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SafeAuto is an independent carrier that provides car insurance coverage to 17 states.

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About SafeAuto

SafeAuto is an independently owned property and casualty car insurance carrier based in Columbus, Ohio. Since 1993, SafeAuto has been specializing in providing affordable, state-minimum auto insurance and full comprehensive and collision policies. SafeAuto provides a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR) in the form of an SR22, SR22A or FR44 for customers who need to provide a CFR to a court or state government agency. The company also offers motorcycle, renters, homeowners, business, health, supplemental, dental, accident, life, mechanical repair insurance and more (see full list below). SafeAuto is a leader in direct-to-consumer, minimum-limit coverage across 17 states: Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. The company has service call centers that are open at all hours, every day, including holidays. Customers can also access their insurance information easily using the SafeAuto Insurance Mobile App.

SafeAuto employs more than 700 associates. The company’s annual revenue was more $300 million in 2013.

SafeAuto Facts & Ratings

Year Founded1993
Market Share1.8%
BBB RatingA+
NAIC Complaint Index1.74

SafeAuto Mobile App Rating

iOS     4.826.6K user reviews
Android     1.845 user reviews

The SafeAuto app is available for iOS and Android. This insurance concierge allows you to see your insurance information and pay premiums.

Pros & Cons of SafeAuto

  • Affordable state-minimum car insurance.
  • R22, SR22A or FR44 as Certificate of Financial Responsibility available.
  • On average, premiums through SafeAuto cost more than some competitors.

Common Questions about SafeAuto

How much is liability only coverage for SafeAuto?

Rates vary according to several factors and from state to state. On average, SafeAuto is about $936 for a 6 month period.

Who underwrites SafeAuto insurance?

SafeAuto is a privately held carrier and does its own underwriting.

Does SafeAuto have car insurance for high-risk drivers?

Yes, SafeAuto specializes in writing high-risk insurance policies.

What does a SafeAuto motorcycle insurance cover?

SafeAuto motorcycle coverage options are: bodily injury, collision, comprehensive, guest passenger, medical expense, rental reimbursement, replacement cost, roadside assistance, underinsured/uninsured motorist bodily injury, underinsured/uninsured motorist property damage, optional/special equipment, personal injury protection, physical damage plus and property damage.

Does SafeAuto have health insurance?

Yes, Safe Auto offers health insurance. You can request a health insurance quote on their website or compare multiple quotes here on SmartFinancial.

Is SafeAuto Insurance Expensive?

On average, an auto insurance policy with SafeAuto runs about $156 per month. Rates can vary from driver to driver though.

What companies are affiliated with SafeAuto?

SafeAuto has paired with the following companies: Dairyland for affordable motorcycle insurance; Millennial Specialty Insurance/Spinnaker Insurance, Century-National and Cypress Property and Casualty Insurance for renters insurance; Hippo for homeowners; CoverWallet, Liberty Mutual, CNA, Starr, Guard, Hamilton, Markel, Employers, Travelers, Progressive, Hiscox, Atlas and others for commercial business insurance; Augeo Benefits for health insurance, limited medical insurance, dental, accident, critical illness, supplemental insurance and life insurance; and disability insurance with Allstate.

How much is the full coverage with SafeAuto?

Every person’s rate is different for full coverage with SafeAuto. According to our in house reporting, SafeAuto is about $156 per month for an average auto insurance policy.

How can SafeAuto lower my car insurance payments?

SafeAuto offers affordable insurance for high-risk drivers. If you happen to fall into this category, SafeAuto may be a good option to look into.

How much does SafeAuto charge for teen drivers?

Each teen is rated according to a series of factors that include car model/make and year, address, age, etc. Every driver can vary though and the best way to find out is to get a personalized quote.

Can I cancel my SafeAuto Insurance anytime?

SafeAuto offers 24/7 customer service. To speak with someone directly you can call 1 (614) 456-2940

How many SafeAuto agents are there?

SafeAuto employs more than 70 associates.

SafeAuto Insurance Products

Car InsuranceMotorcycle Insurance
SR-22Renters Insurance
Homeowners InsuranceBusiness Insurance
Health InsuranceSupplemental Insurance
Dental InsuranceAccident Insurance
Life InsuranceMechanical Repair
Disability InsuranceLimited Medical Insurance
Critical Illness InsuranceShort Term Insurance

SafeAuto Auto Insurance Coverage

Bodily Injury Liability

This protection covers bodily injuries to the other driver in an accident that was your fault.

Property Damage Liability

This protection covers property damage and loss of use for the third party.

Comprehensive Coverage

This insurance covers damages and loss other than that caused by a collision. It is subject to a deductible.

Collision Coverage

This insurance covers damages and loss caused by impact with another automobile, object or person. It is subject to a deductible.

High Risk Coverage

Insurance for people struggling to purchase standard car insurance due to a less-than-perfect driving or coverage record.

SR-22 Insurance

An SR-22 certificate issued by SafeAuto shows proof that you are carrying the minimum liability coverage required by your state. If you had certain traffic offenses, a DUI or had an accident and weren’t carrying minimum car insurance, you will likely be required to hold an SR-22.


Multi-vehicle DiscountNew Business Transfer
Homeowner DiscountGood Student Discount
Driver Improvement Course Discounts

Safe Auto Auto Insurance Rates by State

Below is a list of the average rates that drivers typically pay with Safe Auto. On average, Safe Auto charges approximately $272.93 per month. The cheapest state average is Tennessee at $156.47 per month followed by Virginia at $175.51 per month. The most expensive state average is Louisiana at $405.93 per month.

State Avg monthly rate
AZ $227.63
IL $209.13
IN $201.22
KS $237.24
KY $243.05
LA $405.93
MO $253.86
State Avg monthly rate
MS $258.57
OK $247.92
PA $287.47
SC $261.47
TN $156.47
TX $317.67
VA $175.51

Safe Auto Auto Insurance Rates by Vehicle

Drivers typically will get a discount if they insure multiple vehicles. Here is a list of average rates that Safe Auto charges for drivers who have more than 1 vehicle.

Number of Vehicles Avg Monthly Rate
1 Vehicle $242.17
2 Vehicles $366.99
3 Vehicles $596.48
4 Vehicles $874.53

Safe Auto Auto Insurance Rates by Homeownership

Customers who own their home rather than rent can sometimes get a small discount. We found that on average Safe Auto charges $88.81 per month for drivers who own their home and $270.97 per month for those who rent.

Own/Rent Avg Monthly Rate
Own $270.97
Rent $274.03

SafeAuto Contact Info

Address4 Easton Oval, Columbus, Ohio 43219
Phone1 (614) 456-2940

The statistics listed on this page are from our own in house reporting. We track and record quotes that carriers have provided based on various criteria. The rates and averages shown on this page should only be used as an estimate.

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