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Renters Insurance FAQs

Who Needs Renters Insurance?

More often than ever, landlords are requiring renters insurance from their tenants. Even when renters insurance is not required, it’s a good idea to protect your belongings in case of a fire or theft. Your things are not covered by the landlord’s insurance policy. There’s also a liability clause in renters insurance to protect you against lawsuits if anything happens in your home.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover Besides My Belongings?

Your renters insurance covers burglary, vandalism and all sorts of events that occur outside of the home. For instance, if your luggage is lost at the airport you’re covered by renters insurance. For a full list of scenarios in which you’re protected by renters insurance, visit here .

How Do I Find Low Renters Insurance Quotes?

Even though renters insurance is very affordable, you should never pay too much for it. The best way to get multiple free renters insurance quotes is to visit SmartFinancial and fill out the form which we’ll use to connect you with a trustworthy insurance agent. Bundling your renters insurance with you auto insurance may yield big savings too.

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