Which Insurance Companies Offer Online Quotes for Auto Coverage?

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The best way to find the best, cheapest auto insurance is to shop around. Nowadays, you can get auto insurance quotes with ease because most U.S. insurance companies have a company website that offers free insurance estimates on their own insurance products.

When you log on to a particular insurance carrier's site, the first page you'll see is called the "home page." You'll know if an individual insurer offers free quotes because that feature will be prominently displayed on the home page. Here are some auto insurance companies that offer free quotes:

  • Alfa
  • American Family
  • Allstate
  • The Hartford
  • Liberty Mutual
  • MetLife
  • Nationwide
  • Plymouth Rock
  • Prudential
  • State Farm
  • Travelers
  • USAA

Before an insurer will give you any free quotes, however, you'll have to fill out that insurer's online application. After all, an insurance carrier can't give you an accurate quote unless they know something about you and your particular situation.

Before an insurer will give you any free quotes, however, you'll have to fill out that insurer's online application.

If you want to compare all of them for free, however, you can simply enter your zip code on this page before answering a few questions to determine your auto insurance rate.

Want Full Access to the Auto Insurance Market?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, there are 5,965 insurance companies in the United States, which makes "shopping around" seem like an even more daunting task than it already is. Of course, filling out an application and getting a free online quote from just one single solitary insurer is a great first step on your journey to find the best, cheapest auto coverage—after all, that free quote will give you a ballpark estimate of what your yearly auto insurance bill could be. But can you imagine logging on to five, maybe six online sites of individual insurance companies and filling out each application just to get a free quote? There must be an easier way to comparison shop!

SmartFinancial is the answer. Sure, you'll have to fill out an online form before you get a quote, but you won't be getting a quote based on only one insurer's offerings. Indeed, SmartFinancial will sort through hundreds of policies in your area to find you the right carrier with the right policy at the right price. SmartFinancial's auto insurance comparison service is free of charge and completely customized to meet your budget and insurance needs.

What's more, you can speak one-on-one with a licensed SmartFinancial agent who can give you real-time auto insurance quotes and answer all your questions about different policies from different insurance companies, what's covered and what's not covered, and any discounts for which you may be eligible. Just call 855-214-2291 to speak right now with an agent or enter your zip code on this page.

Access Free Quotes from Auto Insurers

The Internet has changed the way business is conducted, and it's no surprise that car insurance companies have given themselves permission to change with the times. Indeed, every auto insurance company now has a business website that any internet-connected computer can access. Most car insurance carriers' websites offer the following information in just a few clicks:

  • Types of auto insurance products

  • Details of what's covered and not covered in a particular auto insurance product or program

  • Auto insurance discounts, including multi-policy discounts

  • Articles on different insurance topics, such as accident forgiveness or, say, collision protection

  • Auto insurance quotes

All this helpful data is offered as a free service—no payment necessary. But before you can access online quotes on auto insurance coverages from one particular carrier, you'll first have to fill out that carrier's online application.

The questions are designed to give the auto insurance company an accurate picture of your insurance needs and overall driver liability.

The application's questions are designed to give the auto insurance company an accurate picture of your insurance needs and overall driver liability. Without access to the facts of your personal situation, the auto insurance carrier will be unable to assess your auto insurance needs or give you an accurate quote.

Get Free Car Insurance Quotes Today!

Want To Access Online Quotes? Fill Out a Form

Drivers looking to access online auto insurance quotes must first provide a plethora of details about their personal life. In most cases, a carrier's website will walk you through a series of screens that cover different areas, and all you have to do is type in your answers in the boxes provided. If you have keyed in your answer incorrectly, the box will be highlighted. For example, a student may type in their birth date as, say, 11/3/02 when it should be typed in as 11/03/2002.

After you answer all the questions, you'll have access to quotes, which can reflect your state's mandated liability coverage or directly reference specific coverage options. Whether you live in California or Maine, here are the areas that most car insurance companies' online applications reference:

Personal Info

Before you get an insurance policy quote, you have to give your full name, date of birth, gender, marital status, your occupation, your license number and other pertinent facts. Some websites will ask for your Social Security number. If you feel uncomfortable about typing in your Social Security number or any other personal info for the purposes of getting an online quote in reference to auto insurance coverage, you could always speak directly with a licensed insurance agent, either on a phone call or at a face-t0-face consultation. The more cautious you are, the more peace of mind you'll have.

Home Info

No matter the auto policy you're considering, you'll need to give some specifics about your living situation: your zip code and address, whether you own a house or rent an apartment and what other drivers live at your residence, among other queries. Frankly, it's amazing how much an auto insurance carrier can tell just from a zip code. All these factors are a part of your overall risk profile, and your overall risk profile is a determining factor in how much your auto insurance will cost.

Vehicle Info

Of course, the price of 12 months of auto coverage protection will be impacted by the kind of vehicle you drive. Before you receive an estimation of the money you'll have to fork over for six or 12 months of liability or add-on protection, an auto insurer re some of the questions an auto insurer will want answered:

  • Make, model and year of your vehicle

  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)

  • When you purchased the car

  • Whether the car is leased, subject to a loan payment or outright owned

  • Where the car is usually parked

  • The vehicle's primary use

  • How many miles you expect to drive in the next year

  • Vehicle safety features

Remember, you must answer these questions openly and honestly, otherwise your car insurance quote will be misleading. For one thing, you may be eligible for a coverage discount or discounts, depending on your answers, and those driver discounts can really add up to a hefty amount of money saved.

Driving History

While not all states allow auto insurance carriers to access the credit rating of a driver, every insurer will access that driver's credit rating if a state allows it. Since no state disallows an auto insurance provider from having access to your driving history, every provider will access that history. Here are some of the questions you may be asked to answer:

  • Have you had an accident in the past year?

  • What was the damage, and did you file a claim?

  • How many claims have you filed in the past five years?

  • Have you ever had your license suspended?

  • Have you ever been convicted of a DUI?

  • Have you ever let your auto insurance lapse?

Make sure to shop around for the best, cheapest auto coverage.

Of course, your driving record plays a big role in how much your auto insurance policy will ultimately cost. If you have a clean driving history with not a single accident or damage claim, you have a good shot of getting very cheap car insurance. However, every insurer, every customer, every car policy and every state is different, so make sure to shop around for the best, cheapest auto coverage.

What Personal Records Can an Insurer Access?

After you have filled out the online application and gotten some quotes, the insurer's online site will most likely give you the option of speaking with an actual agent to discuss your policy.

Very few auto insurance customers ever buy an insurance product without talking to a licensed agent to ask questions and iron out the details. For example, will a particular insurer give you a discount if you bundle your auto and life insurance?

But it is important to keep in mind that you won't be able to purchase any insurance products just because you filled out an online form or application. For one thing, the insurer will augment the information on your online application with its own research.

Indeed, every insurance carrier has access to consumer reports. Consumer reports include your credit history, your credit-based insurance score, your insurance loss history report and other facts about your financial background, such as the number of revolving accounts you have. These reports help the carrier to assess your eligibility for insurance, predict the likelihood of future claims and determine the price of your premium.

The New Customer Service Offers Full Access

If the digital revolution has brought free auto insurance quotes at the click of a button, it has also radically changed the auto insurance industry's concept of customer service. In short, almost every insurance carrier now offers a company-specific mobile app. Typically available for both iOS and android, these quick, convenient and user-friendly apps act as an interactive virtual personal assistants. Here are some common mobile-app features:

  • Access to agents

  • Access to your digital auto insurance ID cards and policy documents

  • Access to billing records

  • Ability to file and manage a claim

  • Ability to upload photos of an accident's damage

  • Ability to update your personal data

  • Trip tracking

  • Access to roadside assistance

But this list doesn't contain every function offered by auto insurance mobile apps. For example, some apps sport a vehicle locator, and others will suggest an escape route in the event of a natural disaster! Of course, your insurance carrier will send updates and timely information to your mobile app, so you're never out of the loop.

Permission To Access Http?

The digital world can be confusing. For example, even if you know that "http" stands for "hypertext transfer protocol," you may still not know that "hypertext transfer protocol" is how your computer gets access to a server, website or particular webpage. (If your permission to access a page or online site is denied—"Access denied"!—it probably means you are using an outdated browser or your cookies are not activated.) Rest assured, SmartFinancial uses the latest technology to protect its customers' personal information; in fact, SmartFinancial's digital security system has never been breached.

It's all right there in SmartFinancial's online address: https://smartfinancial.com. You'll notice the "http" has been replaced by "https"—the "s" in "https" stands for "secure." You know what that means? When you fill out SmartFinancial's preliminary online application, all your personal data is automatically encrypted and safe.

SmartFinancial takes the confusion out of online shopping for auto insurance. SmartFinancial will sift through hundreds of policies on your behalf, offering you real-time quotes from the insurance carriers in your area. For free! To access free quotes from SmartFinancial, just enter your zip code or call 855-214-2291 to speak right now with a licensed broker.

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