28 Things You Need for a Life Insurance Quote

Lucy Lazarony
June 16, 2020

Buying some life insurance is a nice thing to do for your family. But you better like questions because there are a lot of questions that you’ll be asked when you are being priced for a life insurance policy. It’s important to be honest when you answer these questions because a fraudulent application may result in your benefit not being awarded to your beneficiaries.

Here are the 28 things you need for a life insurance quote.

1. Name, Address and Phone

You will be asked for each of these items from a life insurance agent. That’s straightforward enough.

2. Date of Birth

A life insurance agent will want to know the day, month and year that you were born.

3. Country and State of Birth

If you were born in the United States of America, which state were you born in? If you were born in another country, please give those details as well.

4. Citizenship

Are you a U.S. citizen? What is your citizenship? Let the agent know your citizenship.

5. Marital Status

Are you married or single? Or you divorced or widowed? Be honest about your marital status.

6. Occupation

What do you do for a living? What’s your job? What are your job duties? Give details about your current job.

7. Net Worth

What is the net value of your assets minus your debts? Share this number with the insurance agent.

8. Driver’s License Number

What is the number that is across the top of your driver's license? The insurance company will use this number to look up your motor vehicle records.

9. Social Security Number

What is your 9-digit Social Security number? Let your insurance agent know this number.

10. Age

A life insurance agent will ask how old you are.

11. Height

An insurance agent will ask how tall you are.

12. Weight

An insurance agent will ask just how much you weigh.

13. Tobacco Use

Do you smoke or use tobacco? A life insurance agent wants to know.

14. Income

How much do you make in a year? What is your annual income? Share your income information with an insurance agent.

15. Do You Already Own Some Life Insurance?

An agent will ask you about the life insurance you already have.

16. Alcohol Consumption

A life insurance agent will ask if and how often you consume alcohol.

17. Bankruptcy History

Have you ever filed for bankruptcy? If yes, when? The life insurance agent wants to know this part of your financial history.

18. Felonies and Misdemeanors

Do you have a criminal record? Were they felonies or misdemeanors? An agent will ask if you have a criminal record.

19. High Risk Hobbies

Do you pilot a plane or do you enjoy mountain climbing? An insurance company considers these types of hobbies high risk and will want to know if you are partaking in them.

20. Name and Address of Primary Care Doctor

The insurance company wants to reach your primary care doctor so they will ask for this information.

21. The Last Time You Saw a Doctor

When was your last doctor’s appointment? What was it for? Share the details of your doctor’s visit with the life insurance agent.

22. Family Medical History

Have any of your family members passed away from cancer or heart disease? Share your family’s medical history with the life insurance agent.

23. Medications

What prescriptions do you take and how often? A life insurance agent will want to know.

24. Your Medical Condition

Have you been diagnosed with any diseases or disorders? Share your medical details with the life insurance agent.

25. Type of Life Insurance

A life insurance agent will ask for the type of life insurance policy you are applying for and the length and amount of coverage.

26. Beneficiaries

Who will you be naming as beneficiaries for your life insurance policy? This is an important decision. Choose your beneficiaries carefully. Share the beneficiary information with the life insurance agent.

27. High Risk Travel

This is another lifestyle question. Do you travel to parts of the world that could be considered dangerous? Share your travel plans with an insurance agent.

28. Recent Driving Record

Do you have any speeding tickets, DUIs or moving violations on your recent driving record? An insurance company uses this information to determine your risk classification when underwriting your life insurance policy.

Those are a lot of questions and when it is all said and done you shared a lot of personal, financial and medical information with a life insurance company. And there’s even more to do.

Once the interview section of the policy application is complete, you will move on to a medical exam.

But don’t worry there’s no need to head to the hospital or to a doctor’s office. You will take this paramedical exam in your home and the requirements of the exam will depend on the size of the policy you’re interested in getting. Bigger policies mean bigger exams. Once your interview application is completed and reviewed by the life insurance company, and your paramedical exam is completed and the results reviewed, you will know what kind of life insurance policy that you qualify for. Then it is just a matter of paying for your policy. Once you do, you will have an active life insurance policy in your name And you can rest easy knowing your family will be well taken care of should you pass away. To get the best rate for the best life insurance policy, enter your zip code below.

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