10 Reasons You Should Comparison Shop for Auto Insurance Quotes

Fran Majidi
May 8, 2019

Do you really want to shop comparison websites all day, all night and have your phone ring its cellular brains out with crappy prices on auto insurance? No, you want to fill out a simple form with simple questions and be handed a list of prices and coverages to choose from. Yes, you want it to be free! And you only want to speak with a human being when you’re ready to seal the deal with the policy of your choosing.

This what the ideal car insurance or homeowners insurance buying experience can be and should be. Far too often, though, finding cheap car insurance is an obstacle course with no end in sight. No, GEICO didn’t save you 15% in 15 minutes. And yes Flo did you wrong. There are still a ton of other reputable car insurance companies out there, so don’t lose hope. SmartFinancial’s intricate price comparison engine will churn out some sweet deals for you.

Here are 10 reasons you should comparison shop car insurance every year:

  1. Convenience.

    You can pick your wedgy and have morning breath and no one needs to know about it when you fill out a digital form at SmartFinancial.com. Need we say more? No, really, comparison shopping this way doesn’t have to be a nightmare. We know that all too often when you’ve tried, you gave out your information and then got stalked by relentless sales people for weeks on end. And just when you thought it was over, the slacker in the bunch called you with the most unconvincing tone ever. We know your past experiences with insurance have always ended badly and so you’ve almost accepted the fate of paying too much for car insurance just to stay sane. But we promise that SmartFinancial’s search engine is different. It’s not even an engine. It’s a digital yet human way of getting prospect information, and we are the only humans who will call you unless you already made the mistake of going to another comparison site first. If you did, we’re so sorry.

  2. Prices:

    The car insurance quotes you get after filling out a form are the fruit of your labor. Insurance companies simply cannot compete with the technology that SmartFinancial uses to get so many different car insurance quotes at one given time. Yes, you can do the work yourself but it will take hours. Why would you do it yourself when comparison shopping insurance with SmartFinancial is free? If in the past you got a quote that was not great, don’t give up! Each insurance company has their own way of calculating risk. Different pricing formulas will bring you a wide range of insurance quotes and every insurer has a unique one. In addition to other factors, the following can raise or lower your car insurance quote: vehicle information, current or previous insurer's name, marital status, driving experience, zip code, job and home ownership. Keep this info handy when you get visit the SmartFinancial website.

  3. More Choices:

    If you’re sticking with the car insurance company you’ve been with for years, thinking you’re getting a loyalty discount, you’re probably assuming wrongly. In general insurance companies are not exactly known for giving out loyalty discounts very generously. Some do offer it, but for the most part, you’re probably paying too much for your coverage if you haven’t shopped around for auto insurance in the past year. It takes just a few minutes for you to save hundreds a year. Why wouldn’t you do it? Also, you get a lot of choices in terms of insurance carriers. Even when prices are about the same, coverages may be different and one company may have a stronger reputation when it comes to paying out claims in an efficient and timely manner.

  4. Optimization:

    Insurance companies have a practice called price optimization. What this means is that they raise your rate incrementally, even though you have not had any tickets or changes in your account profile. You never have to worry about price hikes like this if you get auto insurance quotes annually and always pay the least for the best coverage!

  5. Life Changes:

    If anything changes in your life, it may affect your insurance rate. Always consider getting a car insurance quote if you recently got married, changed jobs or moved garaging addresses. Married people are always considered lower risk than single people. Also, when commute times change or if your job title changes, so will your risk factors.

  6. Clean Credit:

    In many states, you get a soft pull on your credit to determine your rate. In states like California, your credit is not a factor, however. If you’re in debt, your outstanding balance may affect your credit negatively. Unpaid bills can be crushing on your credit score and they may render you a higher risk driver according to some insurance companies’ intricate formulas. Even if you have good reasons for extending your credit (a new mortgage?), it’ll still be reflected in your credit score and not necessarily in a positive light.

  7. High Risk Drivers:

    Are you now living with someone with a messy driving history? Or, do you have a teen who just got a driver’s license? Who you live with can affect your car insurance rate. Even if you don’t put these people on your policy, they may drag your insurance rate down. Before you go and exclude these people on your car insurance policy (which helps), consider that if they get into an accident driving your car that you will kick yourself hard because you won’t be covered at all (nightmare!).

  8. Multi-Policy Discounts:

    Not every insurance company offers the same discounts. One company’s multi-policy may be the pits while another’s policy actually saves you a substantial discount. If you recently bought a home, boat, RV, a Jet ski or a motorcycle, you should definitely shop around to see what insurance companies are willing to offer you for having more than one policy..

  9. Get a Ticket?

    Yes, that speeding ticket is the most annoying thing in the world and it can have a lasting effect. It will raise your rate, no doubt, and so will running that stop sign. A moving violation can linger on your driving ticket if you don’t take care of it right away. The great thing about taking a driver safety course right away (before the ticket is due) is that your insurance company never finds out about the moving violation. Opt for an online course to save money. The test also becomes open-note really fast!

  10. Happy Birthday!

    Yes, unless you’re stepping into your later years, your birthday entitles you to a slight decrease in insurance each year, which is exactly what people in their early 20s want to hear. Yes, you’re nearing that mature driver phase of your driving life, which is a legitimate discount. Not all insurance companies will weigh age the same way, so look for one that will reward you as you approach your silver years.

Good luck and safe driving!

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