Tips on Financing Addiction Treatment

Frances Archer
December 2, 2020

Having drug addiction and getting the right treatment is not easy. Today, many drug treatment clinics offer a wide range of services and techniques, including AA support groups, also known as the 12 step program. The price for treatment depends on various factors, as well as the rehabilitation center in which it takes place. It’s always a good idea to buy health insurance to help pay for treatment and medications because treatment can be costly. If you realize that you or your relative need qualified assistance from specialists and drug addiction treatment, you should seek help from a specialized rehabilitation center. Only with the help of an experienced specialist will you be able to defeat addiction.

Modern Methods of Alcoholism Treatment in the USA

Alcoholism treatment usually includes two main stages: Relief from the acute alcoholic disorder and anti-relapse therapy. You may opt to go to a private rehabilitation center or to a federal clinic. Hospitalization is required because a person needs several days of detoxification. Here, a person is given vitamins according to the therapy regimen, sedatives and other medications that may help alleviate withdrawal symptoms. In addition, group or individual psychotherapy may be offered. The most important component of addiction treatment is group psychotherapy, including AA meetings. AA meetings USA is a special 12-step program based on the idea of ​​helping yourself and that recovering alcoholics can help one another best.

There are different types of AA meetings but all of them usually include a group conversation, in which participants discuss difficulties they are having as well as the successes. The aim is to have the group support all members.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Addiction Treatment?

If you are wondering how much drug addiction treatment costs, the answer is that it varies. The price of therapy depends on several factors, including the effectiveness of a particular technique and the patient's condition and the degree of development of their dependence on drugs or alcohol. A certain treatment may quickly help a teenager but be ineffective for an older patient. Addiction in its more advanced stages will generally be more complicated and therefore more costly, especially in older adults.

These factors greatly affect the cost of addiction treatment:

  • the patient's age;
  • the duration of the treatment program and the number of stages;
  • methods chosen for treatment based on the results of preliminary diagnostics;
  • the general condition of the patient;
  • the severity of addiction and the stage of its development;
  • conditions of stay in a rehabilitation center.

The stage of addiction development largely influences the components of the individual treatment course. This means that the earlier the patient seeks help, the cheaper the rehabilitation course will be, and the sooner they will be able to return to their usual routine.

Look for Health Insurance That Covers Addiction Treatment

Types of Treatment

The type of care a rehab center offers affects the overall cost. There are many other factors that affect the cost of rehabilitation, from the type of medical care to the availability of enhanced comfort facilities. See below for some general pricing for addiction treatments you may need:

Outpatient detoxification. This cost ranges from $1000 to $1500. Most inpatient rehabilitation programs include detoxification in the cost of treatment. The exact cost of this stage of treatment depends on the type of addiction being treated and whether or not it is part of an inpatient program. For example, the treatment of spice addiction requires a more careful approach to the choice of detoxification methods, while increasing the cost.

Inpatient rehabilitation. Some inpatient rehabilitation programs can start with $ 6,000 for a 30-day stay at the center. Renowned clinics in the US often offer a 30-day treatment program for up to $20,000. For those who need 60 or 90 days inpatient stay, the total cost can range from $12,000 to $60,000.

Outpatient rehabilitation is for people with a moderate degree of addiction. This treatment is often

cheaper than inpatient rehabilitation. Many of these programs cost about $5,000 for a three-month rehabilitation course. Some outpatient programs that require expensive techniques and drugs cost up to $10,000. The price tag depends on how often the patient visits the center.

Medication therapy. The type of treatment and the medication needed affects the cost of rehabilitation. Some people do not need medication to treat their addiction. Medication is often prescribed for complex forms of alcohol and drug addiction. Such treatment can cost $1000- $3000 per year. Annual methadone therapy for heroin addicts costs about $4,700.

The minimum course of therapy lasts one month. Full rehabilitation takes 6 months or more, taking into account the severity of the addiction. According to statistics, about 70% of those treated have a stable remission.

Insurance. If you have health insurance, you may not have very many out-of-pocket costs. If you’re not insured, enter your zip code below and compare hundreds of policies to find one that suits your needs and budget. A knowledgeable agent will help you determine whether or not your course of treatment will be covered.

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