What Exactly Is Allstate's Auto Insurance

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Allstate auto insurance is known for customizing each customer's policy. When you buy a policy from Allstate you are buying personalized coverage. Let’s face it: accidents happen and you need to protect your car from expensive mishaps that occur even with the best driver at the helm. Car insurance not only covers damages to vehicles and property, but it can help pay for medical bills and legal costs associated with accidents. Each person has unique risks and that’s why an auto insurance policy needs to be personalized.

Allstate has coverage in all states, so if you travel frequently, this may be the right fit for you. Allstate is also technology forward, so you can do most of your transactions online, including filing a claim.

Allstate offers discounts based on your car’s make and model as well as your personal profile which includes information about your credit score and the requirements in your state. Lots of information goes into determining how much you will pay for car insurance. You can find out what rate Allstate and other carriers will offer you if you fill out one form with SmartFinancial. It’s free to compare rates this way. It’s always a good idea to compare rates before you buy.

Drivewise from Allstate

This is personalization at its best. Allstate rewards drivers every six months for driving at safe speeds, making safe stops and driving low miles and at safe hours. All you have to do is plus in the device and watch your insurance costs go down. After you get a rate from an agent, ask how you can get the Drivewise device to get started.

Insurance for Teen Drivers

Allstate helps new drivers save with discounts for good students, and students under the age of 21 with a car at school 100+ miles from home. There’s also the technology-forward teenSMART training program, which helps reduce teen collision risks by offering feedback on driving skills. And Drivewise does the same and can greatly reduce insurance rates for safer drivers.

Accident Forgiveness

This is offered to all Allstate drivers, including teens. You are forgiven one rate hike due to an accident.

Rideshare Insurance

Allstate’s Ride for Hire is rideshare insurance that covers the gap between personal coverage and the company’s (TNC) coverage. This inexpensive rideshare insurance ensures that you are covered at all points of a trip while you are working. Even when you are protected by your TNC coverage, deductibles apply, and Allstate can help you pay for the deductible.

Types of Coverage

  • Collision coverage covers expenses related to damage or total loss of a vehicle from an accident or other type of collision
  • Comprehensive coverage covers expenses related to damage to a vehicle caused by vandalism, theft, hail, fallen objects and more.
  • Liability coverage is required in every state and covers expenses related to at-fault injury, property damage and even death.
  • Medical payments coverage covers medical expenses if you or your passengers are hurt.
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage covers expenses if the other driver involved in an accident has no insurance or not enough to cover the loss.
  • Roadside Coverage covers roadside services like jump starts and tire change.
  • Personal Injury Protection is required in some states and covers expenses injuries you sustained in an accident.

There are other coverages too, including Sound System Insurance, Personal Umbrella Policy, Rental Reimbursement Coverage, Classic Car Insurance and Mexico Insurance.

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Allstate Claims


There are a few steps you need to take when you file an Allstate auto insurance claim.

Step 1: File and Track the Claim with the claim number you’re provided.

Step 2: Evaluate Damage: You will be given an estimate and repair choices. You can even submit car damage photos using your phone.

Step 3: Review Your Estimate: You will get details about the settlement based on what’s covered by your policy and its limits.

Step 4: Get Your Car Repaired: You can choose your own shop or use the Allstate Good Hands Repair Network.

Step 5: This is the final step. Either Allstate will pay the repair shop directly or send you money as reimbursement. Discuss your options with your agent.

If you still need help with an existing claim that hasn’t been resolved, contact 1 (800) 255-7828.

Allstate claim satisfaction guarantee reimburses drivers if they are not happy with an auto claims experience. Ask your agent for more details.

Allstate Customer Service

Allstate customer service and support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact your agent for assistance or call Allstate directly. If you ever have a bad experience with an agent you send feedback to Allstate by completing the “contact us form” on the website.

Allstate Auto Insurance Prices

Prices vary from one driver to another. The average Allstate annual rate is $1,779 to $1,983, according to Consumer Affairs, which cites the Deductible Rewards program as a very valuable discount program. Basically, it allows you to take $100 off your deductible each year for safe driving, up to $500!

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