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How much does car insurance cost in Pittsburgh, PA? Check out the average rates that drivers pay below.

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What Is the Average Cost of Car Insurance in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is an American city with a rich industrial history, hence the nickname Steel City. Pittsburgh has produced the world's most essential manufacturing materials.

Several publications have named Pittsburgh one of the best places to live in the United States. It is home to fantastic tourist attractions like the 140-year-old Duquesne Incline, Phipps Conservatory, the Strip District and Warhol Museum. The Ohio Valley city has two of the nation's best sports teams: the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Pittsburgh residents can use the Port Authority, Public Transit or Passenger Rail to get around town. It’s always better, however, to have a car to visit every attraction and hot spot within the city.

Are you a Pittsburgh resident who has recently purchased a new car or wants cheaper rates for car insurance? You’ll need great auto coverage to protect your vehicle, new or old. In this article, you’ll learn about Pittsburgh’s minimum insurance requirements.

Monthly Average Rates by Country, State, and City

Car insurance rates vary from driver to driver and are based on many factors that include driving history, claims history and where you live. Each city in Pennsylvania has different rates, and below, you can compare average rates with the national average. According to our data, drivers who live in Pittsburgh typically pay around $124.86 per month compared to the national average of $146.44 per month. The best way to get a low rate is by comparison shopping. SmartFinancial can do that for you at no cost while pairing you with a reputable insurance company so you have no surprises if you have an accident.

AreaAverage Monthly Rate
National $146.44
Pennsylvania $138.42
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania $124.86

Pittsburgh, PA Best Car Insurance Companies

car insurance in Pittsburgh

Certain insurers will offer you better rates than others based on a myriad of factors, so you may get a better deal from one insurer over another for various reasons, and that’s why it’s important to compare. According to our data, Clearcover generally has the most affordable car insurance in Pittsburgh coming in around $67.43 per month. Other companies to consider if you live in Pittsburgh is National General with an average cost of $90.79 per month and State Farm which typically runs around $94.42 per month. Check out the full list below. SmartFinancial rates the following insurers as the best insurance companies for drivers in Pittsburgh.

RankCompanyAverage Monthly RateComparison State Average
1 Clearcover $67.43-51.29%
2 National General $90.79-34.41%
3 State Farm $94.42-31.79%
4 Verti Insurance $95.78-30.81%
5 Penn National $98.74-28.67%
6 Erie $104.07-24.82%
7 Auto-Owners Insurance Co $113.79-17.80%
8 Nationwide $116.65-15.73%
9 Atlantic States Insurance $121.41-12.29%
10 Allied $129.06-6.76%

How Much is Car Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA?

how much is auto insurance in Pittsburgh

Rates can vary from city to city. The residents of Allentown typically pay $132.95 per month while people who live in Bethlehem will pay $126.65 per month on average. See what people pay for car insurance in other cities in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania CitiesMonthly Average Rate
Allentown $132.95
Bethlehem $126.65
Erie $118.05
Harrisburg $110.67
Lancaster $108.72
New Castle$108.12
Philadelphia $210.24
Pittsburgh $124.97
Reading $123.61
Scranton $113.49
Valley Forge$73.61
Wilkes Barre $106.71
York $111.65

Cheap Car Insurance in Pittsburgh by Zip Codes

find cheap auto insurance in Pittsburgh

Every zip code rates differently with every insurer. Your zip code determines the crime rate in your area as well as other risks. Below, you can see how average rates range across the state of Pennsylvania. If you live in an area that is rated high in crime, you can make sure to garage your car in a safe place. That ought to save you some money. Covered and gated structures are best. Make sure to tell your insurance agent about the precautions you’re taking.

Pittsburgh, PA ZIP CodeAverage Monthly Rate

Car Insurance Rates by Driver's Age Group in Pittsburgh

Generally speaking, you pay more in car insurance the younger you are and the older you are. Teens and young adults often pay around $263.21 per month in Pittsburgh. Compare that to drivers in their 30’s who typically pay around $115.38 per month drivers in their 40s at $102.96 per month. It’s always a good idea to check for discounts that apply at any age. Some discounts include away-at-school discount, safe driver discount, mature driver discount, good student discount as well as multi-policy and bundling discounts.

Age GroupAverage Monthly Rate

Cheapest Insurance for Teenage Drivers in Pittsburgh

If you are teen in Pittsburgh you are probably looking for a good deal on car insurance. Since teenage drivers typically pay the highest rates of any other age group, it’s important to compare multiple companies. According to our research, Clearcover typically charges around $63.93 per month. This is likely the most affordable option in Pittsburgh. You might also want to consider Verti Insurance and Safeco who also offer good affordable policies for teen drivers.

CompanyAverage Monthly Rate
Verti Insurance$107.80
Jupiter Auto Insurance$189.52
State Farm$207.22

Cheapest Insurance for 20 Year-olds in Pittsburgh

20 year-olds in Pittsburgh might want to consider Clearcover who, on average, offers car insurance rates around $55.44 per month. Verti Insurance , State Farm , Penn National and Erie are also in the top 5 cheapest rates available.

CompanyAverage Monthly Rate
Verti Insurance$110.20
State Farm$127.70
Penn National$129.97

Cheapest Insurance for 30 Year-olds in Pittsburgh

If you are in your 30s in Pittsburgh our research has found that Penn National typically has the most affordable coverage coming in around $81.45 per month, followed by State Farm at $84.24 and Clearcover at $87.19.

CompanyAverage Monthly Rate
Penn National$81.45
State Farm$84.24
Verti Insurance$89.85

Cheapest Insurance for 40 Year-olds in Pittsburgh

On average, Clearcover offers car insurance for 40 year-olds in Pittsburgh for around $57.25 per month. If you are looking for affordable coverage, you may also want to consider National General or Penn National. The full list of top companies is below.

CompanyAverage Monthly Rate
National General$71.77
Penn National$76.94
State Farm$87.55
Verti Insurance$92.43

Cheapest Insurance for 50 Year-olds in Pittsburgh

Oftentimes 50 year-olds enjoy some of the lowest rates of any other age group. In Pittsburgh we found that National General generally offers the most affordable coverage at $45.40 per month.

CompanyAverage Monthly Rate
National General$45.40
Penn National$64.51
State Farm$75.71
Verti Insurance$76.98

Cheapest Insurance for 60 Year-olds in Pittsburgh

If you live in Pittsburgh and you’re in your 60s, our data indicates that Penn National usually has the best rates at $61.10 per month. The top 5 list of car insurance companies is below.

CompanyAverage Monthly Rate
Penn National$61.10
State Farm$67.89
Atlantic States Insurance$80.01

Driver's Coverage Auto Insurance Rates in Pittsburgh, PA

driver's coverage

Typically, drivers who currently have car insurance coverage will receive a cheaper monthly quote than drivers who do not. Since car insurance is a requirement in all 50 states, companies may question why you don't currently have coverage. Because of this, they may see you as a higher risk driver. In Pittsburgh, the average monthly rate for a driver who is currently insured is $106.29 while drivers who are not currently covered will pay around $146.52.

CoverageAverage Monthly Rate
Not Currently Insured $146.52
Currently Insured $106.29

Compare Recent Car Insurance Quotes in Pittsburgh

auto insurance quotes in Pittsburgh city

Your vehicle plays a big part in how you rate for car insurance. The more your car is worth, the higher your car insurance rate. To lower your monthly premiums, you can set a higher deductible, but you’ll need to pay that deductible if you have an accident. Generally speaking, the newer a car is, the more it’s worth, and you may pay more in premiums, but the latest safety features will earn you a discount. The overall safety ratings of a car are also considered when determining your rate. In Pittsburgh a driver of a 2017 Toyota Prius can expect to pay around $387.85 per month while someone that owns a 2012 Toyota 4runner may pay around $147.44 per month. Check out the list of recent quotes in Pittsburgh below.

VehicleAverage Monthly Rate
2017 Toyota Prius$387.85
2012 Toyota 4runner$147.44
2017 Chevrolet Sonic$58.63
2003 Land Rover Discovery Ii$48.34

FAQ's for Drivers in Pittsburgh, PA

driver’s frequently asked question in Pittsburgh

What Is the Minimum Amount of Liability Coverage Requirement in Pittsburgh?

According to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, Pittsburgh drivers must buy and maintain their car insurance in order to drive within the state. The law calls this maintaining financial responsibility on your vehicles. Any lapse in insurance can result in a suspension of your driving privileges for three months.

The minimum amounts of insurance required for vehicles in Pittsburgh are:

  • $15,000 bodily injury per person

  • $30,000 bodily injury for all persons

  • $5,000 property damage liability

  • $15,000/$30,000 uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance

  • $5,000 medical benefits

Unfortunately, the minimum coverage amount may not provide you with enough coverage if you get into an accident with another vehicle. You find better coverage at more affordable rates through SmartFinancial. Just enter your zip code, and we’ll provide you with premiums from local insurance agents within your area.

What Is the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Limit in Pittsburgh?

According to Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation (PennDOT), alcohol can affect drivers in different ways. It depends on several factors, including a driver’s gender, weight, alcohol consumption and the foods they’ve eaten. 

In Pennsylvania, it’s illegal for drivers to operate vehicles with the following Blood Alcohol Concentration limits:

  • .08 percent BAC (drivers 21 years and older)

  • .04 percent BAC (commercial drivers)

  • .02 percent BAC under the Zero-Tolerance Law (minors under 21 years old).

Are you a Pittsburgh driver that has a DUI on your record? We understand that one conviction can raise your rates substantially. You can use SmartFinancial to search for more affordable insurance coverage. To find a local insurer within your area, use our form below.

Can I Register My Car Without Insurance in Pittsburgh?

No. Pennsylvania requires all drivers to show proof of financial responsibility (insurance) when they initially register their vehicles. Documentation must include the insurance company’s name and policy number. It should also include the effective date and expiration date of the coverage.

Acceptable forms of insurance include:

  • An Insurance Identification Card

  • A declaration page of insurance policy

  • An application for insurance to the Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan signed by a licensed insurance agent or broker

  • A copy of a certificate of self-insurance issued by PennDOT

  • A valid binder of insurance issued by an insurer to sell motor vehicle liability insurance within the state

  • A copy of a letter from an insurance carrier that verifies proof of financial responsibility of the insured on an insurance company’s letterhead and signed by a licensed agent.

What happens if I don’t have insurance or my coverage lapses?

Since liability insurance is a minimum requirement in your state (and most others), there are penalties for being caught driving without it. The fines are as high as $300 and you risk registration suspension, license suspension, and an impounded car. Don’t take the chance!


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23.8 Miles

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26.4 Miles

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The statistics listed on this page are from our own in house reporting. We track and record quotes that carriers have provided based on various criteria. The rates and averages shown on this page should only be used as an estimate.

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