2023 Farmers Review

Despite its relatively low customer satisfaction ratings, Farmers should appeal to many customers due to its low complaint rate and its extensive line-up of coverage types and discounts.

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Farmers Insurance should appeal to many customers due to the wide range of coverage types it offers and the extensive list of discounts that policyholders can take advantage of to make their home and auto insurance coverage more affordable.

Although the company’s customer satisfaction ratings aren’t impressive, its low rate of complaints is impressive. So, while Farmers is unlikely to blow you away with the quality of its customer service, you’re also unlikely to encounter major issues while managing your policies.

Check out the rest of our Farmers Insurance review below to find out what Farmers’ greatest strengths are and what factors could make it ill suited for some customers.

Farmers auto insurance review summary: Farmers offers a high number of car insurance discounts matched by few other car insurance companies. The company should be able to meet your basic auto insurance needs and then some, all while giving customers little reason to file formal complaints.

Farmers home insurance review summary: Similarly, Farmers can provide standard home insurance policies plus multiple useful add-ons. While the company offers fewer discounts for home insurance than it does car insurance, it also receives even fewer complaints related to home insurance than it does car insurance.

Farmers Insurance Pros and Cons



48,000+ exclusive and independent agents nationwide

Limited availability in California and Florida

Very low rate of complaints for home and auto insurance

Unimpressive customer satisfaction ratings

Well-reviewed mobile app

Doesn’t sell gap insurance

Expansive coverage options including multiple home and auto endorsements


Several discounts for home and auto insurance


About Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance was founded in 1928 shortly before the Great Depression. As the company’s name suggests, its founders started off selling car insurance policies to farmers and ranchers in California.[1] Today, Farmers sells several types of coverage across the nation through a team of more than 48,000 exclusive and independent agents.[2]

Throughout its nearly century-long history, Farmers has boasted numerous firsts for the insurance industry. For example, it became the first major insurance company to offer comprehensive car insurance in the 1930s, the first to offer a monthly payment structure without charging interest in the 1960s and the first to offer discounts for alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) in the 2000s.[1]


Farmers operates in some capacity in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., but the availability of certain coverage types may depend on your location.[3] For example, Farmers has placed a cap on the number of new home insurance policies it will sell in California.[4]

In addition, the company has stopped selling new Farmers-branded home, auto and umbrella insurance policies in Florida and will nonrenew existing policies. However, this doesn’t apply to policies sold by Farmers subsidiaries like Bristol West and Foremost.[4]


Farmers offers a comprehensive line-up of insurance products designed to meet a wide range of common insurance needs. Coverage types you may be able to purchase from Farmers include the following:

  • Home
  • Renters
  • Condo
  • Mobile and manufactured home
  • Specialty home
  • Seasonal and vacation home
  • Vacant home
  • Landlord and rental property
  • Auto
  • Motorcycle
  • Boat and personal watercraft
  • Off-road vehicle
  • Travel trailer
  • Motor home
  • Commercial
  • Umbrella
  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Life
  • Identity shield

Consumer Experience

Line of Business

J.D. Power Score (Out of 1,000)[5][6]

NAIC Complaint Index[7]

NAIC Share of Complaints in U.S. Market[7]













*Average score among nine profiled regions

Customer Service

Farmers Insurance policyholders can ask questions related to their claims by filling out a request form or sending a message through the company’s online Customer Care Center. They can also call 888-327-6335 for other customer service needs.[8]

Compared to other insurance companies, Farmers has low customer satisfaction ratings for car and homeowners insurance according to recent J.D. Power studies.[5][6] In fact, across the nine regions where Farmers auto insurance coverage was rated, it ranked dead last among major insurers in four regions and ranked in the bottom five in another two regions. The company also ranked in the bottom three for customer satisfaction regarding usage-based auto insurance.[5]

Despite its unimpressive customer satisfaction ratings relative to the industry average, Farmers receives fewer complaints than expected given its market share across all lines of business according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). In particular, Farmers received about a fourth as many complaints as expected between home and auto insurance in 2022.[7]


Farmers’ mobile app allows users to pay bills, show proof of insurance, file claims, request roadside assistance and more. Farmers insurance ratings for the mobile app were largely favorable across both Apple’s App Store and Google Play.[9][10]


Number of Reviews

Star Rating

App Store



Google Play



If you are a Farmers customer, you can receive an upfront car insurance discount just for enrolling in the company’s telematics program. Then, you can participate by downloading the Signal app, which tracks driving behaviors like your braking patterns, speed and phone use and either raises or lowers your premium at renewal depending on how safely you drove during the previous policy period. Signal may also include CrashAssist, which can detect when you have gotten into a car accident and help you easily contact emergency responders.[11]

In addition, Farmers partners with TrueCar to offer a car-buying service that allows users to see how much other people have paid for certain cars, get in contact with dealers and qualify for upwards of $2,000 worth of additional benefits for working with Farmers’ network of certified dealers.[12]


The Farmers Insurance website lists starting rates for a small number of coverage types including $10 per month for renters insurance and less than $1 per day for $1 million in personal umbrella insurance.[13][14] However, for the most part, you will need to contact Farmers directly to receive a precise quote for any of the company’s insurance products.

Keep in mind that insurance rates vary from person to person and will depend on a number of factors such as where you live, how many insurance claims you have filed in the past, the coverage limits you intend to set and more.


Farmers customers can file and track claims online or contact the company’s Claims Call Center at 800-435-7764. Once your claim has been filed, Farmers recommends that you get in touch with your assigned claim representative if you have any further questions.[8]

Farmers Car Insurance

Farmers offers car insurance coverage types that range from state-required basics to various extras you can purchase to enhance your insurance policy if you so choose.

What’s Covered

The following coverage types are available for Farmers customers to add to their auto insurance policies:[15]

What Isn’t Covered

A typical Farmers car insurance policy will come with a set of exclusions, which are sources of damage that the policy doesn’t cover. Potential exclusions you could encounter in your private passenger auto insurance policy include the following:[16]

  • Commercial activities
  • Intentional damage
  • Racing and other kinds of high-performance driving
  • Criminal acts
  • War or nuclear hazards
  • Theft of CDs and other personal property
  • Wear and tear or freezing
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdowns
  • Poor maintenance
  • Government confiscation

In addition, Farmers does not sell gap insurance.[15] As a result, your Farmers auto insurance policy won’t help you make up the difference if your car is totaled in an accident and you still owe more on your auto loan than the car is worth.

Farmers Home Insurance

Farmers also offers a wide range of homeowners insurance coverage types including the standard coverages that come with most policies and several policy endorsement options.

What’s Covered

Some of the coverage types you may be able to add to a home insurance policy through Farmers include these:[17]

What Isn’t Covered

Meanwhile, examples of homeowners insurance exclusions you could encounter in your policy include the following:[17]

  • Earth movements
  • Flooding
  • War or nuclear hazards
  • Neglect or poor maintenance
  • Poor construction or defective products
  • Wear and tear or mechanical breakdowns
  • Fungi, pathogens or pollution
  • Government action
  • Loss of power
  • Infestation of pests

Additional Policies Farmers Offers

Keep reading below for information about some of the other major types of insurance you may be able to purchase from Farmers.


Basic motorcycle insurance policies from Farmers can include liability insurance, collision insurance and comprehensive insurance. In addition, Farmers offers numerous coverage packages to account for the varying insurance needs bikers have, including policies that pay for damage to your helmet and other belongings.


Farmers also offers coverage to protect recreational vehicles (RVs) and other motor homes along with structures like awnings that are permanently attached to them. There are multiple policy endorsements you can use to enhance your RV coverage such as extra liability insurance that applies when you take your RV on vacation or to a campsite.


All-terrain vehicle (ATV) insurance from Farmers can apply to numerous types of vehicles including four-wheelers, snowmobiles, dirt bikes and golf carts. An ATV policy can provide coverage in case your vehicle is damaged or stolen, you damage someone else’s property, you injure yourself or someone else while off-roading and more.


Farmers offers numerous types of commercial insurance including commercial property, general liability, commercial crime, commercial auto, workers’ compensation, commercial umbrella and commercial life insurance. The company also offers various loss control and prevention services to small business owners.[18]

In addition, Farmers sells customized commercial insurance packages tailored to the needs of the following industries:[18]

  • Apartment
  • Auto service and repair
  • Commercial real estate
  • Independent contracting
  • Homeowners association (HOA)
  • Manufacturing
  • Office professional
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Wholesale


While your landlord’s insurance should cover the physical structure of the home you rent, you will need to buy your own renters insurance policy to protect the belongings you keep inside of your home. Renters insurance from Farmers also comes with additional living expense and liability coverage.


Similarly, a Farmers insurance policy for condos should include personal property, loss of use, personal liability and medical payments coverage. Your condo insurance should also cover any damage to the interior of your unit that wouldn’t be covered by the condo association’s insurance.


With life insurance from Farmers, you can secure a death benefit to help take care of your beneficiaries financially in case you die during your policy’s coverage period. There are four main categories of life insurance policies offered by Farmers: term life, whole life, universal life and accidental death insurance.

Farmers Insurance Discounts

See the below tables for an overview of the Farmers car insurance discounts and home insurance discounts that can help you lower your insurance premiums. Keep in mind that some of these discounts are limited to policyholders in certain states.[19]

Auto Insurance Discounts

Discount Name



This discount applies if you bundle your car insurance with another coverage type from Farmers like home, life, umbrella or small business insurance


You can also get a lower rate if you add multiple vehicles to the same policy


Signing up for Signal gives you a discount right away plus another potential discount when you renew your policy depending on your driving behaviors


Veterans, reservists and active duty military personnel get discounted auto insurance rates from Farmers as do members, employees or retirees of certain businesses, occupational groups and professional associations


You can qualify for this discount by signing up for ePolicy in order to receive bills and documents related to your policy electronically

Good Payer

Customers who have not been charged any late payment fees in the past year are rewarded with lower premiums for their next coverage period

Safe Driver

Drivers can earn lower Farmers car insurance rates if they have never filed a car insurance claim related to bodily injury

Distant Student

A student attending school at least 100 miles away from where their car is garaged can get a discount since there is a lower chance that they will need to file a claim while their car isn’t actively in use

Youthful Driver

Children and grandchildren of the primary named insured on a Farmers Smart Plan Auto policy can get lower car insurance rates if they are younger than 25 years old and the policy has been active for at least a year

Good Student

There are numerous ways to qualify for a good student discount through Farmers including maintaining a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or better, making your school’s dean’s list or honor roll, ranking in the top 20% of your class based on GPA or scoring in the top 20% on standardized tests

Shared Family Car

Your policy will be cheaper if there are more drivers than vehicles actively covered by the policy as long as one of those drivers is 20 years old or younger

On Your Own

Any driver under the age of 29 who moves out of their parents’ home can get a discount on a new Farmers policy as long as they were covered by a previous Farmers policy for at least a year

Mature / Defensive / Senior Driver

This discount applies to adults over the age of 55 who have completed approved defensive driving training in the last three years


You can secure a lower car insurance premium from Farmers if you own your home even if you buy a homeowners insurance policy from a different insurance company

Alternative Fuel

Farmers offers a discount to drivers in California with alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) including hybrid cars, electric vehicles (EVs) and those powered by propane and natural gas


Your premiums will be lower if you pay them through an automatic electronic funds transfer (EFT)

Pay in Full

Paying the premium for your entire coverage period through a single upfront payment will save you money

Antilock Brakes

Factory-installed safety features like anti-lock brakes can also earn you an auto insurance discount


Similarly, you can get a lower rate if you install alarms and other protective devices in order to minimize your risk of being the victim of car theft

Daytime Running Lights

In some states, Farmers provides a discount if your vehicle has headlights that stay on all the time

Passive Restraint

Installing passive restraint features like airbags and automatic seatbelts may earn you a discount in some states

Homing Device

You can get a discount if you install a device approved by Farmers that enables you to track and locate your car in the event that it is stolen

VIN Etching

Similarly, you may be eligible for a discount if you etch your vehicle identification number (VIN) into glass and other parts of your car as directed by Farmers in order to increase the odds that your car will be recovered if it is stolen

Home Insurance Discounts

Discount Name



Farmers offers discounted homeowners insurance rates to members, employees or retirees of certain businesses, occupational groups and professional associations


This discount applies if you bundle your home insurance with another coverage type from Farmers like auto, life, umbrella or small business insurance


Signing up to receive bills and documents related to your policy electronically can earn you an ePolicy discount

UL-Approved Roofing Materials

To qualify for this discount, you must add asphalt or fiberglass shingles that have been approved by the UL safety science company to your roof

New Home

Anyone who owns a house that is less than 14 years old can qualify for a discount through Farmers

Protective Devices

Installing protective devices like fire alarms, internal sprinklers and home security systems will lead to lower home insurance rates

Home Safety

You can also get a discount if you take steps to fortify your windows, walls, roof or foundation against damage from natural disasters or set up automatic shutoffs for your water and gas lines in certain circumstances

Green Certifications

Farmers offers eco-friendly home insurance discounts to people whose houses earn an Energy Star, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) or Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification

Claims Free

If you go three years without filing a homeowners insurance claim, you will become eligible for a discount

Connected Home

This discount applies to homeowners who install a smart home system, although you can’t claim this discount if you have already claimed a discount for protective devices, home safety or green certifications

Rent to Own

If you maintain renters insurance through Farmers for more than a year and then buy a house, you’ll get a discount on your home insurance if you stay with Farmers

Preferred Payment or EFT

This discount applies if you pay for coverage through one of Farmers’ preferred payment methods such as paying your premium in full up front or paying monthly through an EFT

Good Payer

Consistently paying your premiums on time can also lead to lower homeowners insurance rates

Farmers Insurance Reviews FAQs

Who is Farmers Insurance best suited for?

Farmers is a good insurance company for anyone looking for a one-stop insurance shop where they will encounter few problems in the policy management experience and numerous discounts to help mitigate the costs of homeowners and car insurance coverage. However, Farmers may not be best if you are in need of gap insurance or if you live in California or Florida.

How can I contact Farmers Insurance?

If you’re in need of customer support, you can contact Farmers via online portal or by calling 888-327-6335.[8]

How do I buy Farmers home and car insurance?

You can receive quotes and purchase insurance policies from Farmers online via the Farmers Insurance website.

Are there penalties if I cancel a Farmers policy?

Farmers generally doesn’t charge cancellation fees if you terminate your policy early.

Where does Farmers Insurance provide coverage?

Farmers operates in all 50 states and the District of Columbia but not all of its insurance coverage types are available in every state.[3]

How Does Farmers Compare to Other Car Insurance Companies?

Farmers vs American Family Farmers vs Auto Owners
Farmers vs Esurance Farmers vs Hanover
Farmers vs Liberty Mutual Farmers vs Mercury
Farmers vs Safeauto Farmers vs State Auto
Farmers vs Travelers  


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