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Cigna vs. WellCare: What You Need to Know

In 1792, a group of citizens formed the Insurance Company of North America (INA), the first marine insurance company in the U.S, the country’s oldest stockholder-owned insurer. The first insured hull and cargo were for a ship called America, which sailed from Philadelphia to Northern Ireland. In 1794, INA issued its first insurance policy, for a sea captain, to mitigate the risk of death. In 1865, the Governor of Connecticut signed a special at of the General Assembly incorporating the Connecticut General Life Insurance Company, which helped make Hartford, CT, “the insurance capital of the world.”

In 2016, technology was the priority. Cigna’s created the Cigna One Guide, a proactive engagement to stay healthy, and Cigna SureFit, a collaboration between physician’s networks and hospital groups to optimize services for customers. Cigna’s Health Improvement Tour (HIT) began offering free health screenings and coaching to individuals without health care access. In 2017, Cigna acquired Brighter, to engage consumers digitally and connect them with providers. Cigna also continued to reduce opioid use by sponsoring forums, like “Addiction in America” in Washington D.C and “Generation Listen” for NPR and more. In 2018, Cigna completed its merger with Express Scripts to improve affordability and choice. Together they invested $200 million to support local communities on topics of health. They also launched Healthier Kids for Our Future to improve the health and well-being of children across the globe.

In 1985, Wellcare began as a Medicaid provider for the state of Florida, with operations in Tampa, Florida. After the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 was passed, WellCare began offering Medicare Part C, now called Medicare Advantage. In 2003, it offered Medicare Advantage plans with prescription drug coverage. In 2004, Wellcare went public. In November 2013, WellCare appointed Chairman David Gallitano to serve as interim CEO. He increased spending on technology and famously adorned the walls with photographs and portraits of health plan members, including people who suffer from chronic conditions like cancer, homelessness, and hunger. In 2014, WellCare hired Kenneth Burdick as the new CEO and board member. He’d originally joined the company as the president of national health plans but was promoted first to president and COO and eventually CEO. In September 2017, Wellcare announced a rebrand with a focus on holistic health: “Beyond Healthcare: A Better You.” In October 2017, Wellcare announced the UNC Health Alliance primary care physicians and specialists into its Medicare Advantage network. Wellcare operates in 20 states and was recognized by Fortune Magazine as One of the World’s Most Admired Companies in January 2018. In January 2020, Wellcare was acquired by Centene Corporation.

To learn more about each company, you can check out the Cigna Overview and WellCare Overview.

What is Cigna and WellCare Insurance Rating?

Which health insurance company is better? We've made it easy to compare companies side by side. See how Cigna and WellCare ranked among the industry ratings.

Comparison Cigna WellCare
Year Founded 1792 1985
Medicare Star Rating 3.5 stars (out of 5) 3.57 stars (out of 5)
BBB Rating A+ A+
NAIC Complaint Index 1.15% for individual health  

Pros & Cons of Cigna or WellCare


  • Cigna ranks as one of the largest and oldest insurance institutions in the country.
  • Cigna offers individual health insurance and group health insurance.
  • Affordable Medicare plans with many options for savings.
  • Offers PPO plans for Medicare Advantage, allowing for more freedom in choosing providers.


  • Cigna only provides full coverage in 12 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.
  • The PPO plans are only available in select counties in New York, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina.
  • Medicare ratings have dropped over the past few years, possibly due to rapid expansion and acquisition.

Cigna and WellCare Mobile Apps Options

The Cigna app allows you to view your digital ID Card, find a doctor, file claims, make payments, and more.

The MyWellCare app allows you to keep track of your benefits, look for providers, and use it as a digital ID Card.

Cigna Mobile App
iOS      4.8/5 97,854 users
Android      4.5/5 10,534 users
WellCare Mobile App
iOS      1.7 53 users
Android      2.3 209 users

Cigna and WellCare Enrollment Process


Cigna is available through the health insurance marketplace, by searching plans here or you can get several free health insurance quotes here. Each state has its own marketplace. If you’re not sure where to begin, visit Also, remember that CareSource only covers Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana Georgia, and West Virginia.


You can get several free health insurance quotes here. For Wellcare enrollment forms visit here.

How to File a Claim with Cigna and WellCare Insurance


To file a claim with Cigna Health Insurance, use this form. Follow instructions on page 2 of the form. Mail your completed claim form with original itemized bills, to the Cigna HealthCare Claims Office, which is printed on your Cigna HealthCare ID card. For questions, you may call 1 (800) 997-1654.


Your doctor or care provider should submit a claim to the insurer. You should be covered except for copay. Your insurer will send you an explanation of benefits. If you owe anything, your doctor will send you a bill. If you visit an out-of-network provider, you will not be covered unless it was an emergency. Call 855-672-2755 with any additional questions.

Common Questions About WellCare and Cigna Insurance


Does Cigna cover In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?

Infertility is a covered condition with Cigna. Medical expenses related to the treatment of infertility are reimbursable, generally up to one year. Medical diagnosis is required. Pre-seem moisturizer is not reimbursable.

What does Cigna dental insurance cover?

Cigna Dental 1500 is $35 a month and covers up to $1,500 in restorative care, per year after deductible and coinsurance (deductible for an individual: $50, family: $150) and Orthodontia covered up to $1,000. Cigna Dental 1000 is $30 a month, covers up to $1,000 in restorative care per year, after deductible and coinsurance (deductible for an individual: $50; family: $150) without coverage for orthodontia. Cigna Dental Preventive is $19 a month and only covers preventive care if it’s in-network.

Does Cigna health insurance cover epidurals?

Epidural anesthesia is used to control pain during childbirth and is usually covered with a doctor’s prescription.

How does Cigna out-of-pocket maximum work?

The out-of-pocket maximum is the most you’d pay for medical expenses in a year. This money includes deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. If you reach the max, your health plan will cover the rest of your care for the year. Depending on the plan, maximums vary. It’s best that you speak with an agent about your specific policy.


What is WellCare insurance?

WellCare provides managed care services through Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Prescription Drug plans.

Is WellCare good insurance?

WellCare received 3.57 stars out of 5 by Medicare’s rating system. It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Who takes WellCare insurance?

Wellcare has a network of providers. To find a WellCare provider or to see if your doctor accepts Wellcare, visit here.

Are Wellcare and Centene the same?

Centene acquired Wellcare in January 2020.

Cigna and WellCare Insurance Contact Info

Cigna Contact Info
Address 900 Cottage Grove Rd, Bloomfield, CT 06002
Phone 1 (800) 997-1654
WellCare Contact Info
Address P.O. Box 31370
Phone 1 (800) 960-2530

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