10 Ways to Get Cheap Insurance for Young Drivers

Fran Majidi
March 18, 2019

Young drivers, you have a couple of things in common with one another: You are inexperienced and therefore more expensive to insure. Cheap car insurance for young drivers is almost an oxymoron. It’s not your age so much as the very little time you have spent behind the wheel that slams you with sky-high rates. However, there are a few ways to save some money if you’re in the market to buy auto insurance. Just because you have to spend more to get insured when you’re young doesn’t mean that you have to take the highest rates out there. Not only does shopping multiple cheap car insurance quotes help, there are a few other things you can do to get your rate to drop as much as possible too.

How to Get Really Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

First, let’s begin with saying that auto insurance rates have gone up for everyone and for a variety of reasons. For one thing, people are driving more and the cost of repairing newer cars with expensive safety devices is also taking its toll on everyone. Also, you may not link them with car insurance but the various storms and fires that have devastated thousands of people have cost insurance companies a pretty penny. In recouping their losses, they have raised car insurance across the board.

Unfortunately, new drivers feel the increases in insurance rates the most because they are rated across the board as the highest risk group of drivers on the road. Mainly, they get rated as high risk because they have the highest number of accidents due to inexperience.

  1. Be Good. It’s not impossible to find cheap car insurance for new drivers, but it’s not easy. Many carriers offer a good student discount so you’ll want to keep your grades up. Auto insurance for teens and college students is the highest so whatever you can do to bring down your rate helps. You may earn up to 15% off by keeping your grades at a “B” or better.
  2. Stay with Your Parents. If you’re not set on buying a car right away, you should know that the cheapest way for young drivers to get behind the wheel is to be a named driver on your parents’ car insurance policy. It will raise their rates, but you’ll still paying much less for auto insurance overall.
  3. Put Your Name on It. If your parents have more than one car, to save them some money, have them place your name as an insured on the cheapest car in the household. This should save you all a couple of dollars.
  4. Get Out of Sight. If you are attending college 100 or more miles away from home, you may get up to 20% off on a distance account. This usually works if you’re on your parents’ policy and are using one of their cars (not your own).
  5. Get cheap car insurance quotes. It’s important to get several quotes before choosing the company that’s right for you. Different companies use different formulas in deciding what to charge customers, so it’s worthwhile to shop around. However, calling each insurer yourself is far too time consuming. It seems like everyone is comparing car insurance quotes but you want to get paired up with an honest agent who will make sure you’re also getting coverage that will actually protect you if something goes wrong. Visit here for the best rates with top insurers. You’ll want to also take care of renters insurance while you’re at it, if you’re living in an apartment away from home. Compare cheap car insurance for young drivers by visiting here
  6. Get the best insurance for young drivers. While it’s good to be optimistic, it’s not a bad idea to keep in mind that young drivers have the highest rates of car accidents. It’s therefore a good idea for you to have the appropriate coverage, even if you are still a provisional driver. Be mindful of pricing but don’t make it the #1 priority on your list.
  7. Get schooled. You will likely get a discount on your insurance if you take a driver’s safety course. Ask your agent which carriers offer this in addition to a good student discount.

What Is a Provisional License?

A permit or a learner’s permit is the same thing as a provisional license. Many states allow young drivers to gain experience driving before they earn their driver’s license.

Provisional drivers also have to have the state minimum coverage. If you’re a provisional driver who regularly uses another person’s car, you should be added to that policy. If not, you may not be covered if you’re in an accident in that car. Sometimes insurers make an exception when it’s a driver using a parent’s car, but not always. Don’t gamble with your parents’ or your own insurance rate. It will take years for it to come back down.

How Is a Provisional License Different from a Regular Driver’s License?

You will likely be limited in the hours you drive and the purposes for using a car (such as only for work and school).

If you are in an accident while violating your provisional driving restrictions, you are not automatically at fault. An investigation will be conducted just as it would if you had a regular license.

If you violate the provisional driving restrictions, you will be subject to a fine and/or community service. You will not get points on your license.

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