How To Find Same Day Car Insurance

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Car owners may need immediate car insurance coverage because they’re purchasing a new vehicle or because their old policy is about to expire or just expired. It’s as easy as calling an insurer or going online to get a quote.

Most carriers will let you purchase coverage that begins on the same day. Additionally, same-day coverage is no different from standard coverage, which means policyholders can get anything from property damage liability, bodily injury coverage, comprehensive coverage and collision insurance in under an hour.

Technically, any car insurance policy could be thought of as same-day insurance — you don’t have to do anything special. Policyholders simply have to talk to an insurance agent over the phone or sign up for quotes online.

Once you find a policy you like, just sign up for it and follow the steps. Most policyholders will need to complete an application online or answer questions over the phone before completing a payment. Once this step is done and the policy is paid, drivers will receive an identification card.

Your insurer may also allow you access to your identification card and policy documentation online, allowing you to easily change your coverage any time you need to. You can also file claims for auto accidents and damages or look for roadside assistance when necessary.

Remember that same-day insurance doesn’t mean insurance for one day or temporary insurance. Same-day just means the coverage goes into effect the same day of purchase. One-day insurance is usually a scam since you usually need a minimum of one month to secure a legitimate insurance policy.

Can I Get Auto Insurance Instantly?

Policyholders can get car insurance instantly after getting a quote online or over the phone. If you just bought a new car at the dealership but need car insurance in order to drive it home, you can shop around and, in minutes, buy a policy right away.

Keep in mind:

  • Some insurance carriers will allow you to sign up online or over the phone, but smaller insurance companies may ask you to stop by one of their offices to finalize the quote.
  • You will need to have information about the car on hand when comparing quotes.
  • If you can’t find same-day insurance with smaller companies, try a larger one like Allstate or Nationwide.

How Long Does It Take To Get Car Insurance?

If you are already insured by one company and want to switch to another company, just ask your new insurer to start coverage at a certain date, and you’re covered.

Most carriers will let you purchase coverage that begins on the same day.

If you want to get insured on the spot, it should take you a few minutes to buy car insurance once you fill out an online form, stop by your local insurance office or call your insurance agent. If you’re buying a new car at the dealership, you can buy the auto insurance coverage before you drive off the lot.

If you need specialized insurance for a rare or classic car, it may take longer than a day because it will take longer to establish the agreed upon value of the car before you’re quoted a rate.

What Do I Need To Get an Instant Car Insurance Quote Online?

Buying a same-day insurance policy is easy and fairly quick, especially if you have all the information necessary on hand. To get a quote, you may need to provide the following about yourself and any other driver on your policy:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Living situation/ marital status
  • Occupation
  • Driver's license
  • Social security numbers of drivers
  • Commute distance
  • Vehicle identification number or the make, model and year of the vehicle you want to buy
  • Recent driving violations, tickets, driving courses and accidents
  • Vehicle mileage
  • Recent filed insurance claims
  • Current insurance coverage, if you have one (most insurers require six months continuous coverage prior to offering a policy)
  • Date of purchase of the car
Same Day Car Insurance - Compare Quotes and Save

Which Companies Sell Same-Day Car Insurance?

Some of the best insurers offer same-day coverage, including:

Insurance Companies

Sell Same-Day Insurance



American Family












State Farm






Safe Auto

Varies by state

Erie Insurance


If you need specialized insurance for a rare or classic car, it may take longer than a day.

A few reasons you may not get same-day car insurance include:

  • The insurer is too small to provide it
  • You want to insure a classic or collector car
  • You want to insure a modified vehicle
  • You want to insure an especially expensive car
  • You have too many at-fault car accidents and moving violations (making you a high-risk driver)
  • Your insurer doesn’t have all the info it needs to determine a quote
  • You don’t have a permanent address
  • You recently moved

Is Same-Day Auto Insurance Retroactive?

No, same-day car insurance is not retroactive and cannot be backdated. Policyholders cannot purchase vehicle insurance on the same day as a collision and hope it will cover the accident that occurred before they had a policy. Even when you purchase same-day insurance, it only takes effect the minute you purchase it, not prior. Attempting to file an insurance claim for an accident that happened before you had a policy could result in penalties and a dropped policy, plus the potential of being charged with insurance fraud.


Does car insurance start instantly?

Car insurance starts the same day the policy is purchased, but not a minute before. For example, if you get into a car accident in the morning and purchase car insurance in the afternoon, the new car insurance policy will not cover the accident.

How long after I buy a car can I get insurance?

You don’t have to wait! You can even buy car insurance while at the dealership — you just need to provide information about the car you wish to purchase to get an up-to-date insurance quote.

Key Takeaways

  • Most major insurers will offer same-day car insurance.
  • Shopping for the perfect car insurance policy is as easy as going online, calling the insurance company, or visiting their location.
  • Buying a car policy online may mean no markups or agency fees, making it a cheaper option.
  • Shopping around doesn’t impact your current policy.

Need Car Insurance Right Away?

Most well-known insurers are able to provide same-day car insurance. If you’re shopping around for a car policy right away, just make sure to have all the information necessary on hand to make the process quicker.

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