Dan Marticio

Dan Marticio

Insurance Expert

Dan Marticio is an insurance specialist for SmartFinancial. His past experience writing in small business and personal finance verticals has earned him bylines on prominent fintech brands, including LendingTree, ValuePenguin, Fundera, The Balance, and NerdWallet. His guides always aim to assist everyday consumers and entrepreneurs make informed decisions about their finances and business.


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Offering Unbiased, Fact-based Information

Insurance can be downright confusing. SmartFinancial’s fact-checked articles are intended to educate insurance shoppers so they can make the right buying decisions. We aim to help protect individuals, families and small businesses while sharing tips on how to save money.

SmartFinancial on Pricing

SmartFinancial allows shoppers to compare top-rated national insurance companies as well as a vast network of local and regional side-by-side. We never charge a fee to compare insurance options, and we work with dozens of insurance companies without bias towards any particular one. Our articles also offer unbiased information and pricing that will help you choose the company that fits your budget and needs.

Our Editorial Team

We pride ourselves in only hiring writers with extensive editorial experience, top-notch research skills and expertise in insurance. SmartFinancial uses trusted, unbiased sources for research, and we use in-house analysts to compare pricing.

SmartFinancial’s Sources

In addition to external sources that include the state departments of insurance, the Insurance Information Institute (III) and Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA), we write articles and share pricing averages based on the following internal data: Our editorial team periodically updates all articles to ensure that we have the most current and accurate information and pricing. We work hard at being a reliable source, so if you find an error, please contact us:

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