How Do I Get a Quote for Car Insurance Online?

Fran Majidi
May 16, 2019

Young or old, male or female, if you drive a vehicle you probably have car insurance and you pay a premium on it every month. Chances are high that you are paying too much for your insurance, too, especially if you haven’t been comparison shopping car insurance quotes in a couple of years. Ideally, you should get an online auto insurance quote online and a home insurance quote every year. Yes, we know: You like the idea of shopping rates and saving big money, but the long hold times and the time consumption have you pushing it towards the end of your to-do lists. You are not alone. Contacting insurance carriers directly is often troublesome and time consuming.

Have you heard the myth that rates are lower if you buy directly from the insurance company? The truth is that you’re not necessarily paying more using an insurance broker or agent. The best and easiest way to get yourself a competitive rate, however, is to get a quote for car insurance online from a more technology-savvy search engine. This way, there are no long hold times. There’s no confusing car insurance jargon. If you use a comparison search engine like SmartFinancial’s, you’ll get auto insurance quotes at different price points and your information will be secure. You will then be able to compare rates and coverage before getting connected with an agent who can bind the deal.

What Do I Need to Buy Car Insurance?

When you get car insurance quotes online, you have the convenience of calling from anywhere. However, it’s important to have all the necessary documents on hand so that you don’t have to call back later. It should take you about 3 to 5 minutes to get an online quote. If you don’t know the following information, collect it and keep it handy for your call:

  1. Vehicle year, model/make
  2. What is your primary use of the car and the number of miles you drive per day?
  3. Do you own, lease or finance?
  4. Do you want to save up to 25% by adding a second vehicle?
  5. First and last name
  6. Birthday
  7. Gender
  8. Marital status
  9. Education level
  10. Occupation
  11. Credit rating
  12. Drivers license status
  13. SR-22 required?
  14. Have you had an accident in the last 3 years?
  15. Do you want to save up to 25% adding another driver?
  16. Address (How long you’ve lived there; type of dwelling)
  17. Are you currently insured? With which company? How many years? Expiration
  18. Which coverages are you interested in?
  19. Email address
  20. Phone number
  21. Bundle with renter’s insurance quote?

You’ll next get a list of providers offering the best rates and coverage. You’ll also get a call from a SmartFinancial call center representative who will ask you a few more questions, including questions that may determine discounts on your behalf. You’ll then be given several options, both on screen and over the phone. Even though you’re doing a digital transaction when you apply to get insurance quotes online, the traditional paperwork associated with insurance doesn’t lessen any. Take care to collect all the necessary information before you speak with an agent to secure a rate. Otherwise you’ll be wasting the agent’s time and your own.

Information You Need to Give to the Car Insurance Agent for an online insurance quote:

  • Proof of insurance

    You’ll need the declaration page of your current insurance. The declaration page is in your policy jacket. It shows the breakdown of coverages (i.e. Bodily Injury Liability, Collision and Comprehensive Coverage). Being unable to prove that you’re currently insured may raise your rate. Being currently insured and having proof of it are vital so find your policy paperwork or ask to have it resent to you. In many instances your insurance history is visible to an agent and sometimes it’s not. Be sure to tell the truth in all instances otherwise, they may know right away if you’re lying.

  • Driver’s license

    No it’s not a surprise that when you call to get insurance quotes online that you will have to first show your driver’s license. You may need to give an actual copy of it to an agent but SmartFinancial only requires your license number, so don’t worry if you look like a disaster in your license photo.

  • Documents for discounts

    If you’re hoping for deep discounts when you get an auto insurance quote online, you’ll have to later prove that you own a home or get good grades in school or whatever claim you made. Otherwise, the company will not give you a discount. These are what you’ll need:

    1. Voided Check: if you opt to pay your insurance for the year in full you’ll likely get a generous discount. Otherwise, you can still get a discount if you do auto insurance payments using your checking account. Grab a check and get ready!
    2. Home Ownership: You’ll have to show your tax documents or your current homeowners insurance policy to prove that you are eligible for a homeowners discount on your auto insurance. While you’re at it, you should check to see how much you’d save with a bundling discount. Bundling home and auto insurance or auto and renters insurance will bring you steep discounts!
    3. Grades: You’ll need to prove it if you claim you’re a good student. Get those report cards ready! You’ll need a B+ or better to qualify for a good student discount. If you don’t qualify (yet), this may be more incentive to study.
    4. Car Ownership: You can get a great multi--car discount if you add a car. All you need to prove the company car is yours is to show the agent the car insurance documents.
    5. Memberships: You may be eligible for discounts based on affiliations with a certain employers, credit unions, alumni associations or even rotary club membership. Make sure to ask questions and provide documentation of your connection.

Now that you know how easy it is to score discounts and what you need to get a car insurance quote online, don’t waste any time. In fact, summer (especially July) is the slowest month in auto insurance companies. You may be able to get a better deal during this time when they need new business. Don’t waste your time looking for a good agent. Let SmartFinancial find out who can get you the best auto insurance rates instead! Start your car insurance online quote!

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