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Commercial Insurance

How to Select a D&O Policy for Your Business

When directors, executives or officers lose lawsuits brought against them, they can be personally liable. They may have to pay for these expenses and legal fees out of their own pockets if they don’t have the right insurance coverage to protect themselves.

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Fraud

Fraud is wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. Auto insurance fraud is when the driver or insurance agent deceives the insurance company by submitting false information to get money or pay less for their premium.

Health Insurance

Texas Health Insurance: 2021 Coverage Guide

Everything you need to know about Health Insurance and Medicare in Texas. Find the coverage you need for less.

Auto Insurance

Everything You Need to Know About Car Tires

Taking good care of car tires is essential to road safety. Good maintenance is essential to tire health and safety. If you don’t take some precautions, you may suffer a blowout on the road or have an accident.

Home Insurance

Using Technology To Save And Make Your Home Safer

Fifty seven percent of Americans say smart home products save them an average of 30 minutes a day and almost $100 a month. Is it time to consider some smart products? We have some ideas for you.

Auto Insurance

How To Find The Most Affordable Car Insurance In Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, the average car insurance premium is $1,040, which is 27 percent less than the national average. That’s a pretty good deal but the people of Wisconsin can do even better.

How Much is Car Insurance in Your State?


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