Farmers Auto Insurance: Coverage and Discounts

Lucy Lazarony
January 12, 2021

Farmers was started in 1928 in Los Angeles with the dream of providing a quality insurance product at a reasonable price to ranchers and farmers. Following an earthquake in Los Angeles in the 1930s, Farmers paid for damages to customers’ cars. This made Farmers the first insurance company to offer comprehensive auto coverage. Today, Farmers serves more than 10 million households with more than 19 million individual policies across 50 states. Farmers has more than 48,000 exclusive and independent agents and nearly 21,000 employees.

Let’s take a look at the auto insurance coverage offered by Farmers Auto and ways to save money on Farmers Auto insurance policies.

Farmers Auto Insurance Coverage

Here are the different types of car insurance offered by Farmers Auto.


This type of insurance covers the cost of injury to others and damage to their property when you are at fault in an accident. Liability coverage is required by law in nearly all states.


This insurance pays to repair or replace your own vehicle when you’re at fault in an accident. Collision insurance covers collisions with other vehicles and objects and animals.


This kind of insurance covers damages to your car caused by things besides a collision. Comprehensive coverage includes hail, wind, theft, fire and vandalism.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist

This type of insurance covers losses caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver. This coverage helps pay for damage to your car and bodily injury to you and your passengers.

Medical Payments

This insurance helps with the cost of medical care for you and your passengers resulting from injuries in a car accident. This coverage is provided no matter who is at fault in the accident.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

This kind of insurance helps cover the cost of your rehabilitation and lost wages from an accident. PIP gives you this coverage no matter who is at fault in an accident.

Towing and Roadside Service

This coverage provides 24 hours a day, seven days a week roadside assistance if your car is disabled. It covers towing, tire changing, locksmith service and jumpstarts.

Rental Car Reimbursement

This reimbursement covers car rental up to 30 days while your car is being repaired.


This coverage helps protect drivers for rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft. The insurance provides coverage during periods not covered by company or personal insurance.

Loss of Use

This kind of coverage provides a flat sum for transportation while your car is being repaired. It can be used for public transit, car rentals, taxis and rideshare services.

Guaranteed Value

This insurance pays you a defined, agreed-upon value if your car is a total loss.

Customized Equipment

This type of insurance covers the cost to repair or replace aftermarket equipment like infotainment systems and custom wheels. This coverage is available on any vehicle with collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.

Personal Umbrella

This kind of insurance provides additional liability coverage above the limits of an auto insurance policy. A personal umbrella policy helps protect your assets from lawsuits.

Glass Deductible Buyback

This insurance covers windshield and glass repair and replacement and it comes with a low $100 deductible.

Full Windshield and Glass Coverage

With this coverage, there is no deductible on glass repair and replacement. You pay nothing out of pocket.

Spare Parts Coverage

This type of insurance covers the cost to replace spare parts you keep on hand, up to $750. It is a popular choice for owners of classic and collector cars.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

This kind of insurance covers the cost of using factory-original parts in covered repairs. It is available in cars up to 10 years old.

New Car Replacement Coverage

This insurance covers the cost to replace your car with a new one of the same make and model. This coverage is available when your car is totaled within the first two model years and 24,000 miles.

Accident Forgiveness

Farmers Auto will forgive one at-fault accident for every three years you drive without an accident. This coverage keeps your premium from going up because of just one accident.

Ways to Save Money on Farmers Auto Insurance Policies

Here are tips from Farmers Auto on how to save money on car insurance.

Keep Your Current Car for a Few Extra Years. The more a car is worth, the more it can cost to insure it. Driving an older car that’s less valuable can help keep your overall premium lower.

Be a Safe Driver. Having a clean driving record with no traffic violations or accidents will help keep your insurance rate as low as possible.

Do Research Before Buying a Car. Some cars are less expensive to insure than others. Spend time evaluating different makes and models and consider overall safety records and theft rates. If you’re considering several models and can’t decide, a Farmers Auto agent can provide coverage rates so you can make an informed decision.

Purchase Multiple Policies. You may qualify for discounts when you purchase multiple policies with Farmers. For instance, combining an auto insurance policy and a home insurance policy will save you money on your insurance policies.

Consider Deductibles. A higher deductible can lower your monthly premium. But keep in mind, a higher deductible would mean paying more out-of-pocket at the time of a loss. So weigh the pros and cons of a higher deductible carefully.

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