How To Cancel GEICO Insurance in 3 Minutes

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Car insurance is never free, not even in Virginia where you have to pay a $500 waiver charge to go without car insurance. In most states (except Virginia and New Hampshire), you will need liability coverage at minimum, sometimes more. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay fines and risk getting your license suspended.

You don’t have to pay a high price on car insurance premiums. Once you compare car insurance quotes and find the lowest cost for the coverages you need, you can cancel your GEICO car insurance policy, but not until the new policy is active. If there is even a day’s lapse in insurance your rate will go up at renewal. Yes, with your new carrier and any carrier you try to switch to thereafter.

Here’s how to cancel your GEICO policy after you nab a new rate.

How To Cancel a GEICO Insurance Policy

Nope, you can’t log in online or use the app to cancel your GEICO car insurance policy.

You can call your agent or the general customer service line to cancel a GEICO policy at (800) 841-1587. Before you call an agent to cancel, however, go through the steps below to avoid mishaps and cancellation charges.

Don’t cancel your GEICO policy until you activate a new car insurance policy.

Review Your Policy Terms and Conditions

Your insurance agent won’t tell you what is not already in your car insurance policy’s terms and conditions and declarations page, which shows you exactly what types of coverage you now have. Before you start getting angry about a cancellation fee, look it up and read through about canceling.

You’ll want to jot down the specifics about:

  1. coverage types
  2. limits
  3. deductible amount
  4. bundling discounts (if you have a home or renters policy too)

This way, if you plan to compare rates with other insurers, you can compare accurately.

Ask Yourself 4 Important Questions

Why am I canceling?

Can I get GEICO to give me a lower rate?

How can I compare quotes accurately?

Will I lose my bundling discount?

  1. Bad Customer Experience: If you’ve had a bad customer experience or you didn’t like the way a claim was handled, it may be time to part ways, or switch the agent you work with at GEICO. If a claim was not paid, make sure you weren’t asking for what’s not in your contract.
  2. Price Hike: If price is what is making you consider switching, you may want to speak with a GEICO representative to see if they will lower your rate or apply discounts that will reduce your costs. Ask about their DriveEasy Program, which uses telematics to track your driving behavior for discounts (if you drive safely).
  3. Shopping Tip: Compare car insurance quotes the same day. Consider using an online shopping app but only one so you don’t have agents calling you day and night. Enter your zip code on this page for free quotes.
  4. Bundling Discount: If you have an auto and home or renters policy bundled together, you probably have a discount. If you keep your home or renters policy, your rate may go up if you change car insurers. However, you may still save more money. You must ask your agent some questions, compare rates and do the math to know for sure!

Buy a New Car Insurance Policy First

After reviewing the questions above, if you decide you still want a new carrier, compare quotes using an online service like SmartFinancial. Just enter your zip code on this page and answer a few questions to see who will offer you the best rate for the various coverages you need.

The service is free and there’s no obligation to buy, but be fully honest with the questions otherwise, your quote will not be accurate. Lying is always a bad idea and can get you dinged: Insurance agents find out everything from the DMV!

Most importantly: Don’t cancel until you activate a new car insurance policy. You don’t want a lapse in coverage. Make sure your new policy is active before you call GEICO to cancel.

Canceling Your GEICO Policy

Have your GEICO policy number ready so you don’t waste a bunch of time looking for it with the agent on the phone. You can look for our insurance card or log in to your account online or on the GEICO app.

Switch Car Insurance Today and Save

Will GEICO Fine Me for Canceling My Car Insurance?

You may or may not have a cancellation fee for terminating the policy, depending on your specific car insurance contract. However, you will get back the unused portion of a premium, if you paid ahead of time.

Are You in Danger of a Lapse in Insurance When You Switch?

If you cancel your GEICO car insurance before buying another car insurance policy, your rate will go up when renewal time rolls around, no matter what you do. So before you get mad at your new carrier six months from now, understand that this information is also accessible to all carriers, so your rate hike will be reflected in any new policy that you buy. This is because a lapse in car insurance is a red flag, a big risk that makes insurers nervous.

Compare rates and look up each company's ratings and reviews before you buy a policy.

Canceling Geico Car Insurance FAQs

Is there any way to waive a cancellation fee?

GEICO usually does not charge a cancellation fee. However, if you are breaking the terms and conditions of a car insurance contract (your policy), it is very difficult, if impossible, to avoid a fee. You will get back your premiums if you paid in advance, however. Consider waiting until your policy expires if you are charged a fee, unless you save more than the fee amount.

Where can I get a better price than GEICO car insurance?

Find out if you can pay less for car insurance by using SmartFinancial’s free app. You just enter your zip code on this page and answer quick questions before you get competing quotes. Rates change daily so this is the best way to compare several quotes at once.

How do I research GEICO’s competitors?

We suggest you compare rates and after speaking to the representatives of the competitors and receiving a quote, you can look up the company and its ratings before you buy the policy.

Can I cancel my GEICO car insurance temporarily?

It’s not a good idea to completely cancel a car insurance policy because you’ll pay much more when you do decide to start driving again. A non-ower car insurance policy is a cheap alternative that prevents a lapse in coverage. GEICO may also let you suspend your policy for a couple of months.

There are many reasons people choose to switch insurers. After following our guide and asking yourself some questions, if you decide that you still want a cheaper rate than what GEICO is offering you, enter your zip code below and answer some questions for free auto insurance quotes.

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