Our Agent & Carrier Mission

The Smart Financial SMARTWAY™ system uses proprietary algorithms to enable carriers to target consumers that match their ideal consumer demographics.  At the same time, the system helps consumers compare insurance coverage options and rates to make a smart choice between available plans.  This is done in an effort to create win-win scenarios for both consumers and insurance carriers.

We work with consumers if they are at home, at work or on the go which enables carriers to efficiently expand their reach.  The SMARTWAY™ system verifies consumer purchase intent, collects coverage requirements and other consumer information.  The consumer is then pre-qualified or matched with an agents and/or carriers insurance plans and their targeted consumer demographics.

The consumer chooses between the smart choices and their information is securely delivered to their chosen local agent or carrier.  The SMARTWAY™ system works equally well for both consumers and carriers.

  1. Find & engage with consumer
  2. Pre-qualify & verify purchase intent
  3. Deliver consumer info to distribution channel

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