Dylan Tate

Dylan Tate

Insurance Expert

Dylan Tate is an insurance content expert for SmartFinancial with 70+ articles about home, auto and life insurance under his belt. He has over seven years of experience writing for online publications, primarily about gaming and esports. In the process, he has become an expert in search engine optimization, news reporting, feature writing and copy editing.

Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Life Insurance
B.A. in Journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Featured in
Business Insider, MSN, Upcomer, RedBull.com, Dignitas, GGRecon, 2UrbanGirls

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Recent Articles

Home Insurance
Will My Homeowners Policy Cover Flooding?

Standard homeowners insurance policies don’t cover flooding but may cover water damage from other sources like windstorms or snowstorms. In addition, you can usually purchase separate flood insurance from either the federal government or a private insurance company to receive extra coverage.

Home Insurance
Do I Need Homeowners Insurance To Own a Home?

State law doesn’t require homeowners insurance but you will generally need to purchase coverage before you can be approved for a loan through a mortgage lender. In addition, it’s recommended that you maintain homeowners coverage even when it isn’t required in order to protect yourself from potential financial losses.

Home Insurance
What Are the Types of Perils Covered by Home Insurance?

A home insurance peril is an event that requires you to repair or replace your home or belongings. Learn what is a peril and which ones your provider will cover.

Home Insurance
How Does Homeowners Insurance Work? 6 Coverage Types Explained

Homeowners insurance works provides for your property if it’s damaged by a covered peril and for liability if you’re responsible for another person’s injury or property damage.

Commercial Insurance
What Kind of Small Business Insurance Do I Need?

Small business owners should consider buying various types of liability and property insurance that will protect their assets in case they face lawsuits or perils that could harm their business property. They also may be required to purchase certain types of coverage depending on the state they live in and the industry they work in.

Auto Insurance
What Is Liability Car Insurance? State-Required Coverage Explained

Liability coverage is a type of car insurance that covers another person’s medical expenses or repairs after an accident that you are responsible for. As a result, it provides a safety net that keeps you from bearing the entire financial burden after a costly accident.

Auto Insurance
How Does My Car Insurance Policy Work?

Auto Insurance is required by law in all 50 states. Learn more about how it works and if minimum coverage is right for you.

Commercial Insurance
What Types of Insurance Do I Need To Run a Restaurant?

Restaurant owners should buy a policy that includes general liability, liquor liability, commercial property, business interruption, workers’ compensation and commercial auto coverage. In addition, there are several other coverage types that are worth considering when looking for the right restaurant insurance package.

Renters Insurance
How Do I Choose a Renters Insurance Deductible?

Your renters insurance deductible is the amount of money you must pay before your insurance company will contribute any money toward a personal property claim. When deciding what deductible to choose, you need to consider how much you can afford to pay up front in case of a covered loss and how much you want to spend on your regular premium payments.