SR22 Insurance: Texas Laws and Requirements

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An SR22 is a financial responsibility insurance certificate for high-risk drivers and is required by the department of motor vehicles. SR-22 insurance policies give Texans with not-so-perfect driving records a second chance to get back on the state's highways. Texas requires SR-22 certification when a court suspends a person's driving privileges because of a serious traffic violation or accident.

Once a driver completes the SR-22 certification process, they will have their privileges restored under Texas Law. In this article, you'll learn how to get an SR-22 insurance certificate in your state to reinstate your privileges and possibly get same day coverage.

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What Is SR22 Insurance in Texas?

SR-22 is insurance certification required for high-risk drivers. This auto insurance includes a financial responsibility certificate authorized under the state's Transportation Code 601. This document shows the Texas DPS that you've complied with the minimum liability insurance requirements.

The Texas Department of Public Safety asks a driver to submit it to prove the person has enough motor vehicle liability insurance after a license suspension.

The state usually suspends licenses for multiple traffic offenses. Once they successfully finish this form, the state will reinstate the driver's suspended license.

When Do I Need an SR 22?

You must maintain coverage for your SR-22 through the court's mandated period. Your auto insurance company will notify the Texas DPS if you allow your auto insurance certificate to lapse.

Once you complete the state's requirements, you must also contact your provider when you cancel or terminate this auto insurance policy.

How Long Must I Maintain SR-22 Coverage?

You must carry SR-22 coverage for two years beginning from the date of a conviction for traffic offenses that require this certification, usually around two years. If you don't you'll have trouble renewing your vehicle registration. The courts can also require this coverage after an accident that results in deaths or catastrophic injuries. When a court has issued a judgment, you must maintain this coverage from the date the court rendered it to the end date set by the courts.

Texas also requires SR-22 insurance when drivers must place a security deposit with the Department of Public Safety to comply with the law after a crash or crash default suspension.

Texas Minimum Liability Insurance Coverage

You can only purchase SR-22 insurance certificates from a qualified car insurance company when you buy motor vehicle liabiity insurance or full coverage. The policy you buy must conform to the state's minimum liability coverage amounts for auto insurance at the least.

In Texas, these include:

  • $30,000 for bodily injury or death of one person in a crash
  • $60,000 for bodily injury or death of two or more persons in a car crash and,
  • $25,000 for damage or destruction of property of others in a crash

An SR-22 insurance policy shows the state you've complied with its financial responsibility requirements. After paying your fees, a carrier will submit the SR-22 certificate to provide proof of coverage.

Why Do I Have to File an SR-22 with My Car Insurance Company?

Filing an SR-22 insurance certificate is mandatory when the state has suspended your driver's license due to high-risk offenses. The Texas DOT requires that you obtain an SR-22 if you commit the following violations:

  • Second convictions for having no motor vehicle liability insurance
  • Civil Judgments filed against the driver
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • An accident that results in death, serious injuries, or damage to motor vehicles

The state doesn't accept an auto insurance card or policy or other alternatives in place of an SR-22 certificate filing. If a court has required you to get insured with an SR-22 filing, you must get one from an auto insurance company authorized to submit an SR-22 certificate.

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What Is SR-22A Insurance?

An SR-22A filing with your car insurance policy is a financial responsibility insurance certificate. A court may require you to get SR-22A Insurance to reinstate your license. The state only imposes the filing requirement when law enforcement has caught you violating its financial responsibility laws multiple times or driving without coverage.

SR-22A policies are only available from insurance companies in a few states, including Texas. Car insurance companies require drivers to pay in six-month installments instead of the monthly billing required for regular SR-22 policies.

What Happens If Your SR-22 Auto Insurance Lapses?

You must maintain your SR-22 insurance for the mandatory period of two years otherwise you will have trouble with vehicle registration renewal. The auto insurance carrier will notify the state if your policy lapses, or when the insurer cancels it.

You must buy a new SR-22 auto insurance policy if your court date requires a filing extension. If you don't file a new certificate, the state may suspend your license once more. The state will require you to pay the reinstatement fees, buy a new auto insurance policy and undergo the process again.

After you've completed the two-year period required by the court, you must provide proof to your insurer that they no longer need to file your SR-22 certification form. If you do not, the insurer will continue submitting this filing to the state on your behalf.

How Do I Get My SR-22 Coverage in Texas?

The state requires Texas drivers to complete this process to reinstate their driving privileges in the state:

Find an Authorized SR-22 Insurance Provider

You must find an authorized provider to issue your SR-22 certificate and coverage since not every insurer can submit them. Contact each insurance carrier to learn if they are qualified to submit your paperwork. Use SmartFinancial's online price-comparison service that can help you find a qualified SR-22 insurance provider.

Reinstate Your License

Paying these fees will help you get your license reinstated. First, submit the state's required $100 reinstatement fee before the renewal or issuance of your driver's license. Additionally, you must pay any outstanding charges to the state.

For more information, visit the Texas Department of Public Safety's "License Eligibility" website to learn what costs you must submit.

Submit Your SR-22 Filing Fee

After you've paid all charges, visit your insurance company and ask them to submit your SR-22 financial responsibility form. Texas insurance companies usually charge costs between $15 - $50 to file an SR22.

File with the Texas Department of Public Safety

Once you're insured, your carrier will electronically file this form for a fee. Texas also allows you to mail the SR-22 certificate to the Texas DPS. You can also file an SR-22 form in person. If you want to file this form in person, ask your current insurance company for the certificate.

Get Confirmation

After you've paid the costs, the state will automatically notify you once it received your forms. Check your driver eligibility status online through the Texas DPS website. You'll know that the state processed your forms once it updates your driving privilege status to "eligible."

How Much Do Texas Car Insurance Companies Charge for an SR-22 Insurance Certificate?

If the state has ordered you to purchase an SR-22 insurance policy, it will cost more than your other coverage. It occurs, in part, because the violation has caused your rates to increase. A DUI conviction can cause your rates to increase almost 70 percent even without the SR-22 insurance coverage.

Here are sample SR-22 insurance rates from different insurance companies within Texas.

Insurance Companies Annual Average Premium Annual Average Premium with SR-22
USAA $489 $832
State Farm $757 $1,216
Allstate $1,678 $3,207

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Non-Owner SR22 Insurance: Texas Requirements

Do you have to get SR-22 insurance but no longer own a vehicle or have one registered under your name? If so, you're still required to buy an SR-22 insurance in Texas. You can file a certificate known as a non-owner SR-22 to comply with the state's requirements.

The state also requires this coverage when a person wants to obtain an occupational permit. It provides minimum liability coverage to meet the state's requirements and whenever you drive another person's vehicle. These policies have lower rates than owner SR-22 insurance policies; however, they do not provide comprehensive or collision coverage to pay for damages you cause to the owner's car.

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