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Last updated: April 17, 2017

Transforming the insurance industry

How changed the car insurance buying process forever; research, comparison shopping and lower monthly rates, all in one place; online, mobile or on the phone!

Car insurance rates are on the rise across the US.  If you are going to own and drive a car, truck or suv, you must have car insurance.  The law’s, limits, discounts and rates vary from state-to-state.  There is no way around it, you must purchase car insurance in the state you live that meets all legally mandated standards and those required by your leaseholder or lender. can help you with their one stop comparison shopping system. has transformed the way consumers buy research, shop and buy car insurance.  Here is why the old way needed to be transformed.

The Facts

38% of people have never done any research before purchasing their car insurance (1)

40% of people are not confident or somewhat confident that they have the right car insurance coverage for their needs (1)

50 state requirements for coverage minimums, liability rules and allowable binding factors; limited options for a one-stop shopping experience

Auto insurance rates increased 50% from 2006 to 2016 (2), with no end in sight

Introducing the SmartWay(™) to buy car insurance

Consumers can now stop paying higher and higher insurance rates for something they have no choice but to purchase.  No longer do they need to be unhappy with their car insurance and the rates they are paying.

No longer will they need to worry that their coverage will meet their needs. has developed the SmartWay (™) to buy car insurance to make these problems a thing of the past.

4 ways has changed the way people buy car insurance.

1. Mobile First.  Wherever and whenever you have time, you can research, compare car insurance rates/coverage and buy from your mobile device or phone.  No longer do you need to be constrained by schedules and locations that do not work for you.  Have confidence that you are getting the best insurance at the best rates from the best car insurance carriers.

2. Research required and recommended coverages levels and binding factors.  The SmartWay(™) system recommends coverage levels and discounts as you submit your quote request.  Know that you have a team of experts behind you as you consider your options.  You will be buying the right car insurance coverage for the right price.

3. Comparison shop within minutes from numerous car insurance carriers in your state.  With the click of your mouse or touch of your finger, you can get car insurance rates from multiple carriers in your area.  Answer a few about yourself and your car and you will get fast accurate rates for your auto insurance in minutes from the best insurance carriers.

4. Buy online!  Once you find a rate that works for you you can buy now.  Click over to the carrier with the best rate and complete the buying process.

The SmartWay(™) to buy car insurance from  Go to to research, compare car insurance rates and buy!

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