Rideshare Coverage: Auto Insurance for a Ridesharing Driver

According to studies, more than half the U.S. population uses ridesharing apps. In addition 8 in 10 rideshare drivers works for two or more services but only about 50% have rideshare insurance. 

Rideshare insurance is not required but is a wise coverage to have because there is a short stretch of time that you are neither covered by your personal auto insurance nor your employer’s insurance. However, there are periods of time during which your personal auto insurance will not cover you and neither will the rideshare company’s insurance.

When you have your rideshare app on but do not yet have a request for a ride, you are not covered by your personal auto insurance. The rideshare company’s insurance may or may not cover you if you get into an accident at this time, but it’s not guaranteed and policies vary from one company to another. 

Your personal auto insurance only covers you when your rideshare app is turned off. You’re also not covered while you’re waiting to accept a fare. Rideshare insurance fills this gap when you’re otherwise not covered.

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