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Kemper is based in Chicago and has been offering insurance since 1912.

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About Kemper

After the state of Illinois passed laws regarding workers’ compensation in 1912, James S. Kemper founded the Mutual Casualty Co to sell accident insurance. Soon after, the company began selling auto insurance. Only seven years later, Kemper had offices all over the country and eventually changed its name to James S. Kemper & Co. By late 1960, annual revenues approached $150 million. They also moved offices from Chicago to Long Grove and became a part of a holding company called Kemperco Inc. By the 1970s, the company changed its name to Kemper Corp and revenue reached nearly $1 billion. By the 1980s, Kemper began offering financial services until 1995, when Kemper was acquired by Zurich Insurance of Switzerland, who then sold off the securities division to Kemper employees as a separate company called Everen Securities Inc. In the 1990s the company acquired Unitrin Insurance and founded Kemper Corporation. In the early 2000s, Kemper Insurance Companies laid off thousands of employees in Chicago and across the country. In 2003, they sold off their service organization. In 2015 Kemper acquired Alliance United Insurance Company and in 2018 the company acquired Infinity Insurance Company. Kemper boasts $11 billion in assets, servicing approximately seven million policies, employing more than 30,000 agents and brokers as well as 7,800 associates. Kemper is licensed to sell insurance in 50 states and the District of Columbia. Other Kemper acquisitions include: Valley Property & Casualty Insurance Company, Warner Insurance, Mutual Savings Fire Insurance Company, Reserve National Insurance Company, Union National Life Insurance Company, United Insurance Company of America, United Casualty Insurance Company of America, Union National Fire Insurance Company, Capitol County Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Old Reliable Casualty Company and Unitrin County Mutual Insurance Company.

Kemper Facts & Ratings

Year Founded 1912
Financial Strength Excellent
Moody's A3
NAIC Complaint Index 0.83
S&P Rating A-

Kemper Mobile App Rating

iOS 1.8 stars (out of 5) 80 user reviews
Android 4.5 stars (out of 5) 2.1K user reviews

Kemper offers customers a photo inspection app, available for iOS and Android, which allows them to submit photos of the vehicle damage for faster claims processing.

Pros & Cons of Kemper

  • Kemper’s subsidiaries have great options for non-standard drivers
  • Kemper EZPaySM text cancel arts alert you if your policy is in danger of canceling. You can make payments anytime, anywhere.
  • High-risk policies for non-standard drivers.
  • There is no mobile app for account information or for paying bills. The app is only for photos of vehicle damage for a claim.
  • Not all vehicle brands and models are covered by Kemper.

Common Questions about Kemper

Does Kemper have good customer service reviews?

Kemper has a low NAIC complaint ratio, which means that overall, they’ve gotten few complaints. Their customer service reviews found on Consumer Affairs are overwhelmingly negative but most people are not moved to write in about a good experience the way they are a bad one. If you are interested in comparing car insurance rates for free, visit here.

What coverages are offered by Kemper health insurance?

Kemper offers a broad range of plans that cover injury and/or illnesses. Plans can be adjusted to fit your budget. However, it’s wise to get multiple health insurance quotes here. Kemper Health offers the following coverages: Accident Expense insurance, Accident Indemnity insurance, Critical Illness insurance, Cancer insurance, Dental insurance, Hospital Indemnity insurance, Limited Benefit Medical insurance, Short Term Disability insurance, Signature Gap insurance, Vision insurance, Whole Life insurance and The Solution insurance.

What is Kemper select?

Kemper Select offers competitive rates for auto and home insurance. Payments can be deducted from your paycheck for a savings of about 20% on a car insurance policy. You’re also offered a multi-policy discount for bundling auto and home for more savings on both products. To compare bundle rates, first get several car insurance quotes here and compare rates.

Which is better, Whole or Term, with Kemper life insurance?

Term life insurance coverage is set for a specified amount of time, for example, five to 30 years. It’s less expensive than whole life insurance but can increase over time. Term life pays out cash to a beneficiary if something happens to the insured within that coverage period but not after it ends. Whole life insurance provides coverage for the entire lifespan. The rates are higher but stay the same during the insured’s lifetime. This benefit pays out cash to the beneficiary if something happens to the insured. Kemper offers competitively priced whole and term life insurance. Both types of insurance have their pros and cons.

Does Kemper cover home health care?

Kemper’s home health care, or Kemper Senior Solutions, offers gives seniors the ability to avoid going to a hospital or nursing facility while getting their necessary care from home. Home health care insurance is becoming a popular option for many people approaching retirement and beyond. Kemper’s health insurance plan offers skilled nursing care, general nursing care, physical therapy, speech pathology, occupational therapy, chemotherapy, specialist services, enterostomal therapy, respiration therapy, medical social services, home health care aide, prescription drugs, annual physical exams, eye and hearing exams, ambulance and in-hospital private duty nurses.

What is Kemper Specialty and Direct?

Kemper Specialty is actually Kemper Specialty California, which is only valid in California. Kemper Specialty California offers non-standard insurance to drivers with driving record problems or trouble obtaining standard coverage with other insurers.

Is Kemper commercial auto insurance good?

Kemper offers flexible commercial auto insurance that fits businesses and their growing needs. Whether you need to insure one vehicle for work purposes or you have a fleet of vehicles to protect, Kemper can customize a plan that fits your budget. You can always add drivers and vehicles as you go by adding endorsements to your primary policy.

What do I need to consider when choosing car coverage with Kemper insurance?

You should always compare auto insurance quotes to see which one offers you the coverage you need for the best price. Also, consider their reputation and how financially stable the insurer is. SmartFinancial only works with the best insurers in the industry. To get paired with a trusted agent, compare quotes. If you’re set on buying auto insurance, speak with your agent about what you use the car for (work reasons, commute only, pleasure driving). Also, consider whether or not you can afford to pay for repairs if you’re at fault in an accident. If you’re considered a high-risk driver or need an SR-22, Kemper is one of the best insurers for your needs.

How can I compare Kemper insurance rates?

You can compare auto insurance quotes here.

Where can I check on my Kemper claims?

To report a claim with Kemper call 866.536.7376. The Claim Center is available online 24/7 for you to file a claim. You can use the Kemper app to upload photos of the damages to your car.

Does a home value decrease by reporting a claim to Kemper?

Your home value will not decrease if you report a claim but it may decrease based on the damage your home incurred. What will happen if you file a claim, however, is that your rate may increase. If you file too many claims, an insurer can even drop you, which will make it hard to find another insurer. The only file claims you cannot pay for out of pocket. Small fixes are usually not worth filing after paying a deduction anyway.

Do I need Kemper’s renters insurance?

Kemper offers renters insurance and so do many other top-notch insurers. To compare rates, visit here. Renters insurance is always wise coverage to have to protect your belongings. Your personal property will not be covered by a landlord’s insurance if something happens that damages them.

What are some of Kemper’s health insurance options?

To compare several health insurance quotes, visit here. Kemper offers Accident Expense insurance, Accident Indemnity insurance, Critical Illness insurance, Cancer insurance, Dental insurance, Hospital Indemnity insurance, Limited Benefit Medical insurance, Short Term Disability insurance, Signature Gap insurance, and Vision insurance.

Does Kemper cover dental and vision plans?

Yes, Kemper offers dental and vision plans. To compare health insurance quotes, visit here.

Kemper Insurance Products

Auto Insurance Homeowners Insurance
Life Insurance Health Insurance
Valuables Insurance Commercial Auto Insurance
Boat Insurance Renters Insurance
Condo Insurance Collectibles Insurance
Personal Catastrophe Liability Insurance Identity Fraud Insurance
Package Insurance

Kemper Auto Insurance Coverage

Bodily Injury Liability

This form of coverage is required in every state. It covers bodily injuries to a third party in an accident that was deemed your fault.

Property Damage Liability

This form of coverage is required in every state. It covers property damage and loss of use to a third party.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM)

This form of coverage covers damages when the other party is at fault but is either uninsured or underinsured.

Comprehensive Coverage

This coverage pays for damages and loss other than that caused by a collision. It is subject to a deductible.

Collision Coverage

This coverage pays for damages and loss caused by impact with another automobile, object or person. It is subject to a deductible.

Car Rental Reimbursement.

If you rent a car while yours is in the shop, you are eligible for $50 a day up to 30 days, if the damage to the car was a covered loss.

Medical Payments (Med Pay).

This coverage pays for hospital bills and medical expenses for you and your passengers, regardless of who’s at fault. This coverage is required in some states.

Roadside Assistance.

If your car needs service on the road, this protection covers the cost up to limits.

Loan/Lease Coverage.

This coverage is sometimes called gap insurance. It covers you if your car is declared a total loss and you owe more on the car than its covered depreciated value.

Kemper Total™.

This coverage protects your brand-new leased or financed vehicle in the event that your vehicle is significantly damaged due to a covered cost. Kemper pays the amount necessary to repair a vehicle or the amount necessary to buy a new vehicle,” whichever is less. Auto loan/lease insurance is included in this package.

Parked Auto.

This coverage protects your car when it’s legally parked and waives your deductible.


If you have a suspended, revoked or canceled driver’s license, this option will get you back on the road.

Reconditioned Vehicle Program.

This coverage will insure a salvage title vehicle.

Broad Form Coverage.

Broad form named operator coverage insures a specific driver, not the car. This is an affordable way to pay insurance for more than one car or just one.


Kemper EZPaySM Discount Paid-in-Full Discount
Prior Insurance Discount Resident Discount
Multi-car Discount Anti-lock Brakes Discount
Anti-theft Devices Discount Away-at-school Discount
Driver Training Discount Good Student Discount
Sr. Operator Defensive Driving Course Discount Package Plus Discount
Passive Restraint/Airbags Discount

Kemper Auto Insurance Rates by State


Kemper Auto Insurance Rates by Vehicle

Number of Vehicles Avg Monthly Rate

Kemper Auto Insurance Rates by Homeownership

Own/Rent Avg Monthly Rate

Kemper Contact Info

Address 200 East Randolph Street, Suite 3300, Chicago, IL 60601
Phone 1-866-860-9348


The statistics listed on this page are from our own in house reporting. We track and record quotes that carriers have provided based on various criteria. The rates and averages shown on this page should only be used as an estimate.

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