Homeowners: What Is Dwelling Coverage?

According to the dictionary a dwelling is a house, apartment or another type of residence. Dwelling coverage protects the main structure of your home. Sometimes, “dwelling” also includes other structures, like a shed, fences, built-in appliances or a garage.

You’ll see the term “dwelling coverage” in your home insurance policy’s declaration page. This is the part that covers damages to your house by paying to rebuild it (not paying the market value of the house). Make sure to understand what is and what is not included in your coverage. Never make assumptions.

Each insurer has different rules and stipulations for what they will cover. Look at your list of covered perils in the declaration page of your policy to be clear on what your insurance company will and will not pay for. Speak with your agent and be clear on what you need to cover separately (expensive jewelry, expensive gym equipment, etc).

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