How Much is Car Insurance for a 16-Year-Old Driver?


Finding the Cheapest Auto Insurance for a 16-Year-Old

Currently Insured vs Uninsured Car Insurance for 16-Year-Old

Who pays more on their car insurance, a driver who currently has auto insurance coverage, or a driver who does not? For a 16-Year-Old driver with continuous coverage, the monthly insurance rates could be around $319.97. Whereas existing drivers without prior coverage and are looking to get a new policy could be paying a premium of $342.58 a month. That's a $22.61 difference on their monthly premium that they could be saving. Compare rates and get car insurance quotes with SmartFinancial today.

AgeMonthly Premium for InsuredMonthly Premium for UninsuredDifference
16-Year-Old $319.97 $342.58 $22.61

Monthly Car Insurance for 16-Year-Old by State

car insurance for 16-Year-Olds

In the United States, the monthly average cost for insurance is about $120.53. Below we compared male and female drivers’ average car insurance by state. The average rate for a male living in Texas is $253.00. In Florida, a 16-Year-Old female would be paying about $414.00 per month. Utah has the cheapest monthly premiums for males whereas the cheapest rates for female drivers are in the State of New Hampshire.

StateMaleFemaleState Average
Alabama $419.00 $389.00 125.00
Arizona $501.00 $268.00 141.00
California $325.00 $245.00 143.00
Colorado $389.00 $189.00 142.00
Connecticut $1,038.00 $N/A 218.00
Florida $681.00 $414.00 304.00
Georgia $580.00 $299.00 169.00
Iowa $207.00 $342.00 94.00
Illinois $211.00 $275.00 104.00
Indiana $225.00 $146.00 92.00
Kansas $446.00 $N/A 131.00
Kentucky $305.00 $507.00 138.00
Maryland $286.00 $465.00 152.00
Michigan $222.00 $388.00 110.00
Minnesota $307.00 $N/A 117.00
Missouri $321.00 $304.00 144.00
Mississippi $344.00 $N/A 120.00
North Carolina $185.00 $151.00 126.00
Nebraska $N/A $268.00 116.00
New Hampshire $N/A $127.00 115.00
New Jersey $294.00 $297.00 173.00
Nevada $N/A $231.00 231.00
New York $386.00 $245.00 203.00
Ohio $221.00 $157.00 96.00
Oklahoma $418.00 $338.00 127.00
Oregon $522.00 $N/A 129.00
Pennsylvania $242.00 $195.00 147.00
South Carolina $432.00 $434.00 142.00
Tennessee $N/A $282.00 111.00
Texas $253.00 $579.00 150.00
Utah $149.00 $302.00 121.00
Virginia $256.00 $162.00 115.00
Washington $404.00 $145.00 93.00
Wisconsin $227.00 $274.00 114.00
West Virginia $273.00 $N/A 154.00

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How Much Does it Cost to Insure 16-Year-Old by Gender?

In some states, there are affordable rates for a 16-Year-Old driver depending on their gender. Let's look at the price differences for individuals who pay their premiums on a semiannual basis. A 16-Year-Old female would pay $1,879.00 every 6-month compared to a 16-Year-Old male driver who would have an average cost of $2,104.00. However, these prices may be lower based on car insurance companies and drivers making semiannual payments. Try comparing rate quotes now and receive multiple quotes in just minutes!

Average Cost of Car Insurance for 16-Year-Old Female

AgeAvg. Annual PaymentsAvg. 6-Month PaymentsAvg. Monthly Payments
16-Year-Old Female $3,759.00 $1,879.00 $313.00

Average Cost of Car Insurance for 16-Year-Old Male

AgeAvg. Annual PaymentsAvg. 6-Month PaymentsAvg. Monthly Payments
16-Year-Old Male $4,208.00 $2,104.00 $351.00

Some states do not use gender as a rating factor when determining car insurance premiums. According to the Consumer Federation of America, these states include California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Montana, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

Car Insurance for 16-Year-Old by Vehicle

car insurance for 16-Year-Olds

What are the best cars for a 16-Year-Old? The make and model of your vehicle is one of the main factors carriers consider when determining how much you'll pay for your insurance. Typically, 16-Year-Old drivers who own a Toyota will have a monthly payment of about $0.00. Honda vehicle owners pay $220.00 a month. In comparison, drivers with Ford vehicles have an average monthly rate of $636.00 whereas BMW owners pay about $0.00 a month on their car insurance policies. On average, the cheapest vehicle manufacture to insure is Honda for which the driver pays a premium of $220.00 a month.

Vehicle MakeAvg Monthly Rate
Ford $636.00
Jeep $474.00
Vehicle MakeAvg Monthly Rate
Honda $220.00

Does Ages Affect Car Insurance Rates?

In general, teenagers pay the most for car insurance premiums. Their rates will lower steadily as they get older. A teenage driver will pay a monthly premium of $307.18 as opposed to a 30-year-old who spends about $160.05 a month. There are price differences between drivers who are currently insured and uninsured. For people in their 20s, the monthly premium is $210.72. However, if they are currently uninsured, rates go up to an average of $226.64 a month. Drivers in their 40s and are currently insured pay about $150.49, but a currently uninsured driver’s rates are slightly higher.

Age GroupMonthly Premium for InsuredMonthly Premium for Uninsured

The statistics listed on this page are from our own in house reporting. We track and record quotes that carriers have provided based on various criteria. The rates and averages shown on this page should only be used as an estimate.

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