Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Moving Truck

Lucy Lazarony
November 3, 2020

Looking to rent a moving truck? You’ve got plenty of research ahead of you. Here are some tips. Watch out for fees. Does the moving truck company charge an upfront fee? If so, how much? How soon do you begin paying per mile for a moving truck? Is there a set number of miles that you need to travel before a paying per mile rate kicks in? How much does the moving company charge per day for the truck? Where can you return the truck? Is there a location near where you will be moving? Get the moving truck that best fits your moving needs. Not too big, not too small, you want a moving truck that fits your possessions just so. Many moving companies have truck size estimators on their websites. So you can calculate just how much truck you will need for your move. Here are some more tips and advice for renting a moving truck.

Make Your Reservations in Advance

This is not something that you want to wait until the last minute. Book your moving truck a month in advance. This is especially true in the summer months when more families are moving.

Is One Trip Too Much?

Check out the size of your moving truck. All your possessions fit but how do you feel about driving such a big truck? Would a smaller truck and two trips be better? Check out the price differential of doing two trips with a smaller truck. Doing two trips may work out just fine if you need the added comfort of driving a smaller vehicle.

Moving Truck Insurance

Check with your car insurance company to find out if your policy covers moving trucks. If it gives you full coverage, terrific. If it doesn’t cover you, you’ll want to look into getting coverage from your moving truck company. How much will you be charged for insurance? Is it by the day or will you be charged by the whole trip? This is a good question to ask when you are calling around to different moving companies getting prices on moving trucks. How much is their insurance and what does it cover? You have you and all your personal belongings riding in the truck, you want to be protected if an accident should happen out on the road.

Four Types of Moving Truck Insurance

There are four main types of moving truck insurance. They are damage waivers, supplemental liability insurance, personal accident and cargo insurance and auto tow protection.

Damage waivers relieve you of responsibilities for the loss or theft of items or damage to the moving truck. Supplemental liability insurance protects you from damage claims made against you by other people, including other drivers.

Personal accident and cargo protection covers you and your belongings while you are in the moving truck. If you are injured or your belongings get damaged, this insurance will cover the costs, as long as the damage is due to certain listed causes. Personal accident and cargo protection does not cover damage caused by shifting cargo.

With auto tow protection, if you are using a trailer to tow your car this insurance will cover the car against damages while you are out on the road.

Choosing Moving Truck Insurance

Once again, start with the coverage you have from your auto insurance company. Is it a little or a lot? If you are 100 percent covered you are free to say no to insurance from the moving truck company. But if the coverage is skimpy, you’ll need to bolster your protection out on the road. So review each of the four main insurance coverages for moving trucks. How much is the coverage? How much can you afford? Choose your coverage carefully. You want the best insurance coverage you can afford before your big moving trip.

Plan Your Move

Plan out your moving trip. Map out how far you will drive each day and book ahead for hotel rooms. Booking ahead can save you money on hotel stays and it will be a relief to know just where you’re driving to each day.

Fill Up the Tank

Moving rental companies require you to return the moving truck with a full tank of gas.

So don’t forget or you’ll be charged for it.

Get Help With Loading and Unloading

Get help loading and unloading a moving truck. It is a much more than a one person job. And you’ll save time when a friend or family member is helping with the loading. You can even hire help from the moving truck company. It will be worth it to pay for the help if your truck load is much more than you can handle solo.

Choosing a Moving Truck Company

U-Haul, Budget, Penske and UPack are well known moving truck companies. And there are plenty of local companies as well. How do you choose? Start by doing some research. Look up the company with the Better Business Bureau. Did the company get a good review? Were there customer complaints? Next, get a second opinion. Know somebody who moved recently? Ask them what company they used. A personal recommendation makes a big difference.

Don’t forget to compare prices and services. Go to each company’s website and do some digging. You may be able to make a decision and search all online. Want the personal touch? Visit the moving truck company in person. You’ll get your questions answered and get a feel for the company.

Get Comfortable With the Moving Truck

Check the mirrors on the moving truck and adjust them so you can see the road behind you. Learn how the windshield wipers work so you’ll be prepared when it rains. Find the lights on the moving truck and the directional signals. You want to feel as at ease as possible behind the wheel of a moving truck, especially one you’ll be driving for many miles.

Out on the Road With a Moving Truck

Avoid smaller roads and stick with main roads and interstates. You have a big load to haul, it’s best to stick with the big roads. You’ll have more room on the road that way.

Give yourself plenty of distance away from other drivers. You’re carrying a big load, so give yourself plenty of space between you and other drivers. Be an ideal driver. Follow the rules of the road, including obeying the speed limit. You’ll be at your new location before you know it.

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