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If you are a licensed driver, you need auto insurance. For one thing, it's the law of the land. But most of all, auto insurance helps to protect you and your family from a potentially devastating financial loss in the event of a car accident.

Liberty Mutual charges approximately $312.09 per month on average, putting the company at No. 133 on SmartFinancial's list of the 148 cheapest insurance carriers. The Boston-based company offers an array of car insurance products, discounts, money-saving programs and special features. Let's look at what the 108-year-old industry veteran has to offer and why J.D. Power favors it over many other insurance companies.

Liberty Mutual Minimum Liability Coverage

The sixth-largest insurance carrier in the U.S., Liberty offers minimum liability coverage in all 50 states. Liability insurance helps to pay for any claims made against you as a result of an at-fault accident. In fact, every state requires the same three types of liability insurance:

  • Bodily injury per person
  • Bodily injury per accident
  • Property damage per accident

To find out your state's specific minimum liability amounts, go to your state's Department of Motor Vehicles website to find the information page about insurance requirements.

In the U.S., the average cost of bare-bones car insurance is about $125 per month. In comparison, Liberty Mutual's cheapest state average is North Carolina at $91.29 per month, followed by Minnesota at $149.96 per month. The most expensive Liberty state average is Delaware, at $852.98 per month.

Of course, the price of your premiums will reflect the amount of auto insurance you purchase. Insurance providers typically look at a host of factors, such as your age, driving record, insurance history and financial strength. When it comes to insurance rates, one size doesn't fit all!

When getting coverage quotes from Liberty, the company will want to know your zip code, your driver's license number, the make, model and year of your car, your vehicle identification number and the approximate miles on your car. You can also give this information over the phone.

Liberty Mutual Special Standard Perk

Unlike most other auto insurers, Liberty includes coverage for medical bills as part of its standard bare-bones insurance package. While Liberty Mutual premiums may be higher than the average auto insurance rate, many drivers think this benefit more than makes up for the cost difference.

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This special standard perk pays for your initial medical expenses related to an accident, regardless of who is at fault. The benefit comprehends the following costs:

  • Ambulance transportation
  • An initial hospital stay
  • Legal fees
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Funeral costs

You'll be relieved to know that this special standard perk also covers the initial accident-related medical expenses for any of your passengers, whether or not they are family members.

What's more, if one of your household family members is injured as a pedestrian or, for example, as a passenger in another person's vehicle, this benefit will cover their initial medical expenses, too.

As you can see, Liberty's standard medical expenses coverage could be a godsend in a bad situation, but it's no substitute for health insurance.

Liberty Mutual Has Other Standard Perk

Unlike other car insurance carriers, Liberty offers accident forgiveness as a standard part of its basic package of coverage options. So, if you ever have an accident claim, you're monthly bill will remain the same. Note: This benefit is good for only your first accident.

Note: You must contact your insurance agent right after an accident, whether or not it was your fault.

Save, Save, Save with Liberty Mutual Discounts

One excellent way to lower your auto insurance rate is to take advantage of your insurance provider's discounts. The more discounts you qualify for, the more you'll save on your annual insurance costs. Here are just some of the discounts available to Liberty Mutual's insurance client-partners:

Accident-free driver

A deduction for getting involved in zero fender-benders, even if it's the other guy's fault.

Advanced safety features

A deduction for anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, adaptive headlights and other safety devices. Drivers who are thinking of buying a new car should keep this discount in mind.

Alternative-energy cars

A deduction for your hybrid or electric vehicle.

Anti-theft devices

If you use a Club, an OnStar tracking device, LoJack or another kind of anti-theft device, you may qualify for this deduction.

Early shopper

A deduction for signing up with Liberty Mutual before the expiration of your policy with another auto insurance company.

Good student

A deduction for students with a grade point average of a "B" or better.


A deduction for owning your own home. For example, homeowners only pay $279.86 on average per month for their Liberty Mutual insurance, while landlord-shadowed renters pay $326.24 for the same coverage.


A deduction for active, reserved or retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Online purchase

A deduction for buying your Liberty auto policy online.

Paperless policy

A deduction for paying your premium online.


A deduction for paying for your policy in one or two payments, rather than monthly.

Preferred payment

A deduction for having your monthly payment automatically paid from your bank account.


A deduction for your college student who will drive your car only during holidays or school breaks.

These deductions can chip away at your annual balance—they all add up!

SmartFinancial Helps You To Shop Around

No two car insurance companies calculate risk the same way, and no two car insurance customers are the same. The easiest way to compare car insurance policies is to pick up the phone and call SmartFinancial at 855-214-2291.

SmartFinancial uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and smart algorithms to find the cheapest auto insurance for your auto insurance needs and budget. Some SmartFinancial partners have saved as much as $600 on their annual car insurance costs.

For free car insurance quotes, just enter your zip code or phone 855-214-2291 to speak with a licensed agent. SmartFinancial saves its customers based on real-time quotes, not biases or opinions.

How Is Liberty Mutual's Customer Service?

Customer service is among the topics that are associated with customer satisfaction. One way Liberty Mutual handles customer service is through its app, which can be accessed on either iOS or Android. The app gives you some helpful tools, allowing you to review your policy, update personal information, make complaints, and report any accidents or claims. What's more, this service is available 24/7.

While Standard & Poor's gives Liberty Mutual an A rating, the Better Business Bureau gives the company an A- rating. Overall, Liberty's customer satisfaction ratings are pretty good, though its total of complaints is higher than average when it comes to the industry's complaint index. Of course, there are lots of online "teaching materials," or customer reviews, so make it your business to check out Liberty's business.

Save $$$ by Bundling Your Policies

If you buy your car insurance as well as your home, renters or condo insurance from Liberty Mutual, the company claims you could see up to $842 in savings.

You can also save by bundling your car insurance policies. For example, here are Liberty's average monthly rates based on the number of cars you have on your policy.

  • One vehicle $297.57
  • Two vehicles $367.52
  • Three vehicles $495.87

Liberty Mutual Car Insurance by Vehicle

So, ask your insurance agent about your bundling options to save some of your hard-earned ducats.

RightTrack Telematics

Liberty Mutual's RightTrack program could save you up to 30% on your car insurance. By placing a tracking device on your windshield or behind your rearview mirror, the RightTrack app will use telematics to evaluate your driving for 90 days, looking at your braking, acceleration, nighttime driving and how many miles you drive, among other behaviors.

When the 90 days are up, your Liberty Mutual agent will confirm your discount and apply it to your premium. Also, the car insurance company will send you a mailing box so you can return the device.

Liberty's Add-On Coverage

Liberty Mutual proffers a full complement of add-on auto coverage products.


This coverage is associated with damage to your car caused by hitting another car or object (like a tree). Note: Your liability coverage does not cover any damage to your own vehicle.


This coverage is associated with damage when a car or an object hits your car (like a falling tree). You can customize your comprehensive coverage to add an extra layer of protection from things besides a collision, including theft. If you lease or finance your car, this coverage may be required.

Lifetime repair guarantee

Lifetime—lifetime!—auto repair guarantee at one of Liberty Mutual's 2,000 guaranteed repair network facilities.

Liberty Mutual Deductible Fund

This deduction is an ongoing program. Liberty annually contributes $70 for every $30 policyholders put into their accounts. If you use this fund to pay your deductible after an accident claim, you'll owe less money.

New-car replacement

The new-car replacement coverage applies only to vehicles within their first model year or under 15,000 miles.

Liberty Mutual also offers other add-on insurance options, including 24-hour roadside assistance, windshield replacement, better-car replacement, rental car reimbursement, GAP coverage, teachers auto insurance and Mexico car insurance.

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