How Much Does a Car Insurance Quote Cost?

Fran Majidi
November 3, 2020

There’s an old saying that you have to spend money to make money but what about when you want to save money? Does it cost money to get a car insurance quote? Well, it shouldn’t, so if you end up clicking around on a website that charges you to see what an insurance carrier will require you to pay, you probably shouldn’t trust them with your credit card or banking information.

A reputable source like SmartFinancial will give you a free car insurance quote just a couple of minutes after you answer a few questions, beginning with your zip code. You’ll want to have all the important information about your car near you, like the vehicle identification number (VIN). Not only does SmartFinancial put you in touch with someone near you offering the lowest rates, you can enter again if you weren’t satisfied with the results the first time around. All for free. If you like the quote you’re offered, you can buy a policy.

Remember that your car insurance quote will depend on several factors. The cheapest car insurance rates are for older, inexpensive cars with a driver, probably a married female, in her forties, who has a clean driving record. We’ll break down all the factors for you below.

The Car

Your car’s value and what it’s got on it has a lot to do with how you’re rated for car insurance. Honda Civics aren’t expensive so you’d think they’d be cheaper to insure, but the price goes up a notch because they are stolen more often than other cars. It pays to do a little research on the cars you’re interested in. Their safety matters too. In fact, if you have safety features, they will usually bring in a discount. But the conundrum is that safety features are expensive to fix so it’ll raise the price of your premiums. The more expensive a car is to fix overall matters too, so if parts are expensive, insurance will take that into account, in case they have to fix it one day.

How Much You Drive

If you like to relax by cruising to faraway destinations every weekend, you’ll be paying more for car insurance. If you have a long commute, your insurance cost will go up too. But most insurers offer discounted rates for people who drive around 5,000 miles a year, which is true for many remote workers and people who have a job in the neighborhood. Basically, the more you’re out on the road in your car, the higher your chances of getting into an accident.

How Old Are You?

If you’re in your teens or 20s, you’re fresh out of luck. Same goes for seniors. Your rate keeps dropping every year, however, until you get older and it starts to slowly rise again, until it’s time to retire that driver’s license. See who offers the cheapest car insurance in your state.

Your Driving Record

This matters a great deal. An accident, a DUI or a moving violation, like a speeding ticket or blowing through a stop sign can raise a rate tremendously. Be careful on the road. This is one of the things you can control, unlike your age, so don’t be foolish before you get behind the wheel or while you’re driving.

Credit Score

Some states do not use a credit score to determine your rate but most do. If you’re not paying bills on time or if you have a debt that you’re not actively chipping away at, you are bound to see it reflected in a poor credit score. The good news is that you can easily raise your rate by being more mindful about not missing deadlines.

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Your Marital Status

Married people apparently drive better than single folks. Keep that in mind and maybe speed up the nuptials so you can keep some more cash in your pocket.

The ‘Hood

Does your neighborhood experience a lot of crime? If so, your rates will be higher. Here’s another tricky question: Pay more rent or pay more for a mortgage and save on car insurance or stay put and pay the higher insurance rate?

Did You Have a Lapse in Coverage?

If you stopped paying car insurance bills for any period of time, you lost coverage. It shows that you’re not reliable and responsible. In turn, your insurer’s going to raise your rate. So, if your rate is high, it may be due to a lapse in coverage. Pay your bills on time, and in time your rate will be lower.

It’s the Deductible!

If you have a really low deductible, you’re paying more each month, which works out if you get into an accident. But it’s up to you to decide if you want to wait until the unthinkable happens to pay less or feel secure that you can financially handle any mishaps along the way?

Regardless of all these reasons your rates are high, you can lower them if you try. Just compare rates with SmartFinancial by entering your zip code below. You’ll find the cheapest car insurance rates this way.

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