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New Car Technology: What's on the Road and What Lies Ahead

All the hype about self-driving cars has died down finally. New car technology now tends to focus on safety, security and convenience. That’s not to say that self-driving cars will never exist -- and surely, they will -- but we’re certain that day will come a decade, perhaps two, from now.

Auto Insurance

What Happens if You're Busted Driving Without Insurance?

Your first offense may get you off with just a really expensive ticket but repeat offenders will mostly live out an expensive nightmare. Read on for details about why driving without insurance is bad news.

Auto Insurance

How to Read a Declaration Page

Your declaration page is where coverages you bought are listed along with the limits placed on those coverages. Make sure that the limits are appropriate so that you will not be forced to pay for coverage out of pocket if you find yourself in an accident.

Auto Insurance

Can My Car Get Hacked? How to Prevent Car Hacking

The fact of the matter is that any car that is computerized can be hacked into with a computer or smartphone by a third party. This means that vehicles with all the new safety features are prone to hacking.

Auto Insurance

How to File a Car Insurance Claim

It’s important to speak with the police and your insurance agent right after an accident, whether it’s your fault or not. But even before speaking with your agent, you should be aware of a few things.

Auto Insurance

Legal Marijuana States - Will Car Insurance Rates Go Sky High?

The most difficult part of testing is determining whether the accident was caused by alcohol use or marijuana use when the two are used simultaneously. And often, they are used together so it’s impossible to isolate one from the other when analyzing accidents.

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Do You Live in a No Fault State or a Tort Law Insurance State?

Traditional insurance states and no-fault states are different in how they handle accidents. In a traditional (or tort law) state, there is fault assigned in an accident whereas in no-fault states your own car insurance pays for damages and injuries even when the accident was someone else’s fault. Below, we break down for you which 12 states are no fault states and what it means if you live in one.

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Auto Insurance 101: The Basics

Auto Insurance

Does Auto Insurance Extend Coverage in Rental Cars?

Should you buy the rental car company's insurance? Find out.

Auto Insurance

Rideshare Coverage: Auto insurance for a Ridesharing Driver

Only about 50% of rideshare drivers have insurance. Is it required?

Auto Insurance

What Is SR22 and Who Needs It?

Learn more about SR22 and what drivers require it.

Auto Insurance

Liability vs. Full Coverage: Comparing Car Insurance Coverages

Learn the difference between liability and full coverage auto insurance.

Auto Insurance

Uninsured Motorist Insurance: Coverage Protection from Uninsured Drivers

How uninsured motorist coverage works if you're involved in an accident.

Auto Insurance

Personal Injury Protection: Benefits of Having PIP Coverage

Understanding PIP and the 15 states that require it.

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Deductible: Choosing the Amount to Purchase

What is a deductible and how to choose the right amount.

Auto Insurance

What Is Collision Coverage for Auto Insurance?

Learn more Collision insurance and the deductibles that are available

Auto Insurance

What Is Comprehensive Coverage for Auto Insurance?

What Comprehensive insurance covers and how it differs from collision.

Auto Insurance

Liability Insurance: Understanding the Coverage and Limitation

What is liability insurance for auto insurance? Is it required and what are the limits?

Auto Insurance

Gap Insurance Coverage: Is it worth It?

Everything you need to know about gap insurance. Learn what what it is and whether or not it's required.

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Requirements: Why it Is Important

All drivers are legally required to have auto insurance. Learn more about the coverages that are available and the consequences of being uninsured.

Auto Insurance

What Auto Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Learn more about what basic car insurance covers and doesn't cover. You might be surprised.

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Explained: Understanding Your Coverages

Find out what auto insurance covers and explore the different types of coverage including comprehensive, liability, and gap.

Auto Insurance

How Does Auto Insurance Work?

Auto Insurance is required by law in all 50 states. Learn more about how it works and if minimum coverage is right for you.

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