Dani Milton

Dani Milton

Insurance Expert

Dani Milton is a senior content strategist and insurance specialist for SmartFinancial. She received her B.A. in English from the University of Missouri-Columbia. The Georgia writer loves making complicated topics accessible. Her past work has appeared on NPR and other news outlets. She once served as a public relations specialist, NASA Solar System Ambassador and Georgia Radio Reading Service volunteer host. In her spare time, she creates art, reads books, listens to music and watches online content.

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Since modern vehicles have computers in them, it is possible albeit uncommon for them to be hacked. Self-driving cars and other technologically advanced vehicles could be even more vulnerable to cyberattacks, especially until manufacturers develop sufficiently advanced cybersecurity measures.

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Pets and Car Accidents: Is My Dog Covered by Car Insurance?

If the accident was your fault, you’re not covered unless you have collision and/or comprehensive insurance.

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Am I Overpaying? How Much Is a Car Insurance Policy?

If you’re not comparing auto insurance rates because it’s too time consuming or switching carriers sounds like a complicated hassle, you are definitely overpaying for auto insurance.

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There are a few drivers with more serious infractions. They may need high risk auto insurance because they are at high risk of filing a claim.

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Pros and Cons of Online Insurance Platforms

As we become increasingly reliant on digital technologies, consumer experience will revolve around convenience.

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Does Education Affect My Car Insurance Rate?

In short, if education is to your favor, use it to your advantage. If it works against you, make sure it’s not a factor in determining your risk.

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What's the Difference Between Homeowners Insurance and Homeowners Association Fees?

Homeowners insurance covers the insured property inside and out. It also covers the loss or damage of personal belongings and injuries that happen while on the property.

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Car Warranty vs. Car Insurance: Differences Explained

A car warranty insures your vehicle against breakdowns caused by defective parts and other internal failures, while car insurance can more broadly cover medical bills for you, your passengers and others involved in a car crash you cause along with car repairs following both collision and non-collision sources of damage.

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Auto Insurance Tips for Parents of Young Drivers

What your young driver does, while driving your car, has a direct impact on what you pay for your insurance.