How To Find a Job During the Pandemic

Lucy Lazarony
November 3, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has led to millions of Americans losing or getting furloughed from their jobs. Back in February, before the pandemic hit, 158 million Americans had jobs. One in six of those Americans are now unemployed. If one of those is you, take heart. There are employers hiring during the pandemic and there are things you can do to find jobs and make yourself more attractive to employers. Your next job may be closer than you realize.

An Economic Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has triggered an economic crisis. Unemployment rose higher in three months of COVID-19 than it did during the two years of the Great Recession, according to Pew Research Center. The U.S. unemployment rate shot up from 3.8 percent in February to 13 percent in May.

According to a June 2020 report from the U.S. Labor Department, nearly 18 million Americans are out of work. The June national unemployment rates was 11.1 percent. In July, the national unemployment rate dipped to 10.2 percent. So people are slowly finding work again.

Employers That Are Hiring

According to Indeed, here is a list of employers hiring new employees. Make note of the companies hiring near you.

1. is hiring in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey and New York.

2. FedEx Ground is hiring in New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

3. Securitas is hiring in New York, New Jersey, California, Michigan and Virginia.

4. Panda Restaurant Group is hiring in Arizona, California, Maryland, Missouri and Texas.

5. Apple is hiring in California, New York, Washington, Florida and Illinois.

6. Ochsner Health System is hiring in Louisiana, Alabama, and Texas.

7. Sutherland is hiring nationwide.

8. The Cheesecake Factory is hiring in Arizona, Georgia, Texas, Florida, Tennessee and New Jersey.

9. First Service Residential is hiring in Florida, Texas, California, Minnesota and New Jersey.

10. Accenture is hiring in California, Washington, D.C., New York and Illinois.

11. Two Men and a Truck is hiring nationwide.

12. Chewy is hiring in Florida, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Texas and Arizona.

Industries That Are Hiring

There have been massive layoffs in the hospitality industry as restaurants and hotels cut back on workers. But there are industries looking to hire new workers.

Pharmacies, online retailers and shipping companies are looking to meet a surge in new demand. CVS and Walmart have announced new positions during the pandemic. And Walgreens is hiring as well.

Grocery and convenience stores are hiring new workers, with Kroger, Tesco and 7-Eleven among the chains hiring.

Teleworking software companies such as Zoom and Slack are hiring new employees as there has been a surge in using these products during the pandemic.

Pizza delivery chains are hiring as well. Papa John’s, Pizza Hut and Domino’s are all taking on new employees. Other industries that are hiring jobs are technology jobs, government jobs, accountants and warehouse workers.

Job Searching Tips

It is possible to land a good job. Stay positive. Here are some tips for job-searching during a pandemic:

Get Up-To-Date With Resumes and LinkedIn Pages. Tailor your LinkedIn page and resume according to the job you most want to land. Be straightforward and concise. Make a powerful case for yourself as a potential employee.

Network Like Crazy. Let friends and family and old work associates know that you are looking for a job. Send LinkedIn requests to people in the industry you are looking to break into. Do they already know one of your work associates? Don’t be shy about reaching out. You may be just what the other one is looking for.

Have a Persuasive Cover Letter. Be ready to wow them with a very strong cover letter. Sum yourself up and why you are such a strong candidate for the job in just a few paragraphs.

Use Social Media. So you’ve got your resume and LinkedIn page page up-to-date, what’s next? Follow the company that you are interested in on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You will get a sense of the company’s values and culture by following their social media pages every day. It is simple and can be useful when the interview comes around and they ask why you want to work for their company. You’ve gotten to know them so well it will be an easy and sincere answer.

Highlight Soft Skills. Don’t forget to highlight soft skills such as communication and leadership on your resume. When and where did you take a leadership role? Was it for a past job or maybe during a volunteer experience that you really enjoy? Include this information on your resume and you will have a nice talking point during your job interview.

Other soft skills include relationship and time management. Are these two of your strengths? Give examples of how you utilized these skills during your next job interview. And make sure these skills are mentioned on your resume and your LinkedIn page. They may be what sets you apart and grabs an employer’s attention.

Beef Up Your Job Skills. Job-searching is a good time to bolster new skills. Did you take an online class or online computer certification course? Did you do some volunteer work you are really passionate about? Not only are these experiences positive and enjoyable, they help to fill up gaps in your resume.

Keep at It. Be active and persistent in your job search. It will pay off. Even if it is just a quick Google search on the company you are interested in or following the company on social media, reach out and show you are interested and engaged with the company. And keep looking for new opportunities. Visit job sites often. You want to find a job opening within a week of it being posted, the very day if you can manage it. If you do, you will have a better chance of your resume being at the top of the list.

Apply to Multiple Jobs. As tempting as it might be to apply only to your dream jobs, you’ll want to apply to a multitude of jobs. As long as you have suitable skills for the job, go ahead and apply. You might find yourself in a new field using the skills sets you acquired from your old job. It could prove to be an exciting new adventure. Before you get started, do yourself a favor. Think clearly about what you want in a new job before diving into your search. You want a clear, focused search and not a haphazard one.

Follow-up Email. Did the video interview go great? Did you feel as if you really clicked with the interviewer? Say thank you for the opportunity and reiterate all the reasons you are a strong candidate for the job with a follow-up email. Getting this job would mean a lot to you. Don’t be afraid to let them know. Be sincere. Let them know you appreciated their time and the opportunity to discuss the job.

Professional Work from Home Jobs

Many professional job opportunities may be for work-from-home positions. Interested in working from home? Choose companies comfortable with this dynamic. They will say right away in the employment ad if working remotely is preferable. They may already have teams of people working from home. So adding you to the team as a new hire would be a snap.

Industries serving the work-from-home employees such as information technology and online customer service also are hiring now. So that is another business segment to explore in your job search.

Get Comfortable with Videoconferencing

These days job interviews are all online. So you better get prepared for your Zoom job interview.

First, check that your computer has a working webcam and microphone. Once you’re sure everything's working, you are able to start practicing for a job interview.

Practicing video conferencing on your phone or laptop with a friend or family member ahead of time will help you get relaxed and comfortable with the technology.

When the interview time comes, you will want to be alert and open and friendly. And of course, you’ll want to be professional, too. So dress as you would for an in-person job interview and be prepared with questions to ask the company.

What questions do you have about the job or position? Are you curious about a typical work day? Then be sure to ask. Are you excited about the possibility of working at home? Let them know that you see working from home as a big positive.

And you will want to have your answers ready for the employer’s questions.

Here are a few questions you can expect an employer to ask “Why do you want to work for our company? What are you looking for in a job? When would you be available to start?”

And most of all, you will be ready to explain how your skill set matches the job they are looking to fill. Give specific examples of your skills and expertise. Make the match as strong as possible. Already familiar with Zoom, Skype and Google Meet? Be sure to mention it during your interview and put it front and center on your resume. This let’s a potential employer know that you won’t need training on any of these remote technologies.

Hottest Professional Jobs During the Pandemic

According to, here are the hottest IT and professional jobs that are hiring during the pandemic.

IT jobs include web front-end development engineer, database administrator, user interface designer, software development engineer and big data development engineer. Insurance sales is one the hottest jobs right now. As more and more Americans worry about the heavy financial burden if someone in their family becomes seriously ill, they are buying medical insurance for the whole family. As Americans’ need for insurance increases so does the demand for more insurance agents.

Project managers who see work projects through from start to finish are in demand as companies look to improve productivity and lower costs.

Testers who design test cases, prepare test data and perform tests are in-demand as well.

Internet marketing is another hot job during the pandemic. So if you have marketing and Internet skills you may be able to land a job during this pandemic.

Need some part-time work while searching for a full-time job? Check out Upwork, Fiverr and Flexjobs for temporary work. A few of these assignments can get you through a tough month or two until your full-time job search pays off.

Telework Is a Growing Employment Trend

If you are looking for a job, be sure to be open to teleworking. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, younger workers were less likely to have teleworked because of the pandemic than older workers. In July, 12 percent of employed people ages 16 to 24 teleworked because of the pandemic versus 30 percent of workers ages 25 to 55 and 25 percent of workers ages 55 and older.

Many people working from home have college degrees. Forty-seven percent of those teleworking in July had bachelor’s degrees or higher.

Business and professional jobs are more likely to telework. Employed people most likely to telework because of the pandemic were in management, business and financial operations, 46 percent, and professional and related jobs, 44 percent.

By industry, 58 percent of workers in finance and insurance and 57 percent in professional and technical services teleworked in July because of the pandemic.

With so much of the workforce teleworking, you’ll want to be able to jump right in when hired. So make potential employers aware that you are open to telework and would be ready to work from home from the first day. It is something to discuss during the job interview and something you can illustrate by showing your ease with videoconferencing during your job interview. Of course a line or two on your resume or LinkedIn profile wouldn’t hurt either. You want to get the word out about working from home. It is where so many professional jobs are.

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