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Boston-based Liberty Mutual Insurance is a diversified global insurer founded in 1912. Liberty Mutual is the sixth largest global property and casualty insurer and has employees and customers around the world. Just how big is Liberty Mutual? Liberty Mutual has 45,000-plus employees worldwide and does business in 29 countries. Liberty Mutual has three business units, personal insurance lines, including auto and home, commercial insurance lines and Liberty Mutual Investments. That’s a lot of customers to take care of and that is the job of the Liberty Mutual customer service department. Let’s take a closer look at what they do and the financial strength ratings for Liberty Mutual.

What Liberty Mutual Customer Services Reps Do

Liberty Mutual customer service representatives are available to answer your calls about your billing questions, claims inquiries and general questions you may have about auto insurance and other insurance products with Liberty Mutual. When you are speaking to a customer service rep, you’ll also learn about bundling your insurance policies. Bundling auto and home insurance or auto and renters insurance or auto and condo insurance will save you money on your insurance premiums.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Liberty Mutual has an A+ rating and accreditation with the BBB.

Financial Strength of Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual Insurance received an A rating from A.M. Best for financial strength and this excellent rating was affirmed in June 2020. Liberty Mutual has an A rating from Standard and Poor’s for financial strength and an A2 rating from Moody’s for financial security.

Ways to Save on Liberty Mutual Premiums

At Liberty Mutual, customer service reps will customize your home insurance policy so you only pay for what you need. This is one important money-saving strategy, choosing your policy wisely. And as mentioned, another key money-saving strategy is to bundle your auto insurance policy with another insurance policy with Liberty Mutual such as a home insurance policy. Both these tips will go far in lowering your auto insurance premium. And these are both things a Liberty Mutual customer service rep can discuss with you.

How to File a Claim with Liberty Mutual

The quickest way to make an auto accident claim is with your Liberty Mutual online account. You’ll need your username and password, the approximate date of the incident and basic details of what happened. But you also can call Liberty Mutual customer service if you would like to talk the situation over with a Liberty Mutual customer service rep.

Once you file your auto accident claim, it is time to have the accident damage reviewed. This means having all the damage from the car accident documented. So take as many photos as you can. An in-person review may be required as well. So be ready to show the damage on your car to a Liberty Mutual representative.

The next step is receiving an estimate and scheduling repairs. Liberty Mutual will estimate the amount of money that it will take to repair or replace your car. Not sure where to repair your car? Liberty Mutual can help schedule the repairs. Questions along the way? Liberty Mutual customer service reps can help.

How to Pay Your Bills to Liberty Mutual

Reach out to a Liberty Mutual customer service rep and sign up with AutoPay. Once you sign up for AutoPay by scheduling automatic payments from your bank account to Liberty Mutual, your payments will be all set. All you have to do is make sure there is enough money in your account to pay the bill.

There are several other ways to pay with Liberty Mutual. You can pay by credit card or bank account. You can pay through online banking. You can sign up for a payroll deduction and have your bill automatically deducted from your paycheck on a recurring basis. You can pay by phone by an automated service. Or you may call to speak with a Liberty Mutual customer service rep and have them assist you with your payment.

If you download the Liberty Mutual mobile app, you can pay your bill through the app. You also can change your payment schedule and view transaction history with the app.

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How You Can Save Money on Your Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance Bills

Multi-Policy Discount. You’ll get a discount for having more than one policy with Liberty Mutual. Got more than one policy? Let a Liberty Mutual customer service rep know. You’ll save money on your premiums.

Multi-Car Discount. Do you have more than one car to insure? Insure them all with Liberty Mutual and save money on your car insurance premiums. Let a Liberty Mutual customer service rep know that you have two or more cars to insure to get started.

Preferred Payment Discount. Enroll in an automatic payment linked to your bank account and earn a discount on your car insurance premium. A Liberty Mutual customer service rep will help you get enrolled.

Pay-In-Full Discount. You’ll get a discount with Liberty Mutual for paying your policy in just one or two payments.

Online Purchase Discount. Buy an insurance policy online and get a discount. It’s that simple.

Paperless Policy Discount. Go paperless with your policy documents and you’ll earn a discount. So let a Liberty Mutual customer service rep know that you’d like to go paperless and start saving.

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