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Commercial Insurance

How to Start a Small Business that Succeeds

Small businesses in the U.S employed over 48% of the private workforce in 2013, according to the Small Business Administration. That translates to 1.1 million jobs! In 2015, employment rose 2.2% in this sector. Currently, there are more than 28 million small businesses in the U.S.

Health Insurance

How to Shop for Health Insurance in 3 Simple Steps

Whether you’re interested in Obamacare open enrollment or if you want coverage from a private health insurance company like Humana health insurance, you’ll want to compare rates after you approximate what your healthcare costs for the coming year will be.

Life Insurance

5 Common Reasons Life Insurance Won’t Pay Out And What To Do About It

In order to prevent fraud and abuse, when and how the benefit can be paid out is highly regulated. For example, a term life insurance policy will include clauses called exclusions.

Auto Insurance

New Car Technology: What's on the Road and What Lies Ahead

All the hype about self-driving cars has died down finally. New car technology now tends to focus on safety, security and convenience. That’s not to say that self-driving cars will never exist -- and surely, they will -- but we’re certain that day will come a decade, perhaps two, from now.

Commercial Insurance

What Kind of Small Business Insurance Do I Need?

Business owners do not need to offer health insurance if they have fewer than 50 full-time employees. Even when providing health insurance to employees isn’t required, it’s wise to find out how much you can save with a health insurance tax credit, which is guaranteed.

Auto Insurance

What Happens if You're Busted Driving Without Insurance?

Your first offense may get you off with just a really expensive ticket but repeat offenders will mostly live out an expensive nightmare. Read on for details about why driving without insurance is bad news.

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