6 Tips on How to Find Cheap Insurance That's Reliable

Buying cheap auto insurance is easy but buying safe auto insurance that will actually cover a claim is another story altogether. However, you can have the best of both worlds if you buy auto insurance the right way.

With so many options these days, it’s tempting to buy cheap auto insurance online but be sure you’re only buying from the best auto insurance companies or else having that cheap car insurance is as good as having no car insurance at all.

The best way to compare auto insurance rates online is to use a comparison shopping engine for auto insurance quotes like the one here. On the SmartFinancial page, you’ll see that you will receive quotes from some of the oldest insurance companies in the business -- and names you know -- at the lowest prices. Avoid low cost auto insurance with auto insurance companies that have not been rated by the Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s or A.M Best. If the company isn’t financially strong, you can’t be sure you’ll get the coverage you bought if an unforeseen mishap occurs.

Here are some ways to get cheap auto insurance rates:

1. Compare Auto Insurance Rates

This is the most important thing you can do to make sure you’re paying for the best auto insurance at the best prices. Different agents will quote you different prices for the same package, so it’s always a good idea to work with reputable agents, like the partners who work with SmartFinancial. SmartFinancial is an insurance tech company that shops rates for you and provides accurate car insurance quotes for you to choose from. All you do is fill out a short form with information about your car and driving history and you’ll receive several acceptable auto insurance quotes and some really cheap auto insurance quotes too.

Remember that if you opt for comprehensive insurance or collision insurance you’ll be paying more for car insurance all around, but with a reliable search engine putting you in touch with a trusted agent, you can still save money on auto insurance. It’s the easiest way to comparison shop, with the agents well aware that there are other agents competing with them over low cost auto insurance.

Don’t be lazy while insurance shopping and never settle for one car insurance quote alone. You never know how one auto insurance company will rate you compared with another. Auto insurance companies all have unique rating formulas, so you may get a better car insurance rate from one over another. Even if you think you’re being offered a good car insurance quote, make sure to see what your other options are here.

2. Buy an Inexpensive Car

An inexpensive car means inexpensive car insurance, plain and simple. This is because an expensive car is simply more expensive to repair and replace. An insurer takes this factor into account when determining a rate.

Inexpensive car insurance is hard to find on cars that are frequently stolen or vandalized for parts so do your research before you buy. Currently, Honda Civics are broken into more than most other cars. At the same, however, they are some of the most inexpensive new cars you can buy. But, keep in mind that you may find inexpensive car insurance on a slightly more expensive car than on a Civic.

Also keep in mind that if you live in a high-crime neighborhood your chances of finding low cost auto insurance become more limited. The most expensive car insurance is full coverage auto insurance on an expensive car in a high-crime neighborhood.

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3. Bundle Home and Auto Insurance

We can’t say it enough: bundle, bundle, bundle! It’s the easiest way to save, and you may even get a lower home insurance quote. It’s a good idea to try both ways: get free home insurance quotes first and ask how much it would be to add on auto and then get free auto insurance quotes and ask how much it would be to add on your home. You never know which way will bring you the most acceptable auto insurance rate. The best auto insurance companies sell home insurance -- and renters too, if you’re not a homeowner. It happens less often but most of the time you do qualify for a discount if you bundle renters and auto insurance.

4. Get a Discount: Car Insurance Savings

Student discount car insurance and teacher car insurance discounts are common. In fact, there are many occupations that may bring you discount car insurance rates. There are veterans car insurance discounts, senior car insurance discounts, military discount car insurance and more.

The reason certain occupations afford drivers lower car insurance rates is that some jobs signify less risk. Teachers as a whole do not have many car accidents. As for student discounts, many of them are based on good grades and efforts made to become better drivers (taking defensive driving or driver safety classes, for example).

Discount car insurance rates can save you hundreds of dollars. After you get multiple auto insurance quotes, ask about discounts you may be eligible for too. Car insurance quotes from SmartFinancial are completely free, no strings attached, no broker’s fee!

5. Credit Card Balances

Did you know that in many states, agents do a credit check for auto insurance quotes? If you have high outstanding balances on your credit cards, pay them down and try for a new car insurance quote a few months later. Auto insurance companies see bad credit as a risk factor. Generally speaking, the more responsible you are with bills, the less likely you’ll be to find yourself in a car accident. Even the best auto insurance companies check for credit so make sure to pay your bills on time!

6. Do You Really Need Full Coverage Auto Insurance

People often buy collision car insurance without understanding what it is. In fact, “What is collision Insurance?” is a popular search on the Internet. Most people don’t understand the difference between comprehensive vs collision insurance either.

One collision insurance definition is that it pays for damages to your car if you’re involved in a car crash that is your fault. It needn’t be with another car either. Say you hit a tree or a pole, you’re covered! However, the question remains: Do you really need collision insurance? Not if you’re paying more in insurance than you’d get paid out in the event of a total loss (if you total the car). You’d probably be better off buying a new car than carrying collision insurance on a decrepit car and paying a deductible to get the car’s worth paid out to you. To find out how much your car is worth (and how much a reputable insurance company will pay you), get the Kelley Blue Book of your car so you won’t be in for a shock later.

As for comprehensive insurance, you usually have to buy collision in order to buy this coverage, which pays for theft or vandalization of your car. When you get auto insurance quotes, find out how much extra these two coverages will cost and again, consider the worth of your car before making a deeper investment in your auto insurance policy. Auto insurance companies are not in the business of doing the number crunching for you, unless you find a good agent who really cares. For safe auto insurance from a trusted agent, buy cheap auto insurance online at SmartFinancial. They’ll provide you with accurate auto insurance quotes you can choose from.

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