Will Your Car Insurance Cover Non-Accident Repairs?

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What’s the first thing you’d ask yourself if you found a dent in your car after it sat parked for hours? Or what about a ding in your windshield or car scratches? Did your engine blow out after you drove into a flooded area? “Does insurance cover non-accident car repairs?” may be what you’re asking. Well, the answer is yes, some types of car insurance cover non-accident perils. Also, car warranties offer coverage as well.

Car insurance covers a lot but it doesn’t cover everything! Here’s everything you need to know if something goes wrong with your car and you’re wondering if you can file an insurance claim for it or if you should look at your car warranty instead.

What type of car insurance covers non-accident repairs?

Peril or Event

Insurance Coverage

Warranty Coverage


Comprehensive Coverage



Comprehensive Coverage


Mechanical issues, including heat/air conditioning, electrical systems, fuel system and more.

Collision, if due to a collision with an object. Mechanical Breakdown Insurance if due to sudden malfunction

*some carriers

Yes, within the stipulations and mileage of the warranty or extended warranty, and if not caused by an accident.


Comprehensive Coverage


Falling object

Comprehensive Coverage



Comprehensive Coverage


Windstorm/Severe Weather/Hail

Comprehensive Coverage


Cracked/broken windshield

Comprehensive *some carriers


Collision with an animal








*Some warranties offer a routine maintenance plan

Collision with a guardrail, pole or other object or tree

Collision Coverage


Pothole damage

Collision Coverage


Car scratches



Non-accident Events Included With Car Insurance

Note that you are either covered by collision or comprehensive or mechanical breakdown coverage, if the type of peril is listed on your car insurance policy. Your liability coverage will not protect you from these perils:

  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Mechanical issues
  • Fire
  • Falling object
  • Flood
  • Windstorm
  • Severe Weather
  • Hail
  • Cracked/broken windshield (sometimes)
  • Collision with an animal or object
  • Pothole damage
  • Car scratches

You are either covered by collision, comprehensive or mechanical breakdown coverage, if the type of non-accident peril is listed on your car insurance policy.

Will a Car Warranty Cover a Non-accident Repair?

Depending on the warranty and its stipulations, which are based on mileage and maintenance of the vehicle, you may be covered for certain non-accident repairs. For instance, if you need a new transmission within the coverage period of the car warranty, you won’t have to pay for it.

Just as you pay more for car insurance when you drive more, a warranty is usually based on mileage and normal usage of a car. If you’ve gone over the maximum mileage, you won’t have coverage with your warranty. You will not be covered for accident-related damages either.

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Who Is Liable for Non-accident Damage to a Vehicle?

Your car insurance may be liable for non-accident damage, if you have comprehensive and collision as well as mechanical breakdown insurance. (Full coverage is collision and comprehensive. It doesn’t include mechanical breakdown coverage.)

Let’s say that someone keyed your car and cracked your windshield. That would constitute vandalism, which is covered by comprehensive coverage. If you hit an object, you’d need to file a collision claim. If your transmission fails within the parameters of your policy’s requirements, mechanical breakdown insurance would cover you.

Also, the manufacturer of the car may be liable for non-accident damage to a vehicle, like the engine suddenly not working within the mileage maximum in your warranty contract. If there’s damage done to a vehicle and you do not have the right coverage or a warranty, you may have to pay for repairs yourself.

Neither car insurance nor a car warranty will cover damages caused by wear-and-tear or neglect.

Does Rental Car Insurance Cover Non-accident Repairs?

If you have rental car insurance, you will be reimbursed for renting the car while your car is being fixed due to a covered peril. However, the repairs done to your car will not be covered by rental car insurance.

The repairs may not be covered by your comprehensive or mechanical breakdown insurance if the issues were a result of poor maintenance or regular wear and tear or if the type of peril that caused the damage is not listed in your policy.

If the damages were due to an accident that was the fault of another driver, their liability insurance will cover your expenses. If you caused the accident, collision coverage alone would cover you.

Depending on the warranty, you may be covered for certain non-accident repairs.

Insurance & Non-Accident Repairs FAQs

What parts of the car are not covered by insurance?

Parts of your car that need to be replaced regularly due to wear and tear, like tires, are not covered by car insurance. Brakes and brake pads are also not covered.

Does mechanical breakdown insurance cover non-accident repairs?

A difficult coverage to find, mechanical breakdown insurance does pay for some non-accident repairs, like if your car’s engine suddenly seized. However, you may not get your claim paid out if it turns out you’ve been neglectful with oil changes. Note that deductibles on mechanical breakdown insurance are high, so the fix should be one you can’t shoulder on your own and is worth a rate hike.

Does car insurance cover pothole damage?

Collision cover will cover pothole damage if a pothole throws out your car’s alignment. You may need to inform the insurance agent of the location of the pothole that caused the problem. However, if it’s a $200 or $300 fix, it’ll be more expensive than your deductible.

Key Takeaways

  • Non-accident repairs may be covered by comprehensive, collision or mechanical breakdown insurance, depending on the cause of the damage.
  • Car warranties will cover repairs within a certain number of miles but will not cover accident-related repairs or repairs typically covered by comprehensive coverage.
  • Repairs needed due to wear-and-tear and neglect are not covered by car insurance and warranties.

Car insurance covers many mishaps and losses, but it is important to have the right coverages in case you do need non-accident repairs. To find an insurance company that can offer you a suite of coverage at a bargain, compare insurance quotes. Enter your zip code below and answer a few questions. Three or four agents offering the best value will contact you with more information. You are not obligated to buy, and the service is free!

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