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AARP Auto Insurance from The Hartford has been around since 1984, and it’s exclusively for AARP members. American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is an interest group focusing on issues affecting people over the age of 50. It has more than 38 million members as of 2018. If you’re over 50, you may consider finding out about special options available to you, like auto insurance from the Hartford. Here’s some important information about The Hartford Auto.

What Are Advantage Program Car Coverages?

You can lock in your auto insurance rate for 12 months. Most car insurance companies only offer six-month policies, after which rates may and often do increase. With The Hartford Auto, you can lock in your rate for a full year.

What’s RecoverCare Assistance?

The Hartford Auto Auto will protect more than your car if you have an accident. You may be covered for the following services, if you can’t do them yourself as a result of an accident: house cleaning, lawn maintenance, snow removal, transportation services if you can’t drive, food preparation (and grocery deliveries) and even dog walking.

New Car Replacement

If you total your car before you clock 15,000 miles or 15 months (whichever comes first), the Hartford Auto will replace your car with a new one of the same make, model and equipment without considering depreciation of your totaled vehicle.

Lifetime Car Repair Assurance

The Hartford auto has over 1600 repair shops in their network, so you don’t have to worry about finding a reliable mechanic or body work specialist.

Claims Hotline

A 24/7 car insurance hotline is there for you no matter what. So if you have an accident at 2 am, there’s always someone there to assist you. The Hartford Auto’s customer service is what members rave about when they have to deal with filing a claim.

Advantage Plus Program

This program includes more coverage than a standard policy and offers higher limits. It’s cost efficient too.

First Accident Forgiveness

This program enables people with a clean record for five consecutive years to qualify for forgiveness on their first accident. Your rate will not increase this time around.

Disappearing Deductible

At the Hartford Auto, your collision deductible goes down all the way to $0 as long as you keep your driving record clean.

One Deductible

If you have two cars insured by the Hartford Auto, you’ll only pay one deductible (the higher one) if both cars are involved in the accident. The same applies to home and auto bundle if they are both damaged by the same covered peril.

Waiver of Deductible for a Not-at-Fault Accident

If it’s not your fault but your collision coverage needs to cover repairs, the Hartford Auto will help you save money.

Deductible Reduction

If you live in certain states, when you use an authorized shop, the Hartford Auto will reduce your collision deductible by $100. This is great because you always have to meet your deductible before coverage kicks in. This is just another small way the Hatrford Auto helps customers.

Other Coverages Offered by The Hartford Auto

Liability. If you ever cause a car crash, liability insurance pays for other people’s injuries and property damage up to your liability limit. Most states have minimum liability requirements for their drivers. Insurance experts encourage people to go well beyond these minimum standards when choosing liability coverage. The minimum requirements are quite low and may not protect you fully in the case of a serious accident. How much liability coverage should you get? The Insurance Information Institute recommends $100,000 bodily injury liability coverage per person, $300,000 bodily injury liability coverage per accident and $100,000 property damage liability coverage per accident

Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist Coverages. Uninsured Motorist coverage helps pay for damages caused by a driver who doesn’t have insurance. Underinsured Motorist coverage protects you in the event of an accident where the other party is at fault and doesn’t carry enough insurance. Many states require coverage for Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP). Also known as no-fault insurance, this coverage pays the cost of your lost wages and medical bills up to the PIP policy limit. No-fault insurance will cover these expenses regardless of who is responsible for the accident. PIP coverage is required in some states.

Collision. Collision insurance is coverage that helps to repair or replace your car if it is damaged in an accident with another vehicle or object such as a fence, tree or guardrail. If you are financing your car, your lender may require you to carry collision insurance for the length of the loan.

Comprehensive. Comprehensive auto insurance covers events that aren’t covered by collision insurance. These events include fire, theft, vandalism and damages from weather such as a hailstorm, a windstorm, a hurricane and a tornado. If you have a loan on your car, your lender may require you to carry comprehensive insurance for the duration of the loan. Both collision and comprehensive insurance coverages require deductibles. A deductible is the amount you need to pay before a car insurance company begins to pay for damages to your car or losses. Choosing a higher deductible, such as $1,000, is one way to save money on your car insurance premium.

Gap Coverage. If your car is a total loss after an accident, this coverage pays the difference between the actual cash value and what you owe on the lease or loan.

Roadside Assistance. With this coverage, you’ll get emergency road assistance for things like a tire change, jumpstart or needing fuel or a tow.

Loss of Use. This provides coverage transportation while your car is repaired.

Personal Umbrella. This provides additional liability coverage above the limits of an auto insurance policy. A personal umbrella policy helps protect your assets from lawsuits.

The Hartford Auto Account and App

Both options are available to you. After you register here, you’ll be able to pay bills, manage policy documents, change vehicles and drivers, file claims, check on claims, sign up for paperless billing and more.

Membership to AARP

AARP is an influential lobbying group addressing concerns and issues of older Americans. It offers memberships, services and insurance to its members. AARP evolved from the National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA). Founder Dr. Ethel Percy andrus promoted productive aging and health insurance for retired teachers. Today, NRTA is a division of AARP.

What Else Does AARP Offer?

You may also buy homeowners insurance through AARP or you can buy Medicare Advantage through AARP. For Medicare Advantage, you must first qualify for Medicare.

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