What Is SR22 and Who Needs It?

Fran Majidi
July 29, 2019

An SR22 is often required for people who have a DUI or DWI on their driving record or had an at-fault accident while driving without insurance. Pretty much anyone working on getting their license back after having it revoked has to get an SR22 certificate. Do you have multiple traffic violations in a short amount of time? You may need to file one if you aren’t careful. Have you fled the scene of an accident? That could make a judge rule that you need an SR22 too.

An SR22 may be required for serious or repeat traffic offenses or after getting too many tickets in a short period of time. SR stands for “statement of responsibility.” The SR22 certificate ensures that you’re fully covered, and it is expensive. So, remember that an SR22 is not insurance. It’s a form your insurance carrier has to file. An SR22 tells the government that you are now driving legally. This is why it’s expensive, because it’s extra paperwork on the part of the insurance company. Someone who needs to file an SR22 form will likely need to file it for several years.

It’s not easy getting an insurance company to file an SR22 on your behalf. Not only is it more paperwork but it also means that you are a high-risk driver. Insurance carriers need to balance how much risk they incur. Otherwise, they run the risk of not having enough money for coverage when people file claims. Each company has a unique formula for determining how much risk they assign drivers and how many high-risk drivers they are willing to take on as clients. Your best bet is to work with an agent who specializes in SR22 forms. You can be paired up with a reliable agent by visiting here.

Because an SR22 is expensive, it’s highly advised that you find the most inexpensive car to insure while you file one. Find a car that does not require collision and comprehensive insurance. Your overall cost for auto insurance will be much lower this way. Another option is to purchase a non-owner SR22 car insurance policy. You’ll be filing this if you do not own a car and do not plan on owning one until it’s more affordable. This is a much cheaper alternative to driving with an SR22 certificate filing.

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