Ways To Get a Cheap Dental Cleaning Without Insurance

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You can get a cheap dental cleaning without insurance by joining dental networks, approaching dental schools or negotiating with practitioners directly. Whether you're investigating the standard fees associated with dental procedures or seeking affordable alternatives for maintaining your oral health, this guide delves into the cost dynamics of dental cleanings without insurance.

Key Takeaways

  • The cost of teeth cleanings without insurance can vary between $100 and $200.
  • If you don’t have dental insurance, it may be possible to get an affordable dental cleaning by joining a dental network, using a DIY kit or going to a dental school.
  • It may also be possible to ask your dentist if there’s any way to apply a discount or create a payment plan if you’re unable to make a single payment up front.
  • If you try to get dental insurance, obtain at least three to five quotes from multiple providers.

Can You Get Dental Cleaning Without Insurance?

Getting a dental cleaning without insurance is possible but it may require a bit more research. With a supplemental dental plan, you can just search for a dentist within your network and schedule an appointment. Without insurance, you will need to explore alternative options, like going to a dental school and being serviced by a student or negotiating a discounted price or payment plan with a dentist’s office.

How Much Does a Dental Cleaning Cost Without Insurance?

The cost of a dental cleaning generally costs between $100 and $200.[1] Meanwhile, the cost of other types of dental procedures can cost a few hundred to over a thousand dollars. The price fluctuation for certain procedures is due to the location of certain teeth and the severity of the damage being treated.

Dental Procedure



$50 to $4,500[2]

Root canals

$600 to $1,500[3]


$3,000 to $10,000[4]



Note: Even if you have dental insurance, it’s possible that you will still pay for certain costs out of pocket. Some dental plans don’t cover the full cost of the teeth cleaning and other procedures, instead paying only a percentage and then you pay the rest. Other out-of-pocket costs like copays and coinsurance can also apply whenever you visit your dentist, although meeting your deductible is usually not required for preventive care, like a routine cleaning.

How To Get a Cheap Dental Cleaning Without Insurance

Below, we've compiled several alternative options for getting cheap dental cleaning if you do not have dental insurance.

Join a Dental Network

Look into dental networks like CareFreeDental and DentalPlans if you're unable to afford regular dental insurance. By paying a membership fee, you get discounted rates from affiliated dentists while being able to search for providers tailored to your needs, such as location or specific procedures.

Go to a Dental School

Dental schools are full of students who can perform simple teeth cleanings and perhaps other oral treatments at lower rates. Understand, however, that these are students, meaning they are still in training. You can rest easy, though, as students are typically accompanied by a trained professional to help guide them through the process and if necessary, step in and finish the procedure.

Dental Cleaning Kits

At-home dental cleaning kits are available through online stores, such as Amazon. Prices and quality vary, so make sure you do your homework and look at user reviews and ratings. Also, remember that these tools can be sharp and require great care in their use.


Dental clinics can provide treatments at reduced costs for those on a tight budget. Additionally, free and non-profit dental clinics exist in some areas, offering care based on a sliding fee scale or even for free, though they might have longer wait times. NeedyMeds is a great resource for finding low-cost and free dental care.

Look for Discounts

Dental offices can post discount coupons for teeth cleanings in places like Groupon and other online sources for dentists in your area. Keep in mind any expiration dates as discounts typically have a shelf life.


Some dentists may be willing to come down on their prices depending on a number of factors. For instance, some may offer you a discounted rate if you pay upfront and in cash. And if the dentist is not willing to be flexible on his pricing, you may be able to negotiate a payment plan, giving you some breathing room so you're not out the full cost of treatment.

Dentists for Uninsured Patients

You may be able to get a dentist cleaning without insurance and for free depending on the dental hygienist. However, dental professionals may have constraints regarding when they are available and the level of cleaning they're willing to donate. Getting a deep teeth cleaning that is riddled with gum disease may be beyond what a dentist is willing to do for free.

How To Get Insurance for a Dental Cleaning

When seeking traditional dental insurance plans, gathering at least three to five quotes from various providers is wise. Different insurers might ask for details about your oral health history, the type of coverage you're seeking, your location and even past dental procedures. Repeatedly providing this data to each insurer can become time-consuming and repetitive.

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How often should you get dental cleanings?

You should get a teeth cleaning every six months (twice yearly).[6] Getting regular dental cleaning can help prevent gum disease and plaque buildup.

Do I need insurance to go to the dentist?

You don't need insurance in order to go to the dentist. However, you will be paying for the entire cost of your treatment on your own.

Does Medicare cover dental cleanings?

Medicare does not cover dental cleaning costs unless they are considered medically necessary. You'll need to move to a Medicare Advantage plan or buy a form of secondary coverage via a standalone dental policy.


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