How to Create a Facebook Business Page

Jois Ngan Huynh
November 18, 2020

As of today, Facebook is the biggest social media platform with more than 2 billion active users from all over the world, which means that it is the right place for you to kick off a Facebook Business Page. It is a convenient way for business owners and customers to connect with a couple of clicks.

We offer a step-by-step guide to help you start creating your own page and maximize your business potential. We will also help you to add essential features to the page and manage your Facebook business platform.

Step 1: Sign in.

To start off, sign in with your personal Facebook account. If you do not have a Facebook account already, you can create one with your cell phone number or your email address. You should use your computer to create this business page as it will be more convenient to work on than doing this on your phone.

Step 2: Create the page.

In your newsfeed page, click on the (+) sign on the bar located on the top right corner of the screen as shown below. Then, click on Page to create a brand new business page.

Your screen should look like the screenshot above. Now, it is time to name your business, choose the category, and add a brief description about your business.

It is important that you choose the three categories that best describe your business. You will need them to be as close as possible to your type of business, so your customers can easily find you.

After adding your business name and selecting your business categories, add a description of your business by clicking on Create Page at the bottom of the left-hand column.

Step 3: Set up your business’ profile picture and cover photo.

To do so, you will need to scroll down the bar on the left column, which will bring you to Image. It’s best that you choose your logo.

This is where you want to upload two images that represent your business and ideally one will be your logo. Choose an image that stands out because it will be your customers’ first impression of your business.

If you want, you can also list your business slogan, which describes your mission, on the wallpaper. You can also add links and contact features, such as Instagram and Twitter handles, and most importantly, your website URL.

If you have not yet created a company logo, and are two helpful free websites that you can use to create your own logo and wallpaper.

Don’t forget to click Save after you finish uploading your Profile Picture and Cover Photo. You will be able to see an unofficial page for your business afterwards.

Step 4: Update your business page.

As you can see on the screenshot above, there is a checklist with a progress bar in the Set Your Page up for Success box that indicates which steps you still need to complete. You may have some missing parts or need to add more details to your page.

Step 5: Add a Button.

Now, to increase the engagement of your customers to the page, click on the Add a Button on the top right as shown below.

Facebook gives you a variety of buttons that you can choose from. It depends on your type of business, you can choose a corresponding button. For example, my business is a retail store, then I will want my button to be a Shop Now type of button. This leads your customers to your website (if you have one) where they can explore the products that your business gets to offer.

You will need to paste your website address into the box after choosing the button, then click Save to complete, like so.

Step 6: Explore the features

There are ten essential features on the left side of the page.

1. Home. You can always go back to the home page, the main newsfeed of your page. This is where your posts will be displayed and also the face of your business. When your customers check out your page, they will see what is on here.

2. Manage Shop. You can start setting up your business page with display items you are selling. After clicking Start Shop Setup, you will be guided on how to get started.

3. Inbox. Here, you can set up automatic pop-ups or instant greetings. You can also modify an automatic response for when your customers direct message you while you are unavailable to answer right away. This is a bonus for the customer service aspect of your business. Inbox is also where you can manage interactions with your customers via Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram. It is an all-in-one tab.

4. Notifications. Here, you can choose when and how often you want to receive notifications from the page, such as when someone starts following your page, if they like a post or your page or if they share your post(s) and more.

5. Insights. This tab allows you to track your customers’ demographics, engagement, etc. It is important to check the Insights of your business page regularly for feedback that can help you improve your business as a whole.

6. Publishing Tools. In this tab you can create posts, schedule posts to be published and use other features for creating content.

7. Ad Center. In the ad center, you can create ads to reach new customers. Advertising can let more people know about your page so you can grow your business to another level.

8. Page Quality. You’ll find Facebook Community Standards here. Check the terms of conditions carefully to ensure that your business page is not facing any Facebook violations.

9. Edit Page Info. Make sure all your information is correct so you can successfully reach your customers. Double-check everything to include all important information about your business before publishing the page.

10. Settings. Here you have a variety of settings you can add to your page, such as specific tabs. You can also modify an existing template to fit your business needs. Remember to connect your Instagram business account with this page if you have one It’s always best to interlink within the social media ecosystem.

Step 7. Double-check your profile one last time.

This is a crucial step before publishing your business page. You want to ensure that your page does not contain any Facebook violations and restrictions or typos. Once you are ready to publish your profile, you can click on Publish Page on the top right corner, like so.

To summarize every step above, here is the checklist that you can take a look at for reference.

  • Complete all the steps in Set Your Page up for Success box.
  • Explore Page Tips under the box above to maximize your business outreach and get more customers’ attention to your business page.
  • Set up an automatic greeting and response under the Inbox tab.
  • Select an option regarding your preference for receiving notifications from the page under Notifications.
  • Look over the Insights regularly to keep track of your business: customers diversity, demographics, customers engagement.
  • This is important because you can improve your business based on the customers’ feedback.
  • Create and manage posts with Publishing Tools.
  • Explore Ads Center to advertise your business to potential customers.
  • Check Page Quality to ensure that your business page aligns with Facebook policy.
  • Double-check About on the main feed or Edit Page Info on the left column to make sure that you include all important information related to your business: location, website, phone number, email address, business hours and more.
  • Link your social media channels, such as your Instagram business account to the page in Settings.

Step 8. Publishing your business page!

Congratulations on making it to the last step! What are you waiting for? Click the Publish Page whenever you are ready to launch your business page and showcase it to the world!

There you go! A step-by-step guide that can help you kick off your business from scratch. Go show your ideas out there because you never know how your ideas can impact someone’s life unless you try. Good luck on your entrepreneurial journey!

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