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coverage denial from healthcare insurance company
Health Insurance

10 Steps To Take If Your Health Insurance Company Denies Coverage

If you received a notice of denial from your health insurance company regarding coverage for a necessary medical treatment, remember that denials are not final.

strike commercial insurance
Commercial Insurance

Does My Business Need Strike Coverage?

Strike insurance — a specialized form of business interruption insurance — offers a financial safety net for businesses by covering operational costs during a shutdown due to labor disputes. Learn about the cost of coverage as well as how to get the protection your business needs.

insurance coverage after leaving job

Navigating a Job Change and Its Effects on Insurance Coverage

Many people change jobs in the fall season, just before the new year. In some cases, the switch may mean a different commute time or it may mean a change in address

family healthcare insurance premiums
Health Insurance

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost?

In 2022, the average monthly cost of an employer-based plan was $659.25 for individual coverage or $1,871.92 for family coverage. Health insurance costs vary by location, the age of the insured, their income, tobacco use and other variables.

barbershop business insurance
Commercial Insurance

How To Get Business Insurance for a Barbershop

Securing the right barbershop insurance is crucial to protect you and your business assets against potential financial risks. The ideal policy will include barbershop liability insurance, as well as coverage for your tools, equipment and more.

disability insurance policy coverage

What Is Disability Insurance? Long-Term and Short-Term Coverage Explained

Disability insurance, also known as disability income insurance, can pay you a portion of your typical income if you become disabled and are unable to work. Coverage typically costs between 1% and 4% of your annual salary and may provide benefits on a short-term or long-term basis.

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Auto Insurance

Car Insurance Company Reviews

Drivers in the US have a lot of options when it comes to car insurance. With hundreds of companies and coverage options it can be a bit overwhelming. We wanted to make things easier so we researched and reviewed some of the top companies around.

Auto Insurance

Car Insurance by Make and Model

How much is car insurance for your vehicle? Your make and model are one of the biggest factors in determining the price you pay. Check out the average rates for the biggest car brands.

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