you can't watch every client every second during class. What exactly are you responsible for?

Most people think of yoga as stretching and they think it's super easy. No one gets hurt during this very mellow form of exercise, or so they assume. The reality is that yoga can be pretty intense, often because new clients come to class expecting a very relaxing experience only to find themselves challenging muscles they hadn't used in years and didn't expect to use during your class! Sometimes, students who are advanced in their yoga practice (and should know better) pose the highest risk because they challenge themselves to the point of injury. You really never know who may get hurt or how extensively. The woman with osteoporosis who was told by her doctor to do yoga for her health, breaks bones holding a pose in your gentle yoga class. Someone doesn't tell you (s)he recently had surgery then takes the class and gets hurt.

If you're a studio owner you have even more worries than just the ones listed here. A trip and fall may end up costing you a pretty penny if you're not insured against it. And what if there's a leak that destroys your wood floors? Yes, having your own studio is no different from having a home or apartment. You need insurance as a yoga teacher, for certain! We'll show you how.

As a Yoga Teacher Insurance Is Your Best Friend

We know you're an amazing instructor who cares about each one of her students, however, you're not able to control every single student in a yoga class. According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), there has been a huge increase in reported yoga injuries.

You may have become a yoga teacher to heal injuries, but you may now be liable for them too. Not only that, but the studio owner may hold you liable if an injured person files a claim against the studio. In fact, you could be held liable for theft and damage to the studio too. Students are not your only worry!

Yoga teacher general liability insurance is the best way to mitigate risk. In fact, if you're teaching without yoga liability insurance, you may regret it down the line, after you are forced to pay out-of-pocket costs to protect yourself from lawsuits and medical bills you don't feel should be your responsibility. Also, if/when things go missing at the studio where you teach, you will be protected in case you're blamed for the theft.

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Professional Liability Insurance vs General Liability Insurance

While both types of coverage are designed to protect you against lawsuits and injuries, professional liability coverage is different from general liability insurance in that it's related to financial loss, not physical injury or damages. Bad advice often falls into the realm of professional liability insurance so it's a useful one for consultants and other professions but it doesn't cover physical injury. It's important to buy the right yoga teacher insurance: general liability insurance, which covers injury to people.

If you teach yoga and need coverage, know that one yoga liability insurance policy will travel with you to each yoga studio you teach in. Even when an owner tells you you don't need it don't assume that all yoga studios will have the same policy. Also, you never know what the studio may do if an injury does occur during your class. It's just best to be covered. Don't assume their coverage will extend to you.

Personal Liability Insurance for Yoga Teachers

If you teach yoga at home, your homeowners insurance policy provides personal liability coverage for bodily injury caused by accident. However, because that protection is not designed for a home business, you may not be covered unless you have a professional insurance (commercial liability insurance).

Yoga Liability Insurance Cost

Before you freak out and think that you can't afford all these types of coverage, know that you may be paying as little as $50 a month. On the other end of the spectrum, you may be paying about $400, especially if you're a studio owner buying yoga studio insurance. No one said yoga teacher insurance was going to be free, but if you're ever involved in a lawsuit (no matter how good a teacher you are), you'll thank us for providing this information to you.

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