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Driving in the Magnolia State

Mississippi is so rich in Southern history, making it a unique and special place. It’s also long been a hotbed of Southern culture, giving us the national treasure known as the Delta blues. Plus there’s nowhere better to get fried catfish; no matter where you go outside the state, the batter just isn’t quite right. And let’s not forget those blue crabs!

As for the topic at hand—auto insurance—Mississippi falls right in the middle as far as average premiums go. In fact, it often ranks exactly at 25th on lists of average rates by state. So, while residents aren’t shelling out as much as plenty of other people in the country (including their neighbors in Louisiana, Alabama, and Arkansas), there’s definitely incentive to look for savings. But hey, isn’t there always?

We cover a number of ways to score lower car insurance premiums on this page, but the most important thing is diligently comparison shopping for the lowest quotes on coverage that’s right for you. Our carrier-neutral information and analysis makes it incredibly fast and easy—and free!—to do just that.

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Mississippi Auto Insurance Rates

Since you’re here, you’re obviously a smart shopper doing some research to track down the best possible coverage rate. And you’ve come to the right place! If you’re wondering which car insurance companies are the top-rated in Mississippi, here they are (see the full list).

  1. Farm Bureau Insurance – Tennessee
  2. Alfa Insurance
  3. KY Farm Bureau

J.D. Power ranked them, and one of its study’s key metrics was average premium price. It looked at other things, too, like customer satisfaction scores and policy flexibility. So there’s a good chance you’d get a low quote from one of these carriers.

But quotes are tailored based on lots of factors, so the best option for one person isn’t necessarily best for another. Like we said, though, you’re in the right place. We let you quickly and easily compare personalized quotes from many leading carriers in Mississippi. And the service is free! It’s never been so simple to find the best price on the best coverage for you.

Try it out by selecting your location from the list below. If your home isn’t showing up, click here instead.

Legalities 101

Car insurance is mandatory because it ensures that drivers can be held financially responsible for damage or injuries they cause while operating their vehicle. So, your coverage protects your financial well-being in the event of an accident, but it also protects all the other people you share the roads with. Likewise, their coverage helps protect you.

Mississippi Driving Safety

Sadly, Mississippi has the second-highest traffic accident fatality rate per capita in the country (after only Wyoming). The vast majority of crash-related deaths—83% in 2015—occur on rural roads. Poor road conditions, high speeds, low visibility, and extended travel distances for emergency response vehicles are some of the main contributing reasons.

Mississippi Driving Safety Stats

Stat icon
Number of traffic crash fatalities in 2015
Stat icon
Combined motorcyclist, bicyclist, and pedestrian fatalities in 2015
Stat icon
Number of DUI-related deaths in 2015

Driving Green

Unfortunately, Mississippi is well behind the curve on offering incentives to consumers who make eco-friendly choices about their vehicles and driving lifestyle. Environmentally conscious motorists have to look elsewhere besides the State for green driving incentives. Your carrier and the IRS may be able to help in this regard.

  • Car Insurance Discounts for Sustainable Driving

    If you drive a hybrid, alternative fuel, or economy vehicle, your auto insurance provider may offer you discounted rates on your coverage. It may also reward you for maintaining low mileage over the year as part of your green lifestyle—though more because it lowers your risk of an accident and filing a claim. Still, it’s win-win-win for you, your carrier, and the environment.

  • Federal Tax Credits for Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

    Lots of states provide rebates or tax credits for buying or leasing an eco-friendly vehicle, but Mississippi doesn’t yet. But if you’ve purchased an all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle recently, you might qualify for a Federal tax break through the IRS. These go up to $7,500 as of this writing, with the amount being determined by your car’s battery capacity. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Fuel Economy website has more information and a calculator you can use to figure out your tax credit.

  • Incentives for Green Businesses

    While Mississippi doesn’t yet extend incentives to individuals, it does have some for businesses that adopt more sustainable practices. For example, they can get a low-interest loan to buy alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) and related infrastructure, as well as grants and loans for a variety of other green investments; learn more at the Mississippi Works Incentives page.

Car Insurance Laws

Being a Minimalist

In Mississippi, you must carry a minimum of $25,000 bodily injury coverage per person, $50,000 bodily injury coverage per accident, and $25,000 property damage liability per accident. However, the State cautions residents that with the skyrocketing costs of medical care and rising expenses for auto repairs, the mandated minimum may not be enough to cover all costs in all accidents.

Mississippi follows a traditional tort or fault system. Fault is determined in accidents and people are free to pursue compensation by filing a claim through their own car insurance provider, the at-fault party’s carrier, or through personal injury litigation.

Stat icon
$ 25,000
Bodily injury coverage per person

Maximum payment for serious or permanent injury or death to a single person

Stat icon
$ 50,000
Bodily injury coverage per accident

Coverage for multiple people injured in a single accident

Stat icon
$ 25,000
Property damage per accident

Maximum payment for all damaged property in an accident caused by you

Maximizing Your Return on Investment

It’s important to realize that Mississippi’s minimum car insurance coverage requirements may not be adequate to pay for all damage and/or medical care resulting from a high-speed or otherwise serious accident. Also, these basic coverages don’t pay for damage from a variety of other causes, or for certain other types of common road troubles. Optional coverages are useful for greater peace of mind and financial protection for a better return on your investment in auto coverage.

Optional coverage in Mississippi

  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Uninsured Motorist
  • Medical Payments
  • Gap Coverage
  • New Car Replacement
  • Accident Forgiveness
  • Towing and Labor
  • Custom Equipment
  • Loss of Use
  • Travel Expenses
  • Rental Car

If you have financing on your vehicle, the lending institution probably requires you to carry certain optional coverages—often comprehensive and collision. Make sure you know all the terms of your financing and consider these additional expenses when determining loan costs, shopping for insurance, and planning out your monthly budget.

Take a look at our post 12 Things You can Do to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium for some practical ideas on scoring some savings to offset the extra cost of optional coverages.

Mississippi car insurance companies

Farm Bureau Insurance – Tennessee
Alfa Insurance
KY Farm Bureau
Auto-Owners Insurance
NC Farm Bureau
State Farm
National General
Liberty Mutual

*This list of auto insurance carriers is based on the ratings for the Southeast region in the J.D. Power 2016 U.S. Auto Insurance Study. Ratings are derived from five key service areas: claims, price, interaction, policy offerings, and billing. USAA is a military-only option and is therefore not including in the above rankings.

Car Safety for Mississippi Kids

Mississippi Car Seat Regulations

According to the Mississippi Department of Health, 90% of children in the state were improperly restrained in 2015. This puts them at much higher risk of serious injury and death in the event of an accident. Take a minute to review the rules about safe child restraint in vehicles, and make sure you read over your car or booster seat manufacturer’s instructions for proper use, warnings, and size limits.

Infants and toddlers should ride in a rear-facing only or rear-facing convertible car seat until age 2, or until reaching the seat’s weight or height limit. Toddlers and preschoolers who have outgrown the rear-facing seat should change over to a forward-facing car seat with harness until they reach its size limit. After that, a booster seat is appropriate until they grow to 4 feet 9 inches tall.

At this height, it’s safe to use the vehicle’s factory-installed seat belt. All children must be secured with a seat belt. Kids should sit in the back seat until at least the age of 13, as they’re safer there in the event of an accident or airbag deployment.

Leaving Children Unattended in a Vehicle

Some states have specific laws about leaving children unattended in a vehicle, but Mississippi isn’t one of them. However, please understand how dangerous it can be. In addition to the possibility of being targeted by a passing stranger or self-inflicting an injury while playing around in the car, truck, or SUV, hot vehicles are a big concern.

In Mississippi’s hot Southern climate, it doesn’t take long for the interior of an auto to go well past the outside temperature; it can shoot up around 30 degrees in as many minutes. And if the vehicle is parked in direct sunlight, it doesn’t even have to be hot out. Kids (and pets) can suffer heat stroke, brain damage, and death much faster than many people realize, even if the windows are left slightly open.

Car Insurance FAQ

Is my credit score a factor when obtaining car insurance in Mississippi?

It is, yes. In almost every state, auto insurance providers use customers’ credit scores to come up with their so-called insurance score, a number used in determining price quotes. Lower credit scores result in higher premiums and higher credit scores qualify for lower premiums.

Does Mississippi offer a good-driver discount?

Carriers in Mississippi typically provide good-driver discounts to motorists who haven’t been in an accident and/or who haven’t been ticketed for a moving violations within a certain number of years. Good, safe drivers are less likely to file claims, so this helps attract desirable customers and incentivize careful behavior on the road. If you’re looking for discounts (and who isn’t?), here are some others your car insurance company may offer:

  • Full Pay
  • Multiple Car
  • Multiple Policy
  • Good Student
  • Resident Student
  • Accident Free
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Anti-Lock Brake
  • Anti-Theft Device
  • Home Ownership
  • New Car
  • Passive Restraint
  • Utility Discount

Does Mississippi allow the use of digital insurance cards?

Yes! As of July 2013, Mississippi is one of the majority of states that permit this convenient electronic option. Ask your carrier for official digital proof of coverage and show it on your phone or other mobile device if necessary. It might still be a good idea to keep a printed card in your vehicle, though, just on the off chance your device isn’t charged or something isn’t loading properly when you need it.

What happens if my coverage lapses?

Driving without auto insurance is a misdemeanor in Mississippi. If your coverage lapses, you may face fines of up to $500. Also, your driver’s license will be suspended at least until you can show proof of coverage—and possibly longer.

What are Mississippi's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) percentage limits under the state's driving under the influence (DUI) laws?

It’s against the law to drive in Mississippi at the following BAC percentages:

.08%+ at 21 years old or older
.04%+ for commercial vehicle drivers
.02%+ at under 21 years old

Get more information about the state’s DUI laws and offender penalties from the Mississippi Office of Highway Safety website (PDF).

What are the chemical test refusal penalties in Mississippi?

The Mississippi Implied Consent Law, enacted in July 2015, says that all motorists in the state have consented to a breath, blood, or urine test by acquiring a driver’s license. There is no right to refuse if a law enforcement officer has reasonable suspicion that you’re driving under the influence of an intoxicating substance. Refusing the test results in a 90-day suspension of your driving privileges (or a 1-year suspension if you’ve previously refused a test and/or been convicted of a DUI-related offense).

What are the consequences of being convicted of a DUI?

Like everywhere else in the country, Mississippi has tiered DUI consequences depending on the circumstances—particularly how many prior offenses a person has. Other aggravating factors that can increase penalties might include being under 21, causing an accident while impaired, causing another person’s death in a DUI-related crash, having an especially high BAC percentage, and others.

A first-time DUI offender can expect some or all of the following: A fine between $250 and $1,000, up to 48 hours in jail, compulsory attendance of an alcohol safety program at their own expense, and at least a 90-day suspension of driving privileges.

Does Mississippi offer driver improvement courses to reduce my insurance premium?

Yes, most carriers in Mississippi will give you a discount on your coverage if you voluntarily complete a defensive driving course not associated with a ticket or the accumulation of too many points on your license. You can go through the State-owned Mississippi Safety Services Driving School or find another court-approved course.

Is there any way I can reduce the cost of my Mississippi car insurance?

Of course! We’ve already gone over a lot of potential discounts on this page. In addition to them, two good premium-lowering tactics are taking the highest deductible you can and paying upfront instead of monthly. But nothing works better than remembering to comparison shop for the lowest car insurance quotes when it’s time to pick out a new policy.

What is uninsured motorist coverage and is it required in Mississippi?

Mississippi has one of the highest uninsured motorist rates in the country. If you’re in an accident caused by one of them, you may not be able to get the resulting expenses covered by the responsible party. Unless, that is, you have uninsured motorist coverage, which protects you in just such a scenario. This type of coverage is optional in the state, but it’s a good investment, especially in light of the startling rate of uninsured drivers.

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