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NJ Manufacturers (NJM) Insurance is a property and casualty insurer that provides auto coverage. The company is renowned for its competitive rates, outstanding customer service, and dependability. NJM only provides car insurance to select Mid-Atlantic and Mid-Western states.NJM currently employs 2,500 workers. They are a direct writer of personal and business insurance. They also partner with a network of independent agents that work with businesses with eight or more employees. According to NJM's website, the company currently has over 450,000 car insurance policyholders. Almost 93 percent renew their annual policies. The company also provides award-winning Teen Drivers Safety Programs at no cost to Connecticut, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania high schools.

NJM Auto Insurance Ratings and Reviews

NJM has received high reviews from several financial publications based on pricing, discounts, ease of filing claims, and website transparency. NerdWallet also uses complaint data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Some have awarded the company five out of five stars for its cheap coverage, especially after an accident and its stellar customer service.

Who can sign up for NJ Manufacturers Insurance Group?

NJM Insurance once limited its policies to select qualifying individuals. The company has lifted those restrictions. The company offers home, car, renters, and umbrella policies to most applicants. Although NJM provides excellent customer service and affordable rates, their automobile insurance is only available to residents in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Ohio. These residents are also eligible for NJM's liability coverage, personal property, and home insurance.

NJM Car Insurance Coverage

The company offers state-required coverages for New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. These include:

  • Liability Coverage – This insurance pays for damages that individuals cause as the result of an automobile accident. NJM also pays for an attorney to defend at-fault, insured drivers if someone sues them.

  • Collision Coverage – It covers vehicle damage that results from an impact on another automobile or object. Individuals must meet their deductible before the insurance company pays.

  • Other than Collision (Comprehensive) – It reimburses policyholders for auto damages that don't result from a collision with another automobile or object. Covered situations include vandalism, theft, animal collisions, fire, flooding, or broken windshields.

  • Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Coverage – This insurance protects drivers when uninsured or underinsured motorists bumps into them. The insurer will also cover damages caused by these drivers in states that allow it. NJM protects individual drivers' Right to sue may affect whether they can collect for some damages.

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) – This no-fault insurance covers expenses like medical bills, funeral expenses, and lost wages after a car accident. The requirements for this coverage vary from state to state.

  • Medical Expenses – This coverage reimburses policyholders for medical expenses that an insured driver or passenger receives due to an automobile accident.

There are a few extras that NJM Insurance also provides to customers for free in their policies:

  • New Car Replacement – NJM provides new-car replacement coverage to replace an automobile, minus the deductible, if it's totaled or stolen. Policyholders must be the original owner of automobiles with fewer than 15,000 miles you file a claim.

  • Pet Coverage – NJM will pay up to $1,000 to treat your cat or dog if it's injured in a covered auto accident. This coverage is available with both comprehensive and collision insurance.

In some areas, NJM offers Transportation Expense Reimbursement as part of their basic coverage. The insurer sells it as an endorsement in other places.

NJM Classic and Collector Car Insurance

Are you a Mid-Atlantic resident that owns an antique automobile? NJM offers classic and collector car insurance policies for these classy rides. Car categories they cover include:

  • Antiques
  • Cobra Replicas
  • Collector Cars
  • Customs
  • Exotics
  • Fire Engines
  • Military Vehicles
  • Muscle Cars
  • Race Cars
  • Restorations in Process
  • Street Rods
  • Vintage Trucks

NJM Auto Insurance Endorsements

NJM Insurance allows drivers to customize their coverage with the following endorsements for drivers on their auto policies. Although drivers may have to pay extra money for this coverage, it may be worth it. To add these riders to your policy, call NJM's customer service number at 1-800-232-6600.

Gap Insurance – According to the insurer, this rider will cover the difference between the remaining balance on your loan or lease vehicle and insurance settlement after an automobile is totaled. They don't pay for extras such as missed payments, late fees, deductibles, or carry-over balances from prior loans. Individuals can't receive gap coverage more than 30 days after signing up for insurance coverage.

Transportation Expense – This rider provides three temporary transportation options, rental, ridesharing, and taxi reimbursement if your automobiles are involved in a covered loss. You can elect coverage up to $100 a day and $4,000 total.

Trailer/Camper Body Coverage (Maximum Limit of Liability) – The insurer automatically provides liability coverage for trailers and campers attached to automobiles. The company allows other than collision (comprehensive) and collision coverage. It also protects equipment such as dining, cooking, plumbing, refrigeration, and other areas.

TNC Rideshare Endorsement – NJM offers coverage for Transportation Network Company employees such as Uber, Uber Eats, Lyft, and Amazon Flex. These businesses sell ridesharing and delivery services that use smartphone apps. This insurance fills in insurance protection gaps offered under the TNC's commercial insurance for covered accidents.

The company also provides a Roadside Assistance program, which we'll discuss in the next section.

NJM Roadside Assistance

You can add this service to your policy to receive 24/7 roadside assistance for broken down vehicles. You can also receive a single tow for a disabled automobile for a covered emergency. NJM also provides the following services under this plan:

  • Emergency towing
  • Jump starts
  • Changes of flat tires
  • Lockout service
  • Delivery of gasoline or other fluids (up to two gallons)

The insurer provides two available coverages at $75 or $125 per covered emergency. No deductible applies to this coverage. No deductibles apply for this coverage. Individuals in Connecticut, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Commercial Auto customers can sign up for this optional service.

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NJM Car Insurance Discounts for Drivers

The company provides several discounts to drivers that can help them reduce their premium coverage. NJM will usually include these savings in their initial quotes. It also offers discounts for participation in their SafeDrive Program, which we'll discuss in the next section.

To qualify for savings, individuals will have to submit documentation to AutoDocuments@njm.com.

Here are the following discounts available at NJM.

  • Defensive Driving Discount (NJ only) – Drivers can complete an online course offered by the New Jersey Motor Vehicles Commission (MVC) for a discount on their liability, PIP, and collision premiums. It applies for up to three years. They have an approved provider list on the NJ MVC Driver Programs page. The discount doesn't apply to Driver Improvement Plan (DIP) or Probationary Driver Programs (PDP) courses.

  • Driver Training Discount (CT, NJ, and PA only) – Drivers must provide documentation by signing into their online accounts and uploading documentation.

    • In Connecticut, you must complete 30 hours of classroom instruction, plus six hours of behind-the-wheel education. Individuals should only complete courses approved by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles at either public/private secondary, tech education, and career schools.
    • In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, drivers 21 years and older must complete 30 hours of classroom instruction, six hours behind-the-wheel training; or three hours behind-the-wheel training and 12 hours in an approved driving simulator.
  • Electronic Payment Discount – If you enroll in their electronic payment program, you'll receive a discount. Full Coverage Discount – Drivers that carry both collision and other than collision (comprehensive) coverage will automatically receive a discount on their policies.

  • Good Student Discount – High school and college students who make the honor roll or Dean's list, or maintain a 3.0 GPA (B average), may qualify for this discount. Students must provide documentation.

  • Home and Auto Bundle Discount – Individuals that sign up for NJM Homeowner, Condo, and Renters Insurance can sign up for these savings.

  • Mature Driver Discount – Qualified older drivers may qualify for this discount as long as they take a course approved by NJM. Individuals must provide documentation to get the discount.

  • Multi-Vehicle Discount – NJM Insurance provides discounts to owners of two or more vehicles.

  • New Car Discount – The company offers savings for cars that are two years or newer.

  • Paid in Full Discount – Policyholders that pay this premium in full can receive this discount.

  • Paperless Discount (CT, OH, and PA) – The company will provide discounts to individuals who decide to go paperless.

  • Vehicle Safety Discounts – Individuals may receive this discount if they own automobiles with anti-theft, vehicle recovery devices, anti-lock brakes, or passive restraint devices.

Drivers can use multiple discounts that apply to them and will help save them money.

What Is NJM Safe Drive?

According to the insurer, NJM Safe Drive is a voluntary program that encourages drivers to adopt positive and safer driving behaviors. Participants will receive a discount.

A smartphone app tracks the driving behaviors of individuals and provides feedback on the following metrics:

  • Speed – It will track measured value compared to the posted limits.

  • Acceleration – The device will measure if drivers sharply increase their speed.

  • Braking – This technology will track how many hard braking occurrences that drivers have.

  • Cornering – The device will measure the angle and speeds of drivers' turns.

The Safe Drive app is compatible with iPhones and Android phones. Individuals can download the app from Google Play or the iPhone App Store. NJM Safe Drive doesn't support tablets, smartwatches, and Windows smartphone devices. The program provides several benefits to drivers who sign up for the program:

Participants will receive a discount on their auto insurance premiums. They will gain insight into their driving behaviors. It creates a learning opportunity for newer drivers You can compete with other participants on a Leaderboard.

How Does NJM Insurance Costs Compare to Other Insurance Companies

Unlike other insurance companies, NJM doesn't increase rates for drivers with one accident on their records. This can save policyholders money. The insurance company provided cheaper than average rates. Here's how NJM's insurance rates compare against competitors'.

State Farm:

  • Minimum Coverage: $300
  • Full Coverage: $1,150
  • Full Cover After One Accident: $1,800


  • Minimum Coverage: $510
  • Full Coverage: $1000
  • Full Coverage with One Accident: $1000


  • Minimum Coverage: $580
  • Full Coverage: $2,700
  • Full Coverage with One Accident: $5,200

Annual premiums and rates will vary depending on drivers' location, zip code, and personal characteristics. You can use SmartFinancial's app to compare NJM's rates with more than 200 plus insurance companies. You'll receive numerous quotes from insurers from local agents within your area. To get started, fill out the form on this page.

NJM Insurance Customer Service

NJM Auto Insurance has highly rated customer service across several indicators. Additionally, the company ranked number one in the nation for customer satisfaction with the auto claims experience by J.D. Power.

Their excellent customer service also helped NJM Auto become the first J.D. Power Claims Certification Program member in 2018. Insurance members must have an 80th percentile ranking on the J.D. Powers Claims Satisfaction Index. Additionally, insurers must complete a rigorous inspection process of 90 claims judged on customer satisfaction. J.D. Power ranked them 909/1000.

National Association of Insurance Commissioners researchers found NJM had fewer complaints about its claims settlements and service quality. A.M. Best found that the insurance has stable credit that enables NJM to remain solvent. The organization awarded the company an A+ Superior ranking. The Better Business Bureau found that NJM auto and home customers filed fewer complaints. They considered $2 billion in direct payments as of 2018. They awarded the company an A- ranking after it closed 33 customer complaints from July 2016 to July 2018.

Does NJM Offer Good Insurance: Some Pros and Cons

There are several drawbacks and advantages drivers should consider before signing up with NJM insurance. The company offers some of the cheapest coverage in the nation; however, it's only available to New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Ohio residents.

Unfortunately, tech-savvy people will experience issues with NJM since it doesn't have a smartphone app where users can view their policy information, pay bills, or report claims. Customers must complete these tasks online. The only apps they offer is their Safe Drive program. Another advantage that NJM has is its stellar customer service. The insurer continually ranks high in customer ratings and reviews. Additionally, NJM car insurance has a low complaint rate compared with other insurance companies. NJM also stands out among its competitors for rates after a driver has a single accident. They also offer cheaper rates for people who have accidents on their records compared to other insurers. Often, they don't increase their rates for customers that have a single accident. Their position differs from other companies who increase premiums on this category of drivers.

NJM Insurance Satellite Locations

The company has three satellite offices located in New Jersey, Hammonton, West Trenton, and Parsippany. You can contact them at their main headquarters:

  • West Trenton, New Jersey 301 Sullivan Way West Trenton, NJ 08628

  • Parsippany, New Jersey 1599 Littleton Rd. Parsippany, NJ 07054

  • Hammonton, New Jersey 840 12th St. Hammonton, NJ 08037

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