What Is a Car Insurance Policy Number?

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Driving without car insurance is a serious crime. In case you get pulled over, you are legally required to have your proof of insurance card on you anytime you’re driving your car. The car insurance policy number on it serves to identify you as the insured, and it can also be found on your bills and policy page. Every car insurance policy has a policy number.

If you’re in an accident, you will need your policy number to give to the police and to exchange information with the other driver(s). You will also need the other driver(s)’ car insurance policy number for your car insurance company, especially if you plan to file a car insurance claim or may have one filed against you.

Having your policy number handy also makes contacting your insurer much easier. Here’s more on where to find this number, how to read an insurance card and how this mysterious number is used.

What Is a Car Insurance Policy Number?

Your car insurance policy number is a unique identifier that is linked to your car insurance account and policy details. No two policy numbers are the same with one carrier. The DMV uses this policy number to ensure that you’re staying insured.

You can find your policy number on your proof of insurance card, which is mailed out to you or it can be accessed online and on your car insurance company’s app.

A car insurance policy number is usually anywhere between eight and 13 characters long and sometimes contains letters, like 297J-848-LP7N0.

If you have homeowners or renters insurance, that policy number will not be the same as your car insurance policy number. If you switch insurance carriers, the number will change.

Where Can I Find My Car Insurance Policy Number

Usually, the insurance policy number can be found beneath or to the right of the named insured, near your name. This number will remain the same for the time you’re insured with your current insurer, unless the account closes due to non-payment, at which point you may have to buy a new car insurance policy with a new policy number.

How To Read an Insurance Card

As you can see in the mockup below, the policy number will appear right after the name of the insured. It often contains both letters and numbers and ranges from eight to 13 characters. A digital auto insurance card will look much the same. Each insurance company’s card is a variation of the following pieces of information:

insurance card example

A policy number is usually anywhere between eight and 13 characters long and sometimes contains letters.

Can I Look Up Someone Else’s Car Insurance Policy Number?

You’re supposed to exchange insurance information at the scene of an accident. If you filed a police report, the other driver's policy number will be on there. However, if you did not call the police or you jotted down the number wrong, you can still find it.

You can contact the DMV for that information if you have the other car’s VIN number or license plate number. You’ll need a valid reason for why you want that person’s car insurance policy number, like if you think they are the owner of the car that hit yours and fled the scene.

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Will I Have Multiple Policy Numbers if I Have More Than One Car?

If you have a multi-car policy, all your cars should share that one insurance policy number. Even if you buy a new car, it’ll still have the same policy number, unless you insure it separately (you’d lose a discount if you do). You’ll also get a new policy number if you insure the car with another insurer.

Your homeowners insurance policy and/or renters policy are always separate and do not share a policy number with your car insurance.

What Should I Do if I Lost My Car Insurance Policy Number?

If you lost your card (s), you can also find your policy number on:

  1. Bills or stubs
  2. The car insurance policy declaration page
  3. Your account on the insurance company website
  4. Your account on the insurance company app

Digital ID cards are enough to meet legal requirements in most states. However, if you want a paper one and all else fails, call your insurance company or an agent you may be working with. Have them send out new cards if you’re unable to print them out from the website on your own.

It is required that you always have your car insurance card on you when driving. It contains your car insurance policy number.

Car Insurance Policy Number FAQs

Is my VIN number the same as my car insurance policy number?

No, your VIN number is specific to your car. Your car insurance policy number is how your car insurance company identifies your account and car insurance details for a specified car or cars.

Where should I keep my car insurance policy number?

Carry a copy of your insurance card in the glove compartment of each car you own. Otherwise, carry it in your wallet along with your registration and driver’s license.

What happens if someone else has my insurance policy number?

If someone has your insurance policy number they can look at your policy information, including your billing and garaging address as well as the make and model of your car and VIN number.

Key Takeaways

  • A car insurance policy number is a unique set of numbers and letters that identify you and your insured car(s).
  • You can find your policy number on your insurance ID card, your insurance bills and policy declaration as well as your online account or insurance company app.
  • After an accident, you will need to exchange car insurance policy numbers with the other driver(s).

It is required that you always have your proof of car insurance card on you when driving – and it contains your car insurance policy number, which is very important. If you are not insured or are looking to find a cheaper car insurance policy by switching carriers, your car insurance policy number will change – and so will your premiums! See if you can get a better deal today by simply filling out one form. You’ll then get calls from a couple of agents offering the best policies that match your budget. It’s easy and free. Start by entering your zip code below.

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