What Is Service Line Coverage?

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Service line coverage is an endorsement you can add to a standard home insurance policy. When an accident damages a utility line, your service line coverage will cover repairs for all major service lines and all landscaping restoration after contractors complete their work.

Service line coverage is often cheaper and can provide more coverage than service plans offered by utility companies. Here's more you should know about buying service line coverage as a home insurance endorsement.

What Is Service Line Coverage?

Service line coverage insures service lines, such as wires and pipes for electricity and sewage, when damaged under a covered loss. Examples of covered claims can include mechanical breakdown, leaks and and damages caused by a tree root.

Standard home insurance policy covers sudden or unexpected damage to wires and pipes within your home, but home policies don't cover repairs for the underground utility lines on your property. Service line coverage widens the scope of coverage for your service lines.

What are service lines?

Service lines are subterranean networks of pipes, cables, wires and internet lines that provide utility services that help make homes habitable.

Home insurance policies don't cover repairs for the underground utility lines on your property.

Here are several utilities that service lines provide to customers:

  • Electricity
  • Fiber optics
  • Gas
  • Internet
  • Sewage
  • Steam
  • Telephone
  • Water

How Does Service Line Coverage Work?

Homeowners are financially responsible for any underground utility lines running through their property. Standard homeowners policies only cover repairs for sudden and accidental damage (such as a burst pipe) within your home.

Service line coverage endorsements cover all major utility lines that run beneath your home and property. This add-on coverage pays to excavate, fix and replace these lines, and landscaping restoration after contractors complete repairs.

Service line coverage typically covers the following service lines:

  • Cable lines
  • Drain pipes
  • Fiber optics
  • Internet lines
  • Natural gas pipes
  • Power lines
  • Sprinkler pipes
  • Steam pipes
  • Sewer pipes
  • Water pipes

Service Line Endorsement vs Utility Plans

Service line coverage endorsements are different from the service plans sold by local utility and cable companies. Utility service plans are sold for an extra fee added to your monthly bill and only cover repairs for the company's lines.

Service line coverage endorsements cover all major utility lines that run beneath your home and property.

For instance, a cable service plan would only cover repairs for underground cable lines; however, it wouldn't pay to repair electrical wires or water mains.

You may add a service line endorsement to your homeowners insurance, which is more valuable than buying separate service plans from utility companies.

What Does Service Line Coverage Protect You From?

Service line coverage will cover the costs if a covered event damages an underground line and needs repairs. These plans include repairs for the following:

  • Subterranean lines

  • Excavation of lines

  • Expediting expenses

  • Loss of use (pays for meals and hotel rooms if you must vacate your property)

  • Repairs of outdoor property

  • Replacement costs

Here are several situations that sewer line coverage may cover:

  • Mechanical breakdown

  • Vermin, insects or rodent damage

  • Freezing

  • Weight of equipment, vehicles, animals or people

  • Collapse

  • Rust, corrosion, decay and deterioration

  • Tree or root-caused damage

Protect Your Home and Possessions at an Affordable Price

What's Excluded From Service Line Coverage?

Service line coverage varies by provider, and typically excludes the following systems from coverage:

  • Water well damage

  • HVAC systems

  • Fuel tanks

  • Sump pump

  • Lines that run under your home but aren't connected to your septic system

Why Should I Get Service Line Coverage For My Home?

Service line coverage prevents you from paying out of pocket for expensive repair costs when your underline wires or pipes are inoperable due to mechanical breakdown, leaks, blockages or some other covered claim.

You may add a service line endorsement to your homeowners insurance for very little money.

Utility lines keep your home running by providing water, gas, electricity and other utilities. Most people take their utilities for granted until a service line ruptures, causing them to lose these services. Without service line coverage, you may be stuck paying the following repair expenses:

Service Line Repair

Average Price

Average Repair Cost Range

Main Water Line


$333 - $1,488

Sewer Line

$50 to $250 per foot

$1,199 - $4,573

Sprinkler System


$131 - $392

Gas Line


$259 - $836

When you add service line coverage to your homeowners insurance, you won't pay hundreds (or thousands) of dollars out of pocket to fix the problem.

How Much Does Service Line Coverage Cost?

Service line coverage typically costs an additional $20 to $50 annual premium on top of a standard homeowners insurance policy.

Home insurers offer service line insurance in amounts of $10,000 and $25,000. Higher coverage amounts may be available depending on the home insurance provider. Your home insurance company may require you to pay a $500 deductible before your coverage begins.

Although you'll pay an additional premium, service line coverage can be more cost-effective than paying for repairs out of pocket.

Service line coverage typically costs an additional $20 to $50 a year.

Service Line Coverage FAQs

What does a service line endorsement not cover?

A service line endorsement will not cover service lines (e.g., gas, electricity, internet, sewage) when the damages go beyond your property. Typically, this means your coverage extends from the street to your home. Coverage may also be unavailable for certain types of homes, such as condos or mobile homes.

How important is service line coverage?

Service line coverage can offer much-needed financial relief when an electricity, internet, gas or other critical service line goes down. The average claim payout for a service line claim is $5,000, according to Mercury Insurance. While service line coverage is an additional recurring cost, you could be left footing the entire repair bill yourself.

What is a service line coverage endorsement?

A service line coverage endorsement, or rider, is an add-on to your existing home insurance policy, which extends coverage to your home's service lines for electricity, gas, sewage and more. Covered claims can include mechanical breakdown, freezing, leaks and blockages.

Is gas service line protection worth it?

It would depend on your needs and budget. Service line insurance offers a wider scope of coverage, which includes gas lines. However, if you only desire gas line coverage, then gas line insurance may be worth it if you can secure coverage at a lower cost than service line insurance.

Buy Service Line Coverage For Your Business

Service line endorsements pay to repair or replace your underground utility lines and are often cheaper and more comprehensive than buying individual service plans from various utility providers. These plans cover your water, power and other critical utility lines. You'll also receive coverage to restore your landscaping following repairs.

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