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Medicare Part C offers more benefits than Original Medicare. SmartFinancial blog articles explain the benefits you can only get with Part C, also called Medicare Advantage, which combines Parts A and B as well as Part D prescription drug plan. Did you know that many Medicare Advantage plans also include hearing and dental? SmartFinancial can put you in touch with an insurance agent who can find the right plan for you.

Instead of spending hours on the phone, giving various agents the same information, SmartFinancial can find you the best coverage at the most affordable prices after you fill out one simple questionnaire to start receiving free quotes right away.

The Basics of Medicare Insurance

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What Is Medicare & How Does It Work?

Medicare is available to senior citizens, people receiving Social Security Disability benefits and people with certain conditions. See what it covers, how much it costs and when you can sign up.

Key Terms to Know

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Medicare Part A, B, C and D

Original Medicare is parts A and B for physician and hospital coverage with the option to add Part D for prescription drugs. Part C, called Medicare Advantage, consolidates these benefits and more.

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The deductible is the amount you pay out-of-pocket before your health insurance company covers you in full.

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Coinsurance is a form of cost-sharing that managed healthcare plans use to split the fees of services and prescription drugs with their customers.

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Medicare Eligibility

Catastrophe insurance refers to an insurance endorsement or ride or a standalone policy that covers your home against certain natural disasters not covered with a home insurance policy, such as earthquake and flood insurance.

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Medicare Vs Medicaid Services

Medicaid is a government-funded healthcare program primarily for low-income individuals and families. People eligible for Medicare may be eligible for Medicaid too.

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Medicare and Hearing Benefits

Original Medicare does not cover hearing but Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) often do.

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Medicare and Dental Benefits

Original Medicare does not usually cover dental but Medicare Part C plans, also called Medicare Advantage, often do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Medicare even if I work past the age of 65?

You can still enroll during your Initial Enrollment Period in Parts A, B and D if you want to avoid late penalties for the remainder of the time you have Medicare.

Can I switch from original Medicare to Medicare Advantage (Part C)?

Your Medicare coverage choices will stay in place year after year unless you change your plan during the open enrollment period which usually starts mid-October and lasts until early November.

Does Medicare cover dental and visions?

Original Medicare does not cover routine dental or vision care but some Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans do.

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